15Introducing Foods One At A Time

Introducing New Foods One At A Time

"Studies are now showing that waiting to introduce allergenic foods might not have any impact on whether a child develops a food allergy, the use of the four-day rule is becoming obsolete and outdated.

When your baby begins eating purées, it is generally recommended for you to follow the "four day wait rule," a guideline that states you should wait four days before introducing a new food. The four-day wait rule was designed to help parents pinpoint the cause of any allergic reactions. After

months of feeding your infant, you will likely have a strong understanding of how they react to specific foods. By the time they are 12 months old, it will no longer be necessary to rigorously monitor their intake, as by that point in their development they will have eaten a plethora of different foods, and will be ready for more complex tastes.

It is important to note that there is some controversy surrounding the four-day wait rule. According to Momtastic,

There are many pediatricians who are now suggesting that babies may be introduced to a variety of foods, all at once, even during the first days of introducing solid foods."

Offering a variety of flavors might help your infant develop their palate, and help deter them from becoming a picky eater later in their development.

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