15 Things Moms Should Take From The Hospital

After giving birth, a woman does not just get to leave the hospital with a baby, but also with lots of free stuff! When she has a baby, that baby is going to require some things, and some of those can be taken right from the hospital. Yes, it's true - and convenient. They want you to take this stuff! They can’t reuse it, after all, so you may as well take it.

As a new mom who has just given birth, you will undoubtedly require some special stuff to help you heal and feel better. Guess what? You can take some of that stuff home with you! Some of these things, the hospital wants you to take - they want you to continue to heal and feel better. They really do! They will just have to throw it all away, so bring it home and it is yours to keep. And some things kind of fall in a grey area but they will serve you well, so you may as well pack them up with you!

So, can new moms really steal from the hospital when it is time to bring that adorably sweet newborn baby home? Absolutely. Call it stealing or call it the hospital gifting things to you. Either way, hospitals encourage new moms to take things that they have in the hospital for your new baby and for yourself. Read on for a list of all the things you should not leave the hospital without!

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15 Baby Is Gonna Need Diapers

Newborn babies go through lots of diapers. Lots, and lots, and lots of diapers! You do not need to bring any diapers to the hospital with you, the hospital will provide them. So what should you do? Steal as many diapers as you possibly can! Diapers are expensive, especially the smaller sizes, and your baby will go through them like crazy. Put some in your take home bag, and keep asking for more!

In fact, you might not even want to buy any newborn sized diapers at all! Your baby will grow so fast, they will be out of that diaper size (if it even fit them in the first place) in the blink of an eye. Just take them from the hospital. In any size if you can, you might be able to snag some larger sizes as well!

14 Why Waste Wipes

Like diapers, your baby is going to fly through wipes. Newborns only do a few things, and two of those is pee and poo! Therefore, wipes are a total necessity. But, while you are in the hospital, they will provide nice, soft wipes for you to use. No need to bring your own into the hospital for your baby.

Since the hospital has wipes, you may as well steal some! Opened packages cannot be reused anyways, so they are certainly yours to keep. Ask for some more, or grab a stack. No harm in doing that, your baby needs wipes and lots of them! Do not forget them, since the hospital will only throw them away. Take them and save some money! Your pockets will definitely thank you later, and so will your baby.

13 Those Comfy Newborn Blankets

We all know what those hospital blankets for babies look like. It seems like every single hospital, everywhere, has those white blankets with the blue and pink stripes. You will never find another blanket quite like this. They make the perfect swaddling blankets, and one your newborn will likely live in the few days after birth.

Definitely steal these blankets! The hospital wants you to! Not only are they great blankets that you can use at home, too, but they also are like a keepsake. Those first newborn pictures of your sweet baby will likely have them swaddled up in this infamous blanket. Take it home, use it, and then save it for the memories. You may have plenty of adorable blankies at home, but nothing beats the original one from the hospital!

12 Nasal Aspirator For Baby’s Boogies

We all know the little booger sucker. It is an essential baby item. All new parents should have one of these because otherwise, it can be quite difficult to get the boogie out of baby’s nose. A baby’s airway needs to stay clear, and that’s where nasal aspirators come in handy.

The hospital uses one right after baby is born, to suck out all of that birth gunk. You may even notice that there is always one next to baby in the bassinet. Not only will you and should you learn to use it, but the ones that hospitals have are really the best! It is not like they are going to wash and disinfect it and use it with the next baby that is born. That nasal aspirator is yours to keep, and one you should definitely steal from the hospital!

11 Perineum Bottles Are A Must

When you give birth, you are not going to feel too great down there. You will be bleeding and will have trouble using the bathroom. You will not be able to wipe! This is a part of the birthing process that some women are not prepared for! However, there is a great invention that helps you with cleaning yourself and feels pretty good, too, as you are healing.

This is the infamous perineum bottle. After you use the bathroom, you fill this squeeze bottle with warm water and then gently squirt to clean yourself. As you get clean, the warmness will feel nice, since you likely look like a murder scene down there! Take it. Take the perineum bottle. Trust us, if you take anything, take this, you will still want to use it at home!

10 Pads, Lots Of Pads

After giving birth, you bleed. Your regular period pads will look pathetic next to the humongous pads that the hospital provides! And suddenly, you will not care that it looks like you are wearing a diaper. You will actually want those giant pads!

These huge pads serve a purpose. You are uncomfortable down there, and will likely bleed a lot, especially those first few days. You will still be bleeding when you are discharged from the hospital and take your baby home. You may still need and want those big, bulky pads when you are at home. After some time, you will never want to look at them again, but in the meantime, make sure you take a bunch of them home just in case. You might regret it if you don’t!

9 Mesh Undies To Look Your Best

One of the things that many new moms do not know about giving birth is those awesome mesh underpants. Yep, you are going to wear them and believe it or not, while you are healing, you will probably love them! Your maternity ward bathroom will be stocked with these mesh undies that under any of circumstances may make you run in the opposite direction!

No harm in taking some mesh undies from the hospital. You will need them and want them at home until you are fully healed, trust us! The hospital wants you to take them, too. They want you to be comfortable and be able to breathe down there so you heal properly. Take as many as you think or more, you are going to want them!

8 Pacifiers Just In Case

Babies have a desire to suck, and sometimes, hospitals will automatically use pacifiers with newborn babies. Often referred to as binkies, these items are ones that many new parents buy. But guess what? You do not have to buy any, you can easily steal them from the hospital!

Some new moms swear by the binkies that the hospital provides. They will say they are the only type that work with their little ones. The hospital has them readily available, and once your baby sucks on one, it would just be garage unless you take it. So take one, or take many. That will save you some money if you do decide to use a pacifier with your little one. And if you don’t, you won’t be out that money!

7 Nursing Pads Come In Handy

Whether you are planning to nurse or not, you will need some nursing pads. Unless, you plan on spraying your milk at everyone in sight and being drenched on your chest, these nursing pads are a big must. If you are not nursing, you will dry up, but you still might need them at first. And as your milk comes in after your colostrum, you will totally want them at all times!

The hospital will provide some nursing pads for you, especially if they are helping you with breastfeeding. Take as many nursing pads home as you can, because you will need them for as long as you are breastfeeding. You will leak, and you do not need to put on a show for anyone! Steal a bunch from the hospital, and save yourself some money!

6 Lanolin Cream Is A Godsend

If you are breastfeeding, it might hurt at first. You may not even realize that this happens, but your nipples can get all cracked and sore as your body adjusts to feeding your newborn baby. Do not let this deter you from breastfeeding. There is a fantastic cream to use that you should totally steal from the hospital!

This is lanolin cream, and once you are introduced to it, you will be in heaven. It soothes and heals and the best part, it is safe for the baby. If you have a lactation consultant working with you on breastfeeding in the hospital, keep asking them for some lanolin cream, and then stash it in your bag! You will definitely want this miracle cream for as long as you are breastfeeding, so take as much as you can!

5 Formula Can Be Expensive

Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, steal the formula from the hospital! The hospital will most likely provide those ready to use formula bottles that are super easy to use. If your baby is formula fed, keep putting them in your take home bag and ask for more! And if you are breastfeeding, do the same! You never know if your baby will need formula down the road, and at the very least, if you don’t use it, you can donate it or pass it on to someone in need.

Formula is expensive. Take what you can from the hospital. Especially those little bottles! You can even ask if they have any powder samples, they just may. It never hurts to ask, and it will definitely save you some money!

4 Samples Of Bottles

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, if the hospital is offering up samples of bottles, take as many as you can! Bottles, especially the good ones, are not cheap. If you can steal some from the hospital, do so, even if you think you will never use them.

Never say no thanks when someone in the hospital offers you a product! Take it! You may snag some awesome bottles, and if you never use them, you can also pass them on to someone else, donate unused ones, or let your child use a baby doll. Never push away free things, just because you think you won’t use them! If there are bottles in the hospital ready for you, steal as many as you can!

3 Teeny Tiny T-Shirts

While you pick out adorable outfits and baby clothes fit for any occasion, once you have your newborn baby, you may soon realize that functionality trumps fashion. Newborns go through a ton of diapers, so you will be doing lots of diaper changes. You may find that all you really put your newborn in is little t-shirts!

Your hospital may provide those generic white tees for baby to wear. They are cute, but far from fashionable. No little sayings like mommy’s little slugger or daddy’s princess. But they are functional and work. Even if you think you will never have your baby wear them, take them. You may realize you wish you had them after all! They work well under other clothing as well, and make diaper changes much easier!

2 Little, Soft Washcloths And Burpcloths

Baby’s skin is so soft and delicate. You need to use the softest washcloths and burp cloths possible on their sensitive skin. If you get lucky, the hospital may provide some washcloths and burp cloths for you to bring home. Do not say no thanks, say thank you, and then ask for more! In the first few weeks of life, you need a soft washcloth to gently wipe down your baby, since they will not be able to go in a tub (or the sink). You will want these washcloths.

Definitely steal some washcloths and burp cloths from the hospital. Even if you have cute ones at home, nothing really beats what you can get from the baby nursery. They have the softest things, and washcloths and burp cloths may just be available for you to bring home with your baby. Treat your baby’s delicate skin right, so take the right kind of washcloths and burp cloths home with you!

1 Free Maternity Treats And Sweets!

Perhaps the best part of the maternity ward is the fridge that is stocked with treats for new moms and their families. Do not feel bad taking whatever you want! For some new moms, the pudding they provide is heavenly. Take some home, why not?! They will likely constantly replenish their supply, too!

Definitely scope out what the maternity ward has for new parents. Send your husband or a relative if you don’t feel up to it! There may be tons of treats and sweets available for you to enjoy as you heal and bond with your baby. And there is absolutely no harm in stealing a few treats to bring home. You will be busy with your baby, after all, you’ll need some nourishment, even if it is just chocolate pudding.

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