15Belly Band

Yes, some women swear by these, but we just don’t get it. These wide, tube-top looking, circular strips of spandex/lycra are designed to hold up your pre-pregnancy pants around your ever growing belly so you don’t have to buy a maternity wardrobe. The idea being, simply unzip your pre-natal

jeans or khakis, wrap this bad boy around your waist and boom – those old clam diggers are now retro-fitted for your current body. Seamless, adjustable and stretchy, it sounds like this should work, right?

For some women, it does. But when we tried, all we got were droopy, saggy rear ends. The band was not tight enough to hold up the pants through walking, sitting and stretching, leaving us with a permanent case of the Eminem butts. Plus, we never found it comfortable to have the buttons and zipper hardware all smushed up against our bellies. Our advice: skip the belly band and invest in some cheap maternity khakis from Old Navy or Target. Your mid-section will thank you.

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