15 Things Moms Shouldn't Do In The Third Trimester

It's a fact - all moms are superheroes. Honestly, there is nothing a mama can't do if she sets her mind to it. We always hear about those moms who are lifting cars off the ground or breaking down walls to rescue their babies from any harm. And then there are those who juggle three kids, baskets of laundry, cooking three meals a day and working full time.

Yeah, that is the power of being a mom.

But sometimes, mamas need to slow down their daily routine. Especially those mamas-to-be who are in their third trimester of pregnancy and coming up on their due date. There are certain things that mom is going to have to pass on or give up in order to put her safety and her baby's safety first.

Plus, some things are just physically hard and almost impossible for moms to do at this late stage of pregnancy. Of course, the world doesn't stop spinning in a pregnant woman's last trimester. She is not a total invalid. But things certainly get harder when you are carrying an almost full grown baby!

Here are 15 things moms shouldn't do in their last trimester:

15 Don’t Even Bother Trying To Shave

Baby Center warns that shaving while heavily pregnant is a near impossible task. For starters, shaving your legs without a baby bump can sometimes be an acrobatic feat depending on your shower configuration. So doing that with a 7-9 month baby bump is going to be even harder! You have to keep your balance, reach around your stomach and try not to throw your back out. At this point, just don't bother. No one is going to care if you're sporting a little more hair than usual. The doctors and nurses at the hospital have seen it all. Hair is nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing you should exhaust yourself over trying to remove. Let it grow and enjoy being au naturel for a little while!

14 Enjoy Time In The Sauna

I don't know about you, but when I'm tired and stressed, the idea of soaking in a hot tub or spending some time in a sauna sounds absolutely glorious. You can feel your stress just melting away. You don't have a care in the world when you're lounging in a hot tub. And all of that steam and those bubbles help to take away all of your aches and pains. Unfortunately, no can do for a pregnant woman in her third trimester. According to BoldSky, the heat in a sauna or hot tub can actually raise mom's internal temperature. This can be dangerous for the baby who is essentially getting cooked in there. If mom's temperature gets too high, that could spell trouble. So sorry mamas, you'll have to stick to cold pools for now.

13 Unsafe To Sleep On Your Back

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the best position for pregnant mamas is sleeping on their side, preferably the left side, with bent legs. Sleeping on your left increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach your little one. You may also want to use pillows between your legs, under your stomach and under your upper body for comfort. What position should you avoid? Definitely sleeping on your back! The APA says sleeping on your back can, "cause problems with backaches, breathing, the digestive system, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and cause a decrease in circulation to your heart and your baby. This is a result of your abdomen resting on your intestines and major blood vessels (the aorta and vena cava)."

12 No More Lifting Heavy Objects – Including Your First Kid!

This is a big one for mamas in the third trimester: no more lifting heavy objects! And yes, this may include your first child if you're a second time mama. BoldSky and Baby Center both warn against straining and lifting anything heavy in those last few months of pregnancy. It can cause lower back pain, which you're likely already experiencing in your third trimester. Of course, this can be very hard to explain to a toddler who just wants to be picked up by mama. It's important that your family and other caregivers understand that you can't pick up your first child and are able to help you out. And look out for opportunities to still bond with your first child - such as snuggling in bed where you can still hug without holding their weight.

11 Say Goodbye To Big Meals

When you're pregnant, they say that you are eating for two. Pregnant women are often encouraged to eat as much (healthy) food as they want since they are sustaining two lives. And then there are the cravings. Pregnant women tend to crave the oddest things and just can't get enough of pickles, ice cream or pickles on top of ice cream! But by the third trimester, that non-stop buffet seems to come to a halt. Trimester Talk warns that while you might still have those cravings, by the third trimester you've totally run out of room. You'll look at a three-course meal but only be able to get down half a plate before baby tells you that you're full. Don't worry! You can always come back for more once you have the room.

10 Can’t Be Somewhere Without A Bathroom

Wonder why pregnant women's selfies always happen to be in the bathroom? It's because that's where pregnant women always happen to be! Any pregnant woman can tell you that the need to pee pops up all the time during pregnancy. It only makes sense, since the baby is jumping around on your bladder. Plus, pregnant women are directed to get lots of fluids, which just increases the need to go. Women in their third trimester will especially appreciate being close to a bathroom at all times. Baby is bigger than ever and putting even more pressure on the bladder. Of course, at this late stage, getting to the bathroom and going pee is a bigger chore than ever! So don't be surprised if a mom in her last trimester passes on that five hour long car ride without a bathroom break.

9 Put Away The Car Keys!

Driving can become tough and almost impossible for mamas in their third trimester. Why? Because your belly makes it so you can't get to the steering wheel anymore. To be safe, you need to keep your belly far enough away from the wheel so that the two aren't touching. But for some moms, especially towards the end of pregnancy, pushing the seat far back enough to be safe means you can't reach the steering wheel to drive anymore. Plus, your feet are all swollen and sore - you don't want to be slamming on the pedals with those puppies. And sitting in the car might not be the most comfortable thing on your back or belly. So if you can avoid it, turn in your car keys. Ask someone else to be your driver for a few months!

8 Can’t Stand Up By Yourself

Once a pregnant lady is seated, that might be it. Especially if she's seated in a strange position or in a couch that sinks, she might just be stuck there. Remember how hard it is to pick up things of the floor when you're heavily pregnant? Well, it's even harder to pick yourself up. Many pregnant women try to use the rocking method where they rock back and forth to build up momentum in order to stand. This can be effective, but it can also cause a fall if you get up with too much momentum. At some point, you might just have to concede and ask for help. With a hand from your partner, you should be able to get back up and (let's be honest) most likely head to the bathroom.

7 Might Not Be Getting Intimate

While getting intimate with your partner during pregnancy is generally encouraged and absolutely safe, it can be off limits in the third trimester. For one thing, mama is tired! It's exhausting being pregnant and doing the deed may be the last thing on a pregnant woman's mind. However, BoldSky notes that some high risk pregnant women should avoid intimate bedroom time, especially as they near their due date. Of course, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. If you're given the all clear and you feel up to it, go for it! You may have to get a little creative with your partner, particularly as you get bigger, but if it can be done safely, enjoy! But remember there is no pressure at all to perform if you're not feeling it. Your partner will survive on their own.

6 Take It Easy On The Exercise

Now this is true throughout pregnancy, but especially in the third trimester: mamas, take it easy on the exercise! Yes, it's important to have a healthy pregnancy and we understand you want to get a head start on losing that baby weight. But you know what is even more important? Your safety and your baby's safety. Trimester Talk warns that running and other strenuous activity can lead to more aches and pains, like sore hips. Couple that with the exhaustion most pregnant women feel in the last trimester and you have one pooped mama. It is possible to stay active and fit throughout your pregnancy. But remember that it's natural to slow down in your third trimester, especially as your not-so-little one limits your lung capacity.

5 No More Flying

According to the Mayo Clinic, flying while pregnant is generally safe up to 36 weeks. However, this is only for healthy pregnancies that get the a-okay from their doctors. If you are high risk or have other complications, you may be on a no-fly notice from the start of your pregnancy. Or if you have to travel a lot for work, for example if you are a pilot, your doctor may suggest limiting your flight time to reduce radiation exposure. But after 36 weeks, most doctors and airlines will ground your flight plans. At that point, it's just too risky. No one wants to go into labor or give birth on an airplane. Plus, even if you don't give birth on the plane, you might go into labor at your destination and have a hard time getting back home.

4 Sorry, You Won’t Be Sleeping Through The Night

Unfortunately, sleep is something you won't be getting a lot of in your third trimester. We've already mentioned the crazy dreams that pregnant women have to deal with. And we've mentioned the need to use the bathroom all the time thanks to a growing baby. Add to that all of the aches and pains you feel in the third trimester and it's obvious why mama won't be getting a good night of sleep. You just feel uncomfortable all of the time! There's no good position to sleep in where your back doesn't hurt or your hips don't feel sore or your belly doesn't ache. And then when you finally do find the position that is comfortable enough to try and sleep, nature calls and you have to get up to use the bathroom! So remember, never wake a sleeping pregnant woman. She needs as many hours as she can get!

3 Put Away The Sad Movies – You Can’t Watch Them

Trimester Talk warns mamas in their last trimester to just say no to sad movies. Anything by Nicholas Sparks? Just say no and skip past it when you're scrolling through Netflix. By the end of your pregnancy, your hormones and emotions are absolutely everywhere. You may find yourself crying over 30 second commercials or when you accidentally drop a piece of food onto the floor. So don't even try to sit through an intentionally sad movie. You're going to be a complete mess. There won't be enough tissues in the room to wipe away your tears. Your partner might sympathize, but they'll have no clue why you're having such a strong reaction. So switch to comedies for the last few months of your pregnancy! You'll thank us later.

2 Picking Things Up Off The Floor

If you haven't quite reached your third trimester yet, this one might be hard to imagine. Especially if you're someone who is quite flexible and fit. It's hard to think that a time may come when you literally can't see over your belly or pick things up. But it's true! When you're nearing the end of pregnancy, everything is getting bigger and more sore. Bending over to pick something up off the floor becomes an almost impossible task. First of all, it may take you some time to bend over and get to the floor. And then you have to stand back up! By the time the whole thing is over, you'll likely be sweating, huffing and puffing, and you may have hurt your back. When you're this pregnant, if something drops, odds are it's staying on the floor until someone else walks by.

1 Not A Night Without Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

According to Baby Center, having wild and crazy dreams while pregnant is totally normal. It happens to lots of moms-to-be and the dreams seem to get even wilder as mama enters her third trimester. Why is that? Well, first you'll have to thank your hormones. The increased progesterone in your system means you have an easier time remembering and recalling your dreams. Plus, while dreams can't exactly predict the future, they do reflect your emotional state. As you near motherhood and delivery, it's only natural that you're going to be feeling more emotions. You might be getting anxious about what is right around the corner in your real life - which leads to a lot of anxiety-based dreams. Fathers-to-be also experience dreams like this late in pregnancy, so don't feel like you're all alone.

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