15 Things Moms Will Regret Not Taking From The Hospital

Here is one of the great things about having a baby: moms are about to bank some really fun infant and mommy products. Chances are they will have friends and family baby shower where they will load up on cute outfits, blankies, bottles and nursery decor.

You might also score a mini shower at work so that your co-workers too can join in the gift giving fun. Before you know it you will be rolling in the baby bootie and rest assure you are going to need that stuff! Babies are so tiny, but they require so much crap. It's almost unbelievable how much stuff you have to compile before the big day arrives.

When that magical, life-changing day does come about, you get to throw yourself one last shower of sorts courtesy of the hospital you delivered at. You will be shocked, and probably pretty pumped, to discover that your hospital room is packed full of goodies that are all yours. Everything that isn't nailed down to the hospital room floor is pretty much up for grabs. Take it all! It's good quality stuff and I can guarantee you that none of it will be going to waste. Here are fifteen items that moms are going to want to stuff into their bags.

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15 Noise Plugs

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Ahhhh, the good old noise plugs, better known as the coveted pacifier. Some moms rely on them for quiet and sanity while others feel it's best to never touch the things and encourage tots to learn other self soothing techniques. I, for one, was a giant lover of the pacifier. If I could buy just a few precious moments of peace, then I was going to use whatever possible tactic got me there. While some anti-paci folks out there firmly believe that sucking on the plastic noise plugs hinders breastfeeding by confusing infants who are just getting the hang of the latching on process, new research actually claims that isn't so.

According to Today.com, new studies are yielding mixed reviewed when it comes to using pacis in the early days. With the mixed reviews you might as well steal a hearty handful of these things from your local hospital before heading home. Perhaps you never utilize the things, but also perhaps you are like me and don't even consider the possibility of living without them. Also they run off and get lost in the craziest places. You will need dozens of these things to make it through those initial months. My twins are almost four and I found a purple paci in the basement just the other day.

14 'Forget' To Bring Some

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If there is one thing that you undoubtedly need for your new baby, it's diapers. Just to throw out some ball park figures here, the majority of infants under one month old will go through roughly ten diapers per day, 70 diapers per week and a whopping 240 diapers in one month. You really can never have enough of these guys.

While you likely have a few packs of newborn sized bum huggers stashed away at home, the hospital is happy to provide them to you and your little one during your stay so that you don't have to lug that back and forth throughout your delivery experience.

Nurses load up your room with teeny tiny diapers and they are truly yours for the taking.

So take them mama! Diapers are crazy expensive, and if you weren't already aware of that fact you certainly are about to be. During the last day of your hospital stay pack those bad boys up in your diaper bag and bring them on home to add to your collection. It's not like they are going to sit around and miss out on being used! If there is one thing that infants excel at, it's

13 Pro Grade Boogie Suckers

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You might have come across one of these things during your pre baby years while visiting family or friends who had just welcomed a newborn into the fold and never even knew what they were. Infant nasal aspirators, or bulb syringes, might seem like a random and unuseful object lying around the hospital room, but they are actually incredibly handy once your infant gets hit with a bout of stuffiness. According to The Bump, moms swear by the hospital bulb syringes.

Stuffy babies are angry babies, and angry babies are exhausting babies.

Your plan for those first few months of motherhood is to keep the baby happy and comfy and in turn she will grant you a small amount of peace and serenity. Do yourself a massive favor and take the hospital bulb syringe along with you.

You might not use it today, or tomorrow, but when your little guy wakes up irritated and stuffy up at 3 a.m. because he can't breathe through his tiny nose, you will be so happy you snagged this strange looking thing. Once you remove boogie blockages from your baby's nose you can return to sleep and he or she can return to easily breathing. Just a word of caution, these things house snot, so you might want to grab a few in case they become to nasty too clean out.

12 Blankies & Hats

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Hospitals really give you the hook up with blankies and hats. The blankets that the nurses provide you are the perfect size and model for your newborn infant. They can easily be used to wrap babies up in a warm and comforting swaddle, but aren't made of heavy material that can lead to a new baby becoming too hot and in turn uncomfortable. Remember, little guys who have just made their way into the world are still learning to master that whole body temperature control thing. Aside from the hospital blanket practical uses, you might want to snag a few of these for sentimental reasons. Your baby is only a newborn once and you'll someday miss these initial moments with them. Scoring a few hospital blankets for mementos isn't a bad idea either. You would be shocked at the cool things you can do with some of these newborn keepsakes, not that you will have a whole lot of time for crafting in the near future, but maybe someday. Check out this fab idea HERE. Newborn hats are another great item to stow away in your diaper bag. Store bought hats are adorable, but they sometimes run big. For whatever reasons hospital newborn hats fit the best.

11 Squirt Bottles Sent From Above

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Birthing a baby is no joking matter. You are literally squeezing a human out of a very small opening in your body. There is a zero percent chance that you will undergo this process without suffering a plethora of blows to your lady parts. There is also a really good chance that your emotional stability will be left both tattered and scarred.

Everyone who undergoes this birthing process leaves with battle wounds whether you deliver naturally or via cesarean section. Whichever way you bring your baby into the world will leave you will a barrage of boo boos.

Should you deliver your bundle of joy the good old fashioned way, you might find yourself battling some very sore lady bits.

The hospital throws you a bone by gifting you with a squirt bottle called a perineum bottle. Basically this little gem cleans your nether regions so that you don't have to pass out from the pain every time you wipe your bum. Heed this warning: take this bottle home with you! Just because you leave the hospital doesn't mean that you are all healed up and good to go. That big old baby delivering boo boo of yours is going to smart for some time. You'll want to use this squirt bottle for weeks to come.

10 Mommy Diapers

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So fun fact guys...babies aren't the only ones that get to rock diapers after the birthing experience. Mommies get hooked up by the hospital with their own version of diapers too! Really these mom sized diapers are giant, heavy duty panty liners, but truly they are massive enough to cause a bit of confusion.

Trust this: take tons of these things home. Sure you can send your husband on over to the local drug store to buy a package for you, but nothing beats the extra along, extra giant pads that the hospital provides you. Even if you missed out on the natural birthing experience, you are still going to be needing these mega sanitary napkins for some time. According to nct.org.uk, after delivering a child, mommies can bleed for up to six weeks after giving birth.

Typically this bleeding starts out heavy, sometimes soaking one of these massive pads in just a few short hours, and lightens up in amount and color as the time goes on, hence the need to snag those giant boat-like panty liners before you head on home after delivery. Stash them in your purse and feel no shame. Ladies, think about what you have just endured. You earned those mom diapers fair and square!

9 Relief For The Girls

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You can spend nine-plus months preparing your mind and body for the parenthood experience, but there are some things that are simply unexplainable. You just have to go through them in order to fully grasp what is happening. You can read all about breastfeeding, you can speak to other mothers who were champion feeders and still others who failed miserably in order to gather a complete picture of what is to come.

Go ahead and sign up for local classes, buy all of the mother's milk products you can get your hands on and assume that you are ready to take this beast on, but you will never be prepared for the pain of cracked nipples. Those first days and weeks of learning to feed your young hurt like the dickens. Cracked nipples are sore, but then you place a starving infant on there and that is the kind of pain that will bring you to your knees. You prepare yourself for the pain of childbirth, but you can never quite be ready for bleeding and cracked bullseyes.

Lanolin creme is your saving grace. Slather that stuff on like it's your only job in life and ask for more...and more...and more.

According to Gimmethegoodstuff.org, some mothers out there are going to want to spring for a more earthy, organic soothe solution. That is totally fine, but until Amazon brings your nipple creme of choice, take the Lanolin creme.

8 On The Go Formula

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There is a timeless saying among us mothers that goes, "I was a great parent until I actually became one." Everyone knows everything about child rearing until they are actually thrown into a first-time situation where they are responsible for raising a small human being all the way up into adulthood.

I can't tell you how many moms have professed their devotion to breastfeeding prior to actually delivering their child, and don't get us wrong! Breastfeeding has amazing benefits. According to WebMD, mama's milk can help infants fight off viruses, suffer from fewer ear infections, and elude bouts of diarrhea.

Here's the real deal though. Even if you are devoted to the breastfeeding model, you might find yourself in a feeding pinch. I can attest to this myself actually. I was determined to solely breastfeed my child and then when she was about three weeks old my wisdom teeth all went to hell in a hand basket. All four crumbled and had to be removed via emergency surgery.

I ended up on some heavy duty meds that didn't allow me to nurse my little girl. This is where these handy-dandy, pre-made formula bottles truly came in handy. They are ready to go in a pinch with no fuss and no muss. Best news of all? They are free! Take them. Worst case scenario you never use them, but perhaps you have a few formula feeding friends out there who would be more than happy to take these expensive little snacks off of your hands.

7 Mesh Granny Panties

Of all the things that you can steal from the hospital room, THESE are the greatest score of all. I'm probably a tad biased in regards to my love for the mesh grannie panties considering I lived in them after my kids were born. Some new mothers sadly discover that after delivery, undies rub directly against c-section wounds.

These glorious mesh panties will give you that small glimmer of comfort that you are so very desperate for after having a baby.

I really developed quite the obsession with them. The last thing that you will care about as you leave the hospital post-birth is how cute your whitey tighties are. Listen mommies: steal the hospital underwear. Take them all. I had a girlfriend who delivered a few days after me and I actually called her up and asked her to bring me some more mesh undies. They don't hold up very well in the washing machine, so I needed a giant supply. As far as I was concerned I was prepared to live in these things for the entire first year of motherhood.

6 Nursing Pads

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Every hospital is different in what they provide new mommies and babies, but many hospitals will even provide nursing pads! You probably will not need a ton of these puppies during those first few days of motherhood. According to KidsHealth.org, your milk will take a few days to come in, but that doesn't mean that they won't become important in the near future. During those first few days of your post birth experience, your tatas will produce colostrum and might leak a bit, but nothing like what is to come. Just wait another week and you won't even recognize those milk machines of yours.

What was once a slow drip on day one or two will soon resemble the spray from a fire hose! Unless you plan on binding your breasts up and allowing your milk to dry up, then assume you will need plenty of nursing pads to tuck into your clothes. Nothing will put a real damper on your day like suddenly feeling your milk let down, leaving you with giant wet spots on the front of your shirt. Take as many of these things as you can from your delivery room and stash them everywhere. Keep them in your purse, your car, your diaper bag and your office.

5 Infant Wipes

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Infant wipes are another one of those things that will get used up at rapid speed, much like diapers. The two go hand in hand so if you are planning on stashing hospital bum huggers for your tot, you might as well also throw in a few packages of hospital wipes as well. Trust us seasoned mothers, you will most definitely use these things and not only to wipe down your child's tiny tush. I have been a lover of baby wipes for 11 long years now. All of my children are now officially out of diapers, but I still occasionally purchase and use the good old baby wipes. They can be used for so much stuff. I keep them in my bathroom as well as in both of our family's vehicles.

A few of my favorite uses for baby wipes are to take off makeup and wipe down my car when I'm waiting in the school car line. They are also great for wiping down little, dirty kid feet during the warmer months. There are lots of creative uses for baby wipes on the web that otherwise would have never crossed your mind. Baby wipes really are a great invention.

4 Tasty Treats

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I have no clue as to why on Earth hospital food got such a bad rap. It's really not that bad! I've had a number of children myself and spent more than my fair share of days and nights at Casa de Hospital, and I never had a bad meal there...ever. What is there to even complain about? After you have a baby, you lie in bed and push a button for medication and food. The food is wheeled directly up to your bed and that's where you eat it.

Do you know how many mothers are currently dreaming of this phenomenon? Lots. Bedside hospital meals are one of my favorite parts of having babies, that along with the actual baby itself and the super comfy mesh underwear they give you.

Not only does the hospital staff gift you with a glorious sandwich and a cup of soup, the bring some pretty fab treats too.

Plenty of those meals come along with puddings, cookies and other yummy desserts that you clearly earned! Even if you don't want them now, throw them in your bag and eat them later. Better yet take them home to your other kids and make them feel a little special. If big bro or sis is struggling with accepting a new baby into the family, a cookie just might be the magic ticket.

3 Coupons & Samples

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Coupons and product samples are some of my favorite things on the planet! I love getting free stuff or trying out new lotions or skin care lines via the wonderful world of product sampling. Hospitals definitely get in on this action and they are known to load moms up with bags of goodies for both mom and baby. Don't be surprised if you need an extra set of hands to carry of a giant sack of formula coupons and small baby lotion samples when you eventually leave the delivery unit. Some hospitals have even been known to load up a diaper bag full of stuff ad send it on home. It's basically new mom Christmas!

According to BabyCenter, one set of new parents who delivered in a local San Francisco hospital scored a fancy steak dinner, complete with real silverware and linens, as well as a giant tote packed full of diapers, bulb syringes, sitz bath gear, formula samples, extra undies, pads and a breastfeeding chart! Another mom received a basket full of goodies and coupons to local shops. Really any local retail store that caters to new moms should consider loading hospitals up with coupons. Once those babies are a bit bigger, moms will be dying to hit the town and do a bit of shopping.

2 Resource Lists & Hook-Ups

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Once you give birth and officially become a mommy you will almost immediately realize that there is a whole lot that you still don't know. Even though you likely tried your best to read and study everything there is to know about motherhood, you'll often feel as if you are completely drowning in cluelessness.

Parenthood can be completely overwhelming, especially when things don't exactly go as planned.

Hospitals send resource lists home with families because they have known better than anyone that the unexpected sometimes occurs and when it does, these lists can guide parents in their decisions as to what to do next. Certain mental health contacts might be included on these lists as well as lactation consultants. Breastfeeding can be challenging and frustrating and oftentimes women give up because they think that they just aren't meant to do it.

A call to a professional lactation consultant might make all the world's difference though. Different community organizations that new mothers might find helpful to connect with can also be included on the helpful resource list. Being a new mother can be isolating. Knowing that mommy and me groups or groups that cater to multiples are close by can offer some support. Sometimes the biggest freebies aren't the tangible items that you get to take him, but information such as this that can help you when you are truly struggling.

1 Onesies

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Can one ever truly have too many onesies for their infant? I doubt it. These things are practically disposable! I can not tell you how many little onesies met their demise in my home thanks to a tiny infant and her massive bottom blow out. Sometimes you simply have to cut the onesies up and free your poopy baby from its grips. Hospitals dole out soft, simple onesies that are perfect for those first few days. Because they are plain and white, they are exactly what you need to go under all of those cute and expensive outfits that can be less pleasing to infant skin.

Another great idea to consider doing with those hospital onesies is a little family craft project. If you're feeling up to it, dip those cute little toes into some ink or paint and memorialize those teeny tiny feet on that teeny tiny shirt. They are there for the taking, so stuff them on into your bag and consider this part of your victory earnings! You have just done the most incredible thing a woman can do, and you deserve to get your hands on every single thing that your hospital room has to offer!

Resources: thebump.com, nct.org.uk, webmd.com, babycenter.com

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