15 New Mom Mishaps That Might Drive Dads Crazy

Being responsible for a baby is a lot of work and every mom needs a break sometimes to avoid being stuck in the same old routine. A break can come in the form of alone time, shopping at the grocery store, or even a girls' night out, but it needs to happen to avoid any breakdowns.

The next 15 scenarios you read will have you saying “well, no wonder” over and over again! Some dads have even contacted the divorce lawyer! What could push him to that point? And why does it have to come to this?

Being a New mom may have its exhausting moments, but we accept that responsibility when that little pink test says it’s positive. Not all moms realize what it will take to be a full-time mom. Even if the dads decide they are out, are the new moms really mature enough?

As you are reading keeps in mind what you would do in their shoes. All of us have our own set of problems, maybe you can relate to some, or maybe you can think of a time that one of your friends asked you for advice. These stories will have you wondering what the new mom was thinking, and how much further will daddy dearest let it go until he has had enough.

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15 Leaving The Baby Alone In The Car


How many of us have seen an animal in the car in the extreme hot or cold weather and thought to ourselves, “We should really let that poor thing out!” Well folks, children who are left in a car usually have no idea they are being put in that situation. New moms who are still getting used to the idea of having to be responsible for another human being need to remember that it is never okay to leave your child in a car alone.

According to Parents, if it is too cold outside, your children could be affected by the temperature, or the exact opposite can happen in the summer. In addition, anything can happen while you're in the store, even “for just a second."

14 Nursing After A Girl's Night Out

New moms need to remember that breastfeeding the baby after a night out with the girls can be dangerous to a mom's little one.

Why? What moms put into their body will also go into their newborn's body.

We understand moms need to have a night ogg, but accepting the responsibility of that tiny bundle of joy is all in a day’s work now. You and your significant other should plan for your girls night by storing some breastmilk for him to use while you’re out and about. That way when you come home, you can do a pump and dump. This is where you pump all of the milk you can get out and dump it out, so nothing is consumed by your little one.

13 Letting The Baby Do Bathtime Alone


After a baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off and it is time to start bathing them, we should never ever be leaving them unattended in any amount of water. Even one inch is enough to put the baby in danger. Personally, I know a young mom who had this happen to her. It can be so easy to look at your phone and take your eye off of the baby, so always be on guard. There is always a possibility that the baby can slip down the seat when left alone. So, always make sure that you have everything you will need right there with you - including baby products. In contract, make sure all distractions are left in another room.

12 Oops! I Forgot To Feed The Baby

Generally speaking, when you have a brand-new baby you're supposed to try to get into some kind of a schedule. Some new moms get into robot mode - where they do things without thinking - and become so worried about what is on their agenda that they forget to feed or even bring milk for their newborn.

This can get very repetitive if moms don't practice packing the baby’s diaper bag for the day.

Try making it a habit to pack your diaper bag the night before because it creates a regular routine. It can also be less traumatic when your little one is screaming because they are hungry. Having a bib, bottles prefilled with formula, and if they are at the age of having stages of jar food, having a spoon packed with you is an important step to having a good day.

11 Falling Asleep While Feeding The Newborn


When feeding your child, you need to be attentive, and there are so many reasons why. One of the most important reasons is that you are always aware of what is going into the baby's mouth. Knowing how much your baby is eating and actually absorbing and making sure your child isn’t swallowing properly while they are eating, or aspirating.

While bottle feeding your child, if you find yourself nodding off, you may want to find an activity to keep you going while you're feeding your baby. Even if it means standing up walking around or putting on some music! Making every second count being alert is important in your child’s development and growth. Breastfeeding and falling asleep can also have the same consequences because you are putting your baby’s life at risk.

10 Raising Your Voice

Newborn babies are these fragile little human beings that have just been brought into this world. We understand that you may have frustrations, the baby may constantly be crying. Believe me, when I say, we get that! Usually, when a mom is screaming at a newborn, it is because they are crying nonstop. But what is screaming at a baby really going to accomplish? Think about it; they are just going to start crying at the top of their lungs! Did you really get what you wanted then?

Babies cry because they cannot speak and there is either something that they need or they are not feeling well. A happy baby is not going to be screaming their heads off! No matter how hard our day is, a child should be that last person on earth we take our frustrations out on. I hope any baby daddy would be willing to leave the woman that put their child through that experience.

9 Using Bad Things Around The Newborn

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” says one husband who caught his wifey using substances while rocking their baby to sleep. She explained to him it’s the only thing that calmed her down while her baby was screaming and awake. This is not an option ever! Being under the influence while taking care of anyone at any age is not okay. It’s even more dangerous taking care of a newborn while using a substance.

If you're not in the right frame of mind while caring for a child, all types of bad things could happen, potentially the child could even lose his or her life. Always using a strong judgment when it comes to your child, it could save them from being harmed. If your husband didn’t call the cops on you for using illegal substances while taking care of your baby, you should consider yourself one lucky mama!

8 Taking The Baby To Inappropriate Places

A child doesn’t need to be introduced to bad habits, especially ones that will have people talking about how terrible it looks to have your baby at inappropriate places; such as at a bar. As a parent, your priorities change, or at least they should for most of us.

Taking your newborn baby to an adult hangout shouldn’t even be on your list of places to go.

Places that include alcohol being served or the possibility of bar fights should be left off the list for sure! The places you take your kids should be ones that you would allow them to be seen at by themselves when they are grown and have children of their own. If your husband were to find out you have taken your baby to these types of environments can lead to a not so nice follow-up conversation about where your relationship goals will be by the end of the year.

7 Turning A Blind Eye

Meals and Miles

Having a newborn takes a lot of getting used to, making plans and scheduling things to now include a baby takes a lot of brain power. Not wanting to do those things and completely ignoring your child, could be a harsh reality. A new mom could have a hard time adjusting to a new lifestyle. This could create a rocky new beginning with her spouse including a trip to the courthouse for a divorce.

New moms and dads have a lot to adjust to. This is generally hard for them at first, however, getting to bond with the baby should make things a bit different. Ignoring the baby’s needs completely is done in ignorance and should be resolved by continuing to take care of the child. The more you bond with the baby, the more you will understand his or her needs and wants.

6 Co-sleeping In A Marriage

Nothing can ruin your love life like having to deal with your little one in your bed all the time. Could you imagine coming home from a long day at work and wanting to cuddle with your significant other, meantime your newborn baby girl or boy has already stolen your spot? It would make me so angry!

After a long day, coming home to relax and finding your baby warmed up in your quiet spot can get played out rather fast.

Always making room for a child in your bed could lead to an unhealthy marriage but could also be very dangerous to the child’s health, even leading to the baby sadly passing away. Very small children - newborn to age two - can’t really use their words. So it could be very devastating if you had them in your bed and accidentally rolled on top of him/her. If something were to happen to your baby, you would never forgive yourself and your partner most likely would withdrawal and distance himself from you.

5 Avoiding Diaper Changes

Your little one is laying in their play area cooing and having sorts of fun all while his or her diaper is loaded with the sticky stuff. Are you too busy for all that? Making time to change your child doesn’t take much, especially when they are newborn. They don’t run around making you catch them, and they don’t talk back. As they get older, it does get a bit more challenging. However, you need to create a routine with changing them.

A daycare changes diapers every two hours. It helps keep them from getting diaper rashes which could turn into infections. It keeps the ooze from overflowing, and most of all, it keeps your baby happy and content. A potty chart could even be beneficial to get a schedule down. If your husband is the only one helping with diaper duty, he will eventually get sick of it. Having a newborn can sometimes strain a marriage, especially if it was fragile, to begin with. Don’t let something so simple make him run to a divorce lawyer.

4 Having Your Own Mom Call The Shots

Daily Mail

Have you ever just wanted to have your relationship and not have a third wheel? Making decisions as a parent is part of being mature and owning up to your responsibility. He is sick and tired of her always having her mom tell her how to raise their kids. Guys don’t want to share the control with their mothers-in-law. They also don’t want them to “rule the roost,” so to speak.

Letting your mom on the phone every five minutes to tell you how to raise your newborn will cause all types of drama. It’s one way for sure to have your husband leave you. Having control of schedules and lifestyles shows a mature and responsible new mom! Ladies, show that man you’re not afraid to take the wheel and drive that car. After all, you are the boss! Don’t be another divorce statistic.

3 Having Your Own Mommy Move In

ABC News

You’re having WHO move in? Having your mom move in to help take care of the baby could be a relationship damper! She raised her children; she doesn’t need to raise yours as well. Letting her come help you once in a while is pushing it, says one Dad. But studies show that letting her move in to take over could actually prolong the baby blues for you as well. It shows a sense of control to have your mom move in with you to help take care of your new baby.

New moms sometimes want their moms to guide them into making good choices for their baby. However, this might push your husband into signing divorce papers for sure! Having to be controlled by his mother-in-law may make him resent you, in the process. You’re an adult now; it’s time to a grown up and stop relying on your own mother; especially when you are in a relationship.

2 Forgetting You Even Have A Baby In The Car

Being a new mom with an extra body to remember is quite a task for some. How could they be forgotten? They are always coming and going and always making noises. Except when they are sleeping. Forgetting a child in a car could be a very dangerous mistake. It could also be a deal breaker in a marriage.

I have heard of this happening more often than I would like to admit. A mom goes to the grocery store or a friend’s house and forgets her baby in the car. Was there something else on her mind? Was she involved in another conversation that distracted her? Remember, you have a very important job now that you’re a mom. If you don’t remember to take the baby to the place you're going, you would be lucky that a divorce is the only thing in your future and not a jail cell! Forgetting a newborn, or any child, in the car can always turn fatal; especially when it is too hot or cold outside.

1 Blissfully Sleeping While The Baby Cries

Getting a good night's sleep is really important when you are getting used to a baby’s sleep schedule. Or if you’re a first-time new mom, sometimes we can’t help ourselves to want to take a nap during the day. We can’t catch our “z’s” while our child is awake and active. Doing this can cause your child to be insecure with their needs. Not being attentive to your child’s needs is bad.

Having a set schedule that you choose for your child will help you both enjoy a good night sleep.

If you’re sleeping blissfully through your child’s cries, you’re ignoring their call for something that’s making them uncomfortable. If your child cries for you, it means they want something or could be in trouble. You should always have your ears listening to your child, just in case something might be wrong. If dad has a day job and he is at work, mom should not be in bed sleeping peacefully. This may make dad want to get a divorce because, obviously, mom is not taking care of their baby.

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