15 Things New Mums Do That Waste Time When Going Out With The Baby

A mother's pre-baby list for leaving the house checklist was phone, keys, purse - but now that she has a baby, that list has more than tripled in size. As a new mother, she will be overwhelmed with all the baby stuff she has to pack for a simple trip to the convenience store.

Going out with a baby is not the world's easiest task. You have remembered to prepare many things to ensure a successful trip. Forgetting one thing by accident can make or break your experience leaving the house. Babies are very unpredictable, so it's best to have extras of everything just in case. Just for the day when you accidentally leave the diaper bag at home, it'll be a good idea to prepare a small backup kit in your car. It happens to all moms new and seasoned. Someday you will be leaving the house in a rush and entirely miss grabbing the diaper bag on the floor by the door. Then you remember it when you get somewhere and realize your baby had a blowout, fun times.

There are lots of unnecessary things new moms think they need to do that can cause a lot of wasted time. You will want to maximize the limited amount of time you have with a happy baby. It might take a few failed trips out to perfect your must-have list when venturing out. You will learn to spend less time on things that don't matter and more time on things that do like making sure the car seat is safely buckled.

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15 Planning The Perfect Outfit

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One of the perks of being a mom is getting to dress up your adorable baby. As cute as a lot of these outfits can sometimes be they aren't always the most practical when you are getting ready to venture out. Dress the baby in something which is appropriate for the weather. You'll want something easy to change in case of a leaky diaper or massive spit up.

Other than dressing the baby you will have to dress yourself. There is no reason to dress to impress especially if you are running errands. You'll likely end up with some type of bodily fluid on your outfit by the time you get home from your outing. Wear something comfy and practical for what you are doing. Outfits are not something you want to waste time over thinking and planning.

14 Trying To Impress Everyone

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Fake it til you make it. Well with motherhood usually is pretty clear when someone is faking it. Don't waste time or energy into putting out perfect mommy vibes. If you are a hot mess just be a hot mess, it is okay. Trying to make sure everything is perfect every second of the day when you are out isn't worth it. This will only cause more stress on you.

There is no reason to try to impress people especially strangers who you will never see again. We often seek approval from others. We do this a lot when we aren't sure about what we are doing, or aren't confident in our abilities. Don't waste your time trying to put on a persona that isn't authentic to who you are. You aren't fooling anybody.

13 Scheduling Too Much For One Day

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Going out with your newborn is never a time to try and be an overachiever. You will want to keep it as simple as possible to create the least amount of stress for both of you. Likely, planning a full day out, which includes being in and out of the car, isn't a great idea. Planning too much for one day will cause one cranky baby.

Having an itinerary for the day that puts you much on your plate can cause a big ole baby meltdown. There is nothing like getting in the middle of the store with half the items and having to go back to the car to reset because your baby is screaming at the top of his/her lungs. Babie like comfort and their routines. While going out and getting stuff done is needed make sure you are doing it with balance. Spread your errands out over a couple of days or share the load with your SO.

12 Sanitizing Everything

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Germs. EW. You won't be able to protect your baby from everything. Though wiping down the shopping cart isn't a bad idea you don't need to spend a ton of time sanitizing every inch of everything your baby might touch. Babies will find a way to come in contact with things that aren't the cleanest. Exposing your baby to germs of the real world will help build their immune system. Shopping cart and high chair covers are great if you're looking for something to keep fingers and mouths off the surfaces. If you don't have one almost every store provides wipes.

Keeping a baby clean feels like a full-time job in itself. You don't have to wipe your baby down everytime they get a crusty milk stash or have sticky fingers. Trying to keep up this is a relentless task and isn't productive at all. Just be okay with the mess. After all, babies are messy. This is why bathtime before bed is excellent.

11 Using The Stroller

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If you have a few in and out errands you are running, instead of getting the stroller out every time, give babywearing a try. Not only will this help keep the baby calmer because they will feel close to you, it is also an excellent deterrent for keeping those nosey strangers away from touching your little one. Babies love to be held and this will give them just want they want, to be close to their mama.

Getting the stroller out every time causes you to end up doing your errands pushing an empty stroller with one arm and holding the baby with the other. Babywearing provides added bonding time as well. Most carriers are breastfeeding friendly. So ditch that heavy, bulky stroller for every single time you get out of the care and go hands-free.

10 Not Making A Gameplan

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When you go out, you will want to do a little prep beforehand. Make sure you have a list ready to go with exactly what you need. If you don't, you will possibly forget items which will add another trip for more errands onto your to-do list. You will want to be as organized as you possibly can.

Bonus point if you check for coupons ahead of time as well. Nothing worse than getting stuck at the checkout and you pull up the store's mobile app frantic to try an find a coupon. Look these up beforehand and have them ready to go. Using coupons can not only save you money but can help you with a more organized shopping list. Who doesn't love to save a little money?

9 Not Ordering Online

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Do you really need to venture out? If you just want an excuse to get out of the house plan something fun. Don't forget a lot of things you can now shop for online and get delivered to your doorstep within a few days. With the stress of hauling all the baby stuff and hoping your baby doesn't scream the entire time you are out, ordering online is always a fabulous option.

A lot of stores also now have a shop online and pickup feature that is great for moms. Or some companies can even go complete your shopping for you and bring the goods right to your house. Does anybody really enjoy running errands? Whatever can make your life as a mom a little easier is a good thing.

8 Diaper Bag Disaster

VIA Disney Baby

There is nothing like needing to do a quick diaper change or grab your baby's favorite toy and not having what you need. Before you leave the house, you will want to make sure the diaper bag is all loaded up with the things you will need when you are out and about running errands. Depending on how long you will be out of the house, you may need to pack some extra supplies for those 'just in case' moments AKA blow out.

The diaper bag will more often than not become a giant collection for a bunch of random things. It's a good idea to dump everything out and repack every once in a while to eliminate the things you aren't using or that don't fit the baby anymore. You will want to make sure you have the right size diapers and extra changes of clothing. An orderly diaper bag makes for a less stressed out mama and a more quickly soothed little one.

7 Not Having The Car Organized

Via What to Expect When You're Expecting

Okay, an organized car with kids; you're probably thinking 'ya right.' Your car doesn't have to be looking like it just came from the dealership but having an organized car will help a lot. You will want to keep an extra pacifier, blankies, toys, and other things that will soothe your baby. If your little one starts screaming and you aren't able to reach the pacifier they threw on the floor, this is where an extra one will come in handy.

Also not having a ton of stuff in your truck will help when you are trying to get the stroller quickly in and out. Fighting the stroller and all the stuff is never a fun game to play. Always a good idea to keep a few snacks on hand for you as well even if it's something simple like trail mix. When we are running around, it's easy to forget we are hungry.

6 Not Avoiding Rush Hour

Via Daily Mail

When you are a mom sometimes your time clock is messed up. You'll want to avoid going to run your errands during rush hours when you'll get stuck in traffic. The stress of a screaming little one that you can't help because you're stuck in gridlock traffic isn't fun at all. Always check traffic before you leave the house.

Even if you aren't traveling far that traffic wouldn't be an issue, you will want to stay out of the stores during peak times. You won't want to hit up the grocery store at 5:30pm on a Friday when everyone who just got off work is also doing their shopping for the weekend. Staying out of the shops when they are packed will result in less frustration for you.

5 Going Out During Nap/Feeding Time

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Try the best you can to plan to leave around feedings and naps. If your baby likes sleeping in the car, you might be able to get away with traveling during naptime. If your baby hates the car and screams when tired, you'll definitely want to avoid this.

For feedings, of course, expect to feed your baby when you are out. Always be prepared for that. But it is still a good idea to try to feed before you leave the house, so they have a full belly on the way to get wherever you are going. You will know your baby the best. It might take a few going-out fails to get the hang of it. Just be prepared for feedings and expect the unexpected.

4 Not Waiting Until You Have Help

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Sometimes as moms we need help, and that is entirely okay. If you are needing to go out to complete a big errand or have to go to an event of some sort and can foresee it being stressful on your own, ask for someone to tag along or meet you. You might have to ask for this help as people don't mind readers. If you are going to run an errand and know you need help, wait until you have it. Don't try and complete this alone. Even if you feel silly asking for help just ask.

Funny thing is... even though we don't want to ask for help, people want to help. They will be delighted that you asked them. Plus who doesn't love seeing a baby? Get that support team and use them. Lean on them when you need to and don't feel guilty. As moms, we can do a LOT, but we can't do everything.

3 Getting Sidetracked With Mommy Brain

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"Oh look a butterfly"! When you are going to run your errands, you'll be on a time clock. Don't wander down that adorable baby isle filled with fluffy things you don't need. Window shopping sleep deprived is never a good idea for your budget. If you don't need it, you should not buy it.

There are only so many hours your baby will cooperate with you. Have a list and stick to it. Make sure that you are utilizing your time wisely and maximizing the use of your energy to get the things you need to accomplish - done and done. Mommy brain is real - if you get flustered or forget what you were doing take a hot second to reset and look at your handy dandy list.

2 Stopping To Talk

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Babies are like a giant magnet forcefield for small talk. Strangers will come up to you and start asking you questions and talking to your babe. You don't have to feel like you have to complete a full conversation with them. Of course, you don't have to be rude, but you can still be nice while keeping it moving. Smile and nodding is a great move to end a conversation quickly. Don't get trapped chatting with them if you don't have time.

Aside from the conversations, they will want to have about your baby they might reach for your little one. Never be afraid to say something. If you aren't comfortable with them touching your baby, it's your job to speak up. It's always best to keep the chats to a limited amount of time.

1 Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone


You are out running errands, and a friend starts a text conversation with you. You then begin walking slower to have a chat casually, checking your phone every few seconds to see if you got a reply back. This is a huge waste of time. Put the phone away and wait until you get home and are able to do this from your couch.

Going out is kind of a mission impossible type deal. You are on edge waiting for your baby to go off or get hungry. Stick to your list and limit your distractions. If you need to go ahead and put the phone on silent for a bit so you can truly focus, get your stuff done and get on out of there for some snuggles at home.

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