15 Things No Mom Should Be Doing In 2017

Listen up moms and moms-to-be. We are in the year 2017. Things have changed when it comes to taking care of our little ones (and maybe even the not so little ones!). Are you doing things the current way or are you stuck doing it all the ancient way? You may not even know which category you, as a mom, fall into!

Recommendations and suggestions related to child rearing often changes. New research comes out and new ways to safely raise our kids is explored and discovered. Things can even change from year to year! If you are not up on the latest safety trend, you may find out you have been doing something all wrong. And nobody wants that.

We have to live in the times, right? We also have to keep up with the times. As moms, we need to constantly be aware of what is new and important out there. Including ideas that have changed. We need to be moms in this day and age, not living in the past. If you want to be up to date on what moms should be doing, read on for a list of things no mom should be doing in 2017!

15 Give Baby Some Hard Liquor

If the thought of giving your little one hard liquor to bring on dreamland has you in shock, then you are definitely living in 2017! Believe it or not, parents used to use hard liquor to help baby sleep. They would also use it to help with teething pain.

Share a cocktail with your baby? Sure, why not! Well, not exactly. No parent was handing their baby a shot glass, but they would put a bit on their finger and let baby suck on it. No one saw anything wrong with it. Now, actions like that are totally reprimanded. There are many other ways to help baby fall asleep. In 2017, hard liquor should certainly not be one of them. This is an older way of helping a baby, it is not up with current times at all.

14 Breastfeed Beyond A Certain Age

Breastfeeding is often a source of controversy. In 2017, moms who breastfeed beyond a certain age are often looked at with a side eye. While many can agree that breast is best (although feeding your baby in general is best!), sometimes it is just time to move on.

In 2017, kids are involved in lots of activities. While everyone’s beliefs are different, and that is okay, one thing is certain. Your kindergartener is not going to want you to walk into his classroom and give him his milk straight from mommy! Decide what is best for your child and your family, but after a certain age, it really is time to let your child (and yourself) move on from breastfeeding. We are in 2017 now, there is no reason to keep it going into young adulthood!

13 Opt For Circumcision

To circumcise or not is another source of incredible controversy. More and more studies have come out that suggest that there really is no real benefit to circumcision. Some people claim it makes it easier to clean, reduces the risk of infections, cancers, and more. However, the thinking is beginning to go to the wayside on these so called benefits. Research continues on this sensitive and controversial topic.

Of course, circumcision is a decision that is usually not made lightly. Many people do this because of religious reasons or familial reasons (wanting the baby boy to look like his father and/or brothers). It is ultimately up to each family, but in 2017, parents should be aware that the benefits to circumcision may not be as much as once claimed.

12 Co-Sleep With Baby In The Bed

Sometimes it can be just easier, for you as a new mom, to have your baby sleep next to you in bed. After all, you are getting up every few hours to feed, might as well make it easier on you, right?

Wrong. In 2017, all moms, no matter how new or seasoned they may be, know that having a baby sleeping in your bed is downright dangerous. While it may be tempting, there are many ways to keep baby close to you, and keep them safe. In 2017, there are tons of products out there for baby to sleep in, such as pack 'n plays and bassinets, there is absolutely no excuse for putting a baby, especially a newborn, next to you in bed. Are you willing to risk it? Not in 2017.

11 Choose A C-Section 

Did you know you could choose to have a c-section? Many moms who had c-sections are in awe that anyone would actually make this choice. While some women need to have a c-section for a variety of medical reasons, others choose or wish to have a c-section for reasons that are really not necessary at all. This is shocking to some, but it is quite true.

In 2017, no mom-to-be should be choosing to have a c-section. Medical advances have come along that even provide help to moms who wish to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Wouldn’t natural always be the way to go? Unfortunately, many women disagree with this, but in 2017, there is no reason to have a c-section unless it is deemed absolutely necessary by your physician.

10 Let Baby Cry It Out

A source of immense controversy, the crying it out, or Ferber, method of sleep training is really beginning to not be as popular as it once was. In fact, now in the year 2017, there is not a good reason for many parents to use the crying it out method at all.

Research has come along that suggests that the crying it out method of sleep training may be more damaging than originally thought, and perhaps does more harm than it does good. Babies cry themselves to sleep, which elevates their heart rate, puts emotional stress on them, makes them feel alone, and more. How do you feel after you have fallen asleep after a crying fit? Probably not too great. Think about how babies feel. In 2017, no mom should be using this method on their infant.

9 Force Kids To Eat

Clean your plate! Your mom probably made you eat every last morsel of food on your plate. In 2017, that is no longer the thinking. The idea now is more of a grazing type of feeding. Allow children to eat when and if they are hungry. Nutrition and regular meals are very important, but so is portion size. Kids do not need to eat as much as adults in most cases.

Force feeding a child is never a good idea for their future relationship with food. They may come to associate certain emotions with food, that could very well lead to eating disorders on the range of anorexia and up to binge eating or excessive/emotional eating. Yes, children need to eat the right foods, but forcing kids to eat is nothing a mom should be doing in 2017.

8 Overdo The Swaddle

A little burrito baby is so adorable, don’t you think? Swaddling is a great way to wrap up that sweet newborn, but it is essential that it is done correctly. Many hospitals will teach new parents how to properly swaddle their newborn after the baby is born. There is really no excuse, in 2017, to not know how to swaddle your little one the correct way.

Incorrectly swaddling can lead to physical problems, including hip issues. Parents in 2017 should be more than aware of the temperature as well. On a sweltering hot day, does your baby need to be swaddled in fleece? Use common sense. Babies who are swaddled could easily overheat or have trouble waking up. Swaddling can work wonders, and in 2017, there is no reason parents should not be aware of proper swaddling protocol.

7 Let Kids Have Social Media Accounts

Even as adults, we know that social media can be the devil. We get hooked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. We see things no one should ever see, all because of social media. It can trap us for hours, introduce us to strangers, and give us nightmares.

That is why, in 2017, no mom (or dad) should ever give their child free range on social media. Accounts should be monitored. Not to mention, social media should not even be an option until your child is a certain age. The world is a scary place, which all of us should be aware of in 2017. Social media activity should always have a watchful eye over it. Sure, your kid may hate it, but it is for their own safety. All moms should be monitoring social media in 2017.

6 Become A Helicopter Parent

Helicopter parenting has almost become the norm, but that is quickly changing in 2017. No mom should be a helicopter parent any longer. Moms are beginning to realize that they do not need to constantly hover over their child. Helicopter parenting is exactly what it sounds like. Being like a helicopter just constantly hanging over your kid.

Our kids will be okay, they really will. Hovering over and around your child constantly is not how we build independent young adults. We all want what is best for our children, and it is easy to try to do that by always being with them and helping them. But that does not, and will not work. Moms now realize they need to back off a bit for the sake of their children. No more helicopter parenting in 2017!

5 Assume All Kids Eat Peanut Butter

Allergies run rampant in 2017. Unless you are in a cave, moms everywhere know this. Either they experience it firsthand or they are just aware that serious, life threatening allergies exist nowadays. Young children seem to have an increased risk of developing these food allergies, though, thankfully, many will outgrow them.

Peanuts are a huge source of serious allergies. Children have died because they have had an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Even the smell can put a child at serious risk. Schools now have nut free classrooms and nut free tables at lunch. If you are a mom who thinks all kids can still eat peanut butter, it is time to wake up. Always ask before giving a child any type of food. You just never know, and it could cost them their life.

4 Be Closed Minded

Does your child play with other races, religions, genders, and more? Do they see color? Do they look at who another child is, and say, I do not agree with your looks or beliefs, so I will not be playing with you today, or ever? Children are very accepting. They look at the person, the soul.

Children are beautifully open minded. They accept all. We know in today’s day in age, not all adults are that way. It is sad, horrific, and terrifying. In 2017, we need to all be like our children. No more closed mindedness. Being closed minded is dangerous and hateful. No mom should be this way in 2017. At all. We need to all learn something from our children. And that is how to treat each other as human beings.

3 Let Kids Play Unsupervised

Are you envious of pictures from the olden days, where kids are playing out in the street alone? It sounds so nice to be able to send your kids out to play in the neighborhood without you having to keep a watchful eye out; but in 2017, it just cannot be done. Things have changed, and it is not like it used to be back in the olden days.

No mom in the year 2017 should ever let their kid outside to play alone in the street. It is unfortunate how dangerous our world has become. No mom should take any chances. Small children need to be supervised by a trusted adult. Play it safe and if your kids want to play outside, go with them! Maybe when they are teenagers you can let them play alone outside- maybe!

2 Mommy Shame

Does it seem like moms are always against each other? Does it seem like all moms do is compare one mom to another, often thinking that mom is not doing things the correct way, or the way a mom should be doing? Mommy shaming is real. While moms should be united, they often are pitted against each other. Sometimes moms even team up against another mom, and that is just terrible.

However, in 2017 things are turning around. Moms no longer want to participate in mommy shaming. They want to work together and do what is best for all children. No mom should be shaming or putting down any other mom any longer. We are in a new age. In 2017, it is about coming together, praising each other, and certainly not mommy shaming.

1 Red Shirt A Kindergartener

The term red shirt comes from the athletic world, which refers to holding back a player until they are at their peak performance. Red shirting has now transferred over to academia, and now also refers to holding back a kindergartener who may not be quite ready for kindergarten.

While each case is on an individual basis, it is typically recommended to not redshirt your kindergartener. Meaning, do not hold back your child because you think they are not ready for school. It is usually advised that children should begin kindergarten at the appropriate age. Red shirting your child can have consequences if, in fact, they were actually ready for kindergarten but were instead held back. This is now the norm for 2017, and moms should not be redshirting their child unless there is a real reason.

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