15 Things No One Knows About Mom Jesse James Decker

You might know this cutie by her show Eric & Jessie: Game On. If not, it's a reality TV show featuring the life of married power couple Jessie and Eric Decker. In the show, fans get a close-up look at the busy lives of these two.

You might also recognize her face (or body) from her career as a pop-country artist. She released her debut album Jessie James in 2009. The next year she began working on her second album, but wasn't happy doing pop-country ands able to make the switch to country.

Earlier this year, she released a five-track EP and the a surprise live EP just a few short months later. Just a few weeks ago she released her second full-length album Southern Girl City Lights.

She's married to NFL wide receiver who just so happens to be incredibly handsome. The two have two children together and they also have one on the way.

She is incredibly spunky and has a high energy level with everything that she does. When most women look at her life, they wonder how in the world does she have it so good or how is she so perfect?

Well, the truth is that she's not. Yes, she's a star and so is her husband, but they have some everyday quirks that might surprise you.

Read on to find out 15 things no one knows about mom Jessie James Decker. Enjoy!

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15 She Wants You To Sneak Weights Into Work


Sneaking a Snickers bar to your desk or even a piece of cake without anyone seeing it is tricky enough. You've probably seen a sitcom or two that condone smoking a drag at your desk then quickly hiding it in your desk drawer (as the smoke rolls out the drawer crack).

What about those notorious articles that tell you how to do Kegel exercises at your desk. Maybe you've even tried it a time or two. (Admittedly, I'm guilty!)

Well, try combining the sneaking and the exercises and you've got a bit of advice from Jessie James Decker.

She accepts no excuses for not indulging yourself in a little exercise now and then. Her actual advice is to sneak your weights into work and steal a workout session for yourself on company time. Do you dare?

14 Lost Baby Weight In 20 Minutes


Even if you are THE most fit woman in the world, losing all your baby weight in just 20 minutes is utterly absurd. For hot mom Jessie, it was impossible, too.

In fact, she had trouble losing all the weight she'd gained from having her three kiddos. She's been known to complain that her breast hang down past her belly button while she was breastfeeding. She's also talked in detail about her little muffin top that would peek out every once in a while.

So, what did she do? She did some type of activity for 20 minutes every day. She would do a set of 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 15 sit-ups, etc. Then she'd do it all over again to keep her heart rate up for the entire 20 minutes.

She didn't go to a gym or even buy stylish workout clothes. She just got a little crazy one day and decided to still with her wild routine. It definitely paid off and quite frankly, it's pretty inspiring, as well.

13 She's Jealous Of Her Hubby's Hot Bod

Her husband - and you'll need to take a deep breath on this one - is Eric Decker. He is a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. If the title "wide receiver" doesn't mean anything to you, no worries.

He's a football guy who plays for the NFL. And he's not one of the big ones that pushes everyone down. He's one of the medium-sized guys who catches the ball. In short, he's one of the hot ones.

As you may have guessed, the couple is incredibly sensual when together. Not only do they adore each other, but they adore each other's bodies. She admitted to being jealous of her husbands body saying that he could each anything he wanted and not change at all. She, on the other hand, has to watch what she eats. Not fair!

12 They Have Fun Time During Nap Time

As a parent yourself, I'm guessing you and your partner have trouble making time for intimacy on most days. We've all been there. The hot steamy moments quickly transform into stealing a simple kiss in between dinner and diaper changes.

Then you both fall into bed with good intentions to get rowdy, but before you know it you're waking at up 2:30pm to a crying kiddo. Hey, it's life.

Jessie and Eric have the same struggles, but apparently they have disclosed how they deal with it. She claims that all they have to do is give each other "the look" and they're dashing off to the bedroom. Clothes are off and the deed is done in record time before even one of the kids wake up. I'm guessing it doesn't always work out that smoothly, but it's a nice thought.

11 Turns Down Work If She Misses Her Kids


Aside from being the mom of a hot Titan and the mom to two kids (one on the way), Jessie is also a country music singer. She has been offered a lot of opportunities in her young life and has taken advantage of many of them.

Now that she is a mother and wife, she tends to turn down work more now than ever before. Both her and her husband agree that family must come first in order to have a healthy marriage and healthy family life.

Jessie has been known to turn down work if it means she misses being involved in her kids' lives. Even her team and publicist know how Jessie will react to an offer for work when it interferes with her family life. She's definitely not about to budge on her decision.

10 She's An Energizer Bunny

Self-admittedly, Jessie has a lot of energy. She doesn't claim to be hyper and those around her don't describe her as being hyper. She simply has the endurance of an energizer bunny. While she goes, goes, goes, her friends and family are pooped.

Even her husband claims that she can outlast him. If you've ever seen the man (Eric Decker) then you can surely imagine how strong and everlasting he must be.

Well, when they do get a chance to workout together (and by workout, I actually mean lifting weights and stuff, not referencing the nap time quickie above) she will often work out a lot longer than he does.

She's just one of those people who has been endowed with a lot of energy, I suppose!

9 She Wants To Be An Old Lady With Red Hair

Along the same lines of being an energetic person, she is also rather adventurous. Not that she's going to embark on a sky diving mission anytime soon, but she does live fully in each and every moment.

She expects herself to be one of those old ladies who dies her hair red and lives on the wild side of life (in relation to the age, of course).

Maybe you've seen her in an interview or watched their show Eric & Jessie: Game On, but you can clearly tell that she's spunky. She even has a quirky and incredibly sexualized nicknames for her hubby - "Sugardick."

All in all, she's just a normal women who operates from the wild side.

8 She's Actually On The Same Page As Hubby


One of the toughest things about making a romantic relationship work is maintaining the connection while managing the conflict. A lot of marriages get lost in the commotion and the busyness of life. Knowing this, the Deckers decided to take a proactive approach to their lives and relationship.

Both Eric and Jessie both have their own careers. As mentioned before, he is a successful NFL player and she is a successful country music artist. Plus, he have a reality show on TV now.

One thing keeps them grounded and it's that they are on the same page. They both believe each of their careers are important and respect each other for that. Also, they have agreed that their core family comes first before anything else. Jessie admitted that they even schedule "alone time" with each other just so that they can reconnect as husband and wife.

7 She Once Lightened Her Eyebrows Out Of Shame


While Jessie is an incredibly gorgeous woman, she still tried to fit in with the crowd when she was younger. If you've have noticed, she has some pretty significant eyebrows. These are natural, but have gotten her in trouble a time or two.

Early on in her twenties, the style was thinner and lighter eyebrows. This was during the probably pre-Kardashian era before Kim became the standard of beauty.

Needless to say, Jessie dyed her eyebrows lighter and tinned them out. She's a little embarrassed about it now, but says it's all in the past.

Her eyebrow routine nowadays is simply to tweeze the strays and fill in the thin areas with a pencil. She gets a lot of compliments on her eyebrows so this routine must be working for her. Apparently being yourself is more attractive.

6 She Might Ignore You On Instagram


Jessie is an avid Instagramer. She's been known to post all sorts of pictures on Instagram. For the record, she really enjoys posting breastfeeding pictures. A lot of people get offended at this, which she sort of loves. She never shows anything obscene, but she gets the point across.

Being so much in the spotlight means she's bound to have haters. Haters like this can be found all over social media and they're usually not very shy about sharing their feelings.

In fact, Jessie describes a few situations where she simply had to ignore the comments because of how mean they were. She might answer you if she has a wild hair up her bum, but normally she's into simply ignoring the people who choose to spew venom.

5 Doesn't Hide Herself From Her Kids

Obviously, both Jessie James and her hubby Eric Decker are incredibly sexual people. They love to hang all over one another and are known for their PDA. Like mentioned before, Jessie's nickname for her husband is "Sugardick."

She plasters this nickname all over social media and is very open about her sexuality. Some people have been concerned with this now that she has kids of her own. A lot of people have commented that maybe she should tone it down for her kids.

Her response is that her kids know how their mom is. She's loud and proud and isn't going to hide who she is even if it means coming across as over sexual to the general public. She believes that this is a natural part of who he is and she's okay with it.

4 She Believes In Sad And Happy Energy


We all feel different emotions at different times during the day and at different points in our lives. These emotions we feel cause us to put off either positive or negative vibes. These vibes are otherwise known as energy. This is the philosophy of Jessie James, as well.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Jessie revealed how she feels about people who troll around on social media. Here's what she said, "They must be dealing with something because if you're happy, you don't feel the need to say mean things to people. I am happy so I don't care what anyone else is doing."

It's true that everything is fighting their own unique battle. We could respond two positive ways. The first is to try to be more understanding with others. The second is to lower our expectations so we don't expect everyone else to be just like us.

3 Gives Herself Pep Talks About Her Post-Baby Body


If you're like most women who have given birth, you have some insecurities about your post-baby figure. Admittedly, it's hard to look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you. It can really do a number on your self-confidence.

Jessie James Decker is no different than the rest of us when it comes to struggling with her body image. She's even said that she looked better before babies having full breasts and time to dedicate to a rigorous workout routine.

On days that she feels a little insecure, she gives herself a pep talk - literally. She looks in the mirror and tells herself that her body is amazing and points out all the "flaws" then compliments them. In her opinion, they are they for a darn good reason. She's currently pregnant with her third so is obviously more round now than ever and probably enjoys the boost.

2 She Will "Go Redneck" If You Try To Steal Hubby


Obviously Jessie is incredibly beautiful and her husband is no eye sore by any means. In fact, Eric will often get attention on social media...umm, completely inappropriate attention, that is.

It seems that celebrity marriages don't always mean much to a lot of people. So the sexually forward things a women feels she can say online to a celeb would be out of the question said to a regular Joe face to face.

Nevertheless, it happens.

For the most part, Jessie views the advances on social media as a joke. It's a distant platform rather than the girl next door. But, she claims that if anyone were to seriously try to steal her hubby that she would "go redneck" on them. Consider that a warning.

1 There ARE  Selfies Of Her, But She's Okay With It

Like many of us, Jessie has succumb to the temptations of sending naked selfies. Granted, her own naked selfies are probably 10x better looking than 99% of them currently floating around in the abyss.

Still, it's not exactly something of which to be proud. You don't have to be ashamed either, though. You can take the Jessie James stance and simply resort to a generalized "Whatever" response.

She admits to having sent naked selfies and expects them to surface at one point or another. Also, she believes that if she doesn't make a huge fuss over them then the whole ordeal won't get blown out of proportion. Plus, she says that she looks super hot, so that might help her mindset a little.

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