14Morning Sickness Is A Lie

Morning sickness does occur in the morning. This is true. It also happens in the mid-morning, afternoon, evening, and wee hours of the night. No one tells you that "morning" sickness is actually an all day, 24 hour thing. It's not until you yourself are bent over a toilet at

4:30 in the afternoon that you begin to wonder why it hasn't been renamed yet.

Now, for most women it will come and go throughout the day. Mine was always worse around mid-morning, and then again around late afternoon. For some women it helps to keep crackers or something small on the bedside table so that they can eat the minute they wake up.

Sometimes that worked for me, and sometimes I threw up saltines in the shower. So, your mileage may vary with that one.

Morning sickness might happen at times other than morning, but there are ways to help it. I found that carrying peppermint candy and popping one in my mouth when I began to feel queasy helped a lot. So did chewing mint or cinnamon gum. Strange as it might be, I also found that eating exactly what I was craving helped the nausea to subside.

Perhaps there's a reason for your cravings. So even though no one tells you this, it's okay. You can't blame them for keeping this one to themselves. Who wants to talk about throwing up? It's bad dinner party conversation. It will eventually pass and you'll feel like you can conquer the world after. Surviving constant nausea for four (or more) months will do that to you.

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