15You'll Have Worries And Fears That Never End

Lost and alone

Pregnancy is wonderful because there's a little person on the way that you're going to be responsible for in every way. This is also why it's slightly terrifying. The minute the pee is dry on the test, it begins. Have you taken enough folic acid to prevent neural tube defects?

Have you been taking the right multivitamin and eating enough DHA rich foods? Is that implantation spotting or the start of a miscarriage?

The list goes on and on and on, and it doesn't end. The worries may change from whether you lifted something too heavy to whether you've felt the baby moving enough lately, but they're still there. Sorry to be the one to let this cat out of the bag, but worrying and motherhood kind of go hand in hand.

You're never able to only think of yourself, because now? It's not just about you. And even though this is scary and can cause you to doubt your decisions at every turn, it's also really great. The baby you're growing is going to bring you such joy and love that you'll want to consider them a part of you forever.

Also, about 99.9% of your worries will never come to fruition. That's not a statistic I've researched or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Try to relax as much as you can and do your best to handle what you can control. The rest of it isn't in your hands, so let it go.

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