15 Things Not To Miss Out On During Pregnancy

Society loves to tell expectant mothers what they can and can't do. Don’t eat sushi, don’t get in a hot tub, don’t use hair dye and the list goes on. Some of those are false, old wives tales while others are things that are just not recommended, but all of them are things that we’re basically told we can’t do, just because we’re growing another life in our bodies.

While yes, we should be more cautious during the long 40 week journey of carrying another life inside us, that's not reason to treat us like invalids! We can still be active, and that’s actually healthy! And there’s a lot of fun things we can do during our pregnancy to feel good about ourselves or just to have a little fun.

In fact, no one ever just talks about the fun things we CAN do, or SHOULD do, when we’re pregnant! All anyone ever talks about are the things we should stay away from! Boo! How much fun is that? About as much fun as a wet noodle at a bonfire. Don't listen to the people who are treating your pregnancy like a serious illness.

There’s a lot of awesome, fun things that pregnant women shouldn’t miss out on! We only get so many opportunities at being pregnant and having the ability to do these things after all! And some of them aren’t just fun, but they help mom out by relieving pain, or helping her unwind! Useful and fun to do, it doesn’t get much better than that!

15 Special Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are all the rage now, and they’re always fun to do after the gender of the baby is found out at around the 16 weeks ultrasound. There’s tons of ideas for gender reveals, from cakes colored pink and blue, to releasing balloons, to more environmentally friendly options such as belly hand prints in the color of the gender on mom’s belly.

Some people choose to do big parties where they find out the gender together at the same time as everyone else does! The mom will get someone trusted to get an envelope with the baby’s gender written inside, or the ultrasound pic with the gender in it, generally given during that ultrasound appointment. Then that same person will plan either a cake, or some other activity, that has the color associated with that gender. The mom or couple will then reveal, to the surprise of all, what the gender is!

Now, it’s understandable that some parents won’t want the gender to be known, and want the gender to be a surprise all the way up until the birth. But if this isn’t the route being taken, then consider doing a fun gender reveal! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest!

14 Baby Showers!

Baby showers are tons of fun! Cake, snacks, games, and all kinds of other activities, they’re just an all around good time! And who doesn’t want to be the center of attention for a day? Gifts are not always necessary, but they are always appreciated at these parties. There's usually great food and usually there's a beautiful shower cake and other kinds of yummy snack-type foods, such as mini slider sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and chips.

Lots of people choose the same theme that they plan to use for their nursery for their baby shower theme as well. (My second daughter’s theme was a punk-rock theme.) There are also tons of game ideas on Pinterest for baby showers!

Some people view it as a faux-pas to have multiple baby showers, or to host your own shower, but that’s a decision that’s honestly best left up to the mother. Mom deserves a day to celebrate, and no matter how she chooses to do so, she deserves to have her friends around her. Some people choose to have a celebration and no gifts, even. There’s tons of options!

13 Pregnancy Announcements

A fun way to announce to the world that a baby is on the way, is by making a cute pregnancy announcement! This can be done a variety of ways. Some decide to do neat little photo shoots, others photoshop the ultrasound pictures. Some decide to include the big brother or sister in the photos. Others decide to just take pictures of objects, such as the family’s shoes all lined up, with an extra pair of baby booties at the end of the line.

Again, there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest for this! (I love Pinterest, as one might be able to tell.) And sometimes getting other family members in on the fun as well can make things much more interesting! Sometimes they have ideas we miss or don’t consider, and they can help put things together for interesting announcements.

Whether choosing to post an announcement on Facebook or through the mail, they’re definitely something worth doing.

12 Cute T-shirts

We’ve all seen these, and I know I loved having the few shirts I had! Some t-shirts say something like ‘Baby on Board’ on it, or some may mention the baby being hungry, some may have swearing on them. Either way, they’re extraordinarily adorable, and they come in so many varieties that they have something for everyone!

And they can be bought from all kinds of places, for a variety of prices as well, from Ebay to Amazon to Spencers. You can even buy customized maternity tees from some places as well, just keep that in mind.

Some may find the sayings on some of these shirts to be offensive, but others find them hilarious. Whatever your personal preference, you can’t deny that these shirts can make things interesting, and spark a conversation! Definitely get some of these shirts, even just one, to wear while pregnant! Just out of sheer cuteness!

11 Treats! (Cheesecake, Chocolate)

To quote Rihanna here… “Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!” Everyone deserves to treat themselves, but even more so, when growing a baby, a woman deserves a bit extra of a treat. Whether it’s chocolate being craved, or ice cream, or cheesecake, there’s something out there for every woman. (Maybe it’s pickles and peanut butter, I don’t know, I don’t judge.)

Sometimes, spending the little bit extra to splurge on some kind of sweet and savory treat can make the day 100% better.

Now, definitely follow the doctor’s advice, because if there’s any kind of underlying conditions such as gestational diabetes at play, then maybe too much sugar would be pretty bad. (No, not maybe… it would be.) But, other than that, just keep in mind to keep everything in moderation, and have at it. Pick something delicious and go to town!

10 Pregnancy Massage

Massages feel good when we’re not pregnant, so imagine how good they'll feel now that you're pregnant. Massages they take the pressure off of an aching sciatica, or relieve the stress of a tensed up and sore muscle group that have been carrying a growing baby all day. It’s heavenly.

While there are spas that specialize in pregnancy massages (and they are so worth it) , it’s always an option to ask the hubby to use his magic fingers to work out those knots and aching tendons. Getting a good, relaxing massage doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

That said, those pregnancy massage spas? They’re so definitely worth it. They specialize in making pregnant women feel better, and in taking care of their aching bodies. They have tools such as hot rocks, warm oils, and more that can take the massage from ‘wow’ to ‘Mmmmmmm’.

9 Girls’ Night Out

Drinking does not have to be on the agenda to get a night in with the girls. I hate to say it, but once the baby comes, there won’t be as much time for a girls’ night out, so take advantage of it now. And don’t feel super limited just because of the baby, there’s still tons to do.

Going out dancing is still an option for sure, so is getting coffee and getting nails done (just try and stay in a ventilated area) , and even getting the hair done! Heck, if the girls want to go to a club, go with them, just avoid the alcohol and ignore any rudeness.

Keep in mind, no matter what, we will always come across people who have an opinion over our decisions. There will be those who think going dancing when pregnant is nasty, and there will be those who don’t care. Just do what feels the most comfortable and have fun!

8 Maternity Lingerie

So, who here knew that there is actually lingerie for pregnant women? Pretty cool huh! Now, who is picturing some nasty, frumpy outfits? Who here would now like to admit they may be wrong? Yeah, there is some really sexy lingerie out there for the mom-to-be, and honestly, it can make mom feel fantastic and confident in ways she hasn’t felt in months.

It can also add a bit of spice back into the bedroom, if the other half is into lingerie.

There are tons of websites that sell lingerie in a variety of prices, sizes, shapes, cuts…it’s all out there. Just do some digging and don’t be scared to experiment! It’s something that expectant mothers should consider trying during pregnancy to celebrate and feel good in. Lingerie will also help if she wants some sexy time. Also, it looks incredibly cute even after the baby’s been born half the time, so there’s that!

7 Seeing The Ultrasounds

This is a no brainer, but do not miss out on seeing the ultrasounds of the baby. There’s nothing that helps a mom to bond much more than actually seeing her baby on the screen in front of her, moving around, wiggling his or her fingers and toes. It’s magical, in many ways and it’s something that will be cherished for many years to come.

Bring the other half along as well, and make it a day to remember, maybe make the whole day into a day out, getting something to eat, spending time together, and just making memories.

Also, keep in mind that many places will give copies of the ultrasound pics to share with family and friends, so the memories can be shared even with those who can’t be there live! And those pictures make awesome first pictures to frame on the wall. Definitely not something moms don't want to miss out on.

6 Vacation!

So, we all know that going on vacation is fun. But vacationing when pregnant is so much better. Not because there’s more interesting things to do, or because mom gets fancy treatment, but because it’s just nice to be able to sit back and relax away from home and let someone else take care of mom for a while when she’s tired and pregnant.

Vacations are great all the time, but it’s so much sweeter when it’s relieving the aches that come with growing a new baby. Plus, there’s only so many chances to have an adults-only vacation without having to arrange for a sitter in the years to come.

Sometimes there are events that sound more awesome when we’re pregnant, such as going to a popular candy store if we have a sweet tooth, that we wouldn’t do as much if we’re not expecting. Relish in that! Pregnancy isn’t permanent! There are also some things that we get access to when pregnant that we may not have had access to otherwise. (Pregnancy spas, anyone?) So look into all the options!

5 Pregnancy Yoga

Oh man, I don’t know about anyone else, but yoga was something I was so glad I did when I was pregnant with my girls. I literally used to spend an hour a day doing gentle yoga moves designed for for pregnant women. Pregnancy yoga is actually highly recommended for a lot of issues that moms have when pregnant, such as sciatica pains, dizzy spells, and more. It’s known to be able to help shift the baby off of any nerves they may be laying on.

Besides all that, it’s excellent exercise for mom, and can help keep her in shape through the pregnancy. According to many doctors, mom will be in better shape, it'll make labor and delivery easier, and mom will have more energy. Maternity yoga is a great doorway to get into regular yoga too. Look into it, it’s definitely something that is fun and helpful during pregnancy!

4 Month-By-Month Belly Pics

We’ve seen these popping up all over Facebook lately, and they’re always super cute! The parents get together and take a picture once every month, and it tells a story of sorts! I’ve seen one where the dad looked like he was blowing mom’s belly with air, and the last pic was her holding the baby while he was surprised, or something like that.

Couples can get pretty creative with their selfie game, and they’re pretty fun to do. It’s something that would be a cute way to make memories during all nine months of the pregnancy, and something that can be shared later on with the kids as they get older.

These pics can be done professionally, or they can be done with a phone, it’s really up to the parents. There’s a ton of ideas on Pinterest, and on other parenting websites, so check them out! It’s something to look into and consider doing, just out of sheer cuteness!

3 Bond With Mom

Bonding with our moms is something we should do anyhow, but a mom and daughter trip when the the daughter is expecting and about to deliver the next generation into the family can be something that will be remembered for a lifetime. Go out to lunch, or even take a weekend trip somewhere, and just spend time together.

Reminisce about the past, and let her give you advice about the future. Remember, she’s been there before, she may have some tips and tricks to help make adjusting to motherhood a bit easier.

We never seem to spend enough time with our mothers, but it’s so much more special when we’re pregnant, because we’re more on equal ground then. I know personally, when I was pregnant, I was on a more level playing field with my mom. She saw me finally as not just her little kid, but as a mother to be. We spent a ton of time bonding, and I wouldn’t pass that up for the world.

2 Baby Shopping Spree!

Shopping is always fun! Shopping for super cute baby clothes is even MORE fun! There are so many things that are needed for the baby, that saving up money and taking it to go on a baby shopping spree is something many people just do. When I had my youngest, I dropped about 500 in a day on just new equipment alone, and went all over to find what I needed.

Taking the day to get a bite to eat and go to all of the baby stores to look for things to spoil our little ones is definitely worth the time, and honestly, it’s fun. Who doesn’t like to shop?

When money is tight, it’s still possible to go on one of these shopping extravaganzas. Honestly, thrift store shopping is a lot less expensive and can be just as fun if not more so, because every trip and every store will have different clothes. And they’re cheap, sometimes costing as little as a dollar per clothing item!


This is the cliche’ one, but YES! RELAX! Don’t fret all the time, take some time off to de-stress and kick back! Believe me, there won’t be a lot of time for that once the baby is here. And while this is cliche’, it’s so very, very important.

Too much stress can be bad for the baby, and the doctors will all recommend that taking time to relax is incredibly important for not only the mom, but for her baby as well. Just remember, that stress affects more than mom’s mood, but her baby as well.

Mom, if help is something that you need so that you can get busy relaxing, ask someone to help you out. If there’s an older sibling and this isn’t the first pregnancy, ask someone to take your older child out so that the stress can just flow and be released. Remember, things are tough now, but it gets better.

Balance out work, home, and other stressors, and kick back with a book, soak in a warm bath with some candles by the tub, or even take a nap. Just get some rest!

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