15Special Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are all the rage now, and they’re always fun to do after the gender of the baby is found out at around the 16 weeks ultrasound. There’s tons of ideas for gender reveals, from cakes colored pink and blue, to releasing balloons, to more environmentally friendly options such as

belly hand prints in the color of the gender on mom’s belly.

Some people choose to do big parties where they find out the gender together at the same time as everyone else does! The mom will get someone trusted to get an envelope with the baby’s gender written inside, or the ultrasound pic with the gender in it, generally given during that ultrasound appointment. Then that same person will plan either a cake, or some other activity, that has the color associated with that gender. The mom or couple will then reveal, to the surprise of all, what the gender is!

Now, it’s understandable that some parents won’t want the gender to be known, and want the gender to be a surprise all the way up until the birth. But if this isn’t the route being taken, then consider doing a fun gender reveal! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest!

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