15 Things About Meghan Markle Only Her Mom Can Tell Us

A mother’s love is the foundation of every child’s life. The serenity and the haven they provide are truly priceless. A mother’s love is the pillar of our building; the wind beneath our wings; the light of our home; the rainbow after every storm.

An upright mother-child relationship is incomparable and we can say that Meghan Markle and her mom, Doria Ragland, is nailing their mother-daughter relationship. A free-spirited mom and a strong-willed daughter; that is Doria and Meghan. These two are very close to each other. Meghan told Glamour magazine, that she and her mom have so much fun together and she still finds solace in her mom’s support. They consider themselves as best friends. They share a lot of hobbies and attitudes that they equally enjoy together or apart. One well-known example is that both of them have a strong faith in humanity and solid participation in the community.

Apparently, seeing an only daughter marry a real-life prince could be very overwhelming, most especially with paparazzi swirling around every corner of the house. The media began pursuing Meghan Markle and her mom after it was learned that she and her fiancé, Prince Harry were dating.

The world wants to know more about Meghan and seeing it through her mother’s eyes is a whole new level. Let’s take a look at the things only Meghan Markle’s mom could tell us.

15 She Visited Buckingham Palace In Her Teens

Traveling and taking photographs usually, go hand in hand. Taking selfies when traveling is the most natural thing to do, most particularly for young ladies. Meghan Markle is not an exception to this. As Meghan loves traveling, she also loves taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. When she and her friend visited London, she went to Buckingham Palace and took a selfie outside. She enjoyed the view so she took lots of photos with it in the background. She didn’t know she would be living a welcome visitor in a couple of years.

One has to wonder if while she was outside of the palace taking her selfies if she was doing some daydreaming about becoming a princess and living in such a palace. Only fate knows that it had something up its sleeve waiting for her and that those possible daydreams were going to come true.

Now that she’s going to marry Prince Harry, she has an unlimited amount of time to be taking pictures of the whole place except that she’s not allowed to share it to the world or do it in front of the Queen. She still takes pictures of her travels most of the time wherever she goes.

14 Her Hollywood Gigs Weren’t So Great

Having lots of work in the US is natural. Aspiring teens handle multiple jobs to earn sufficient money for their everyday needs or collegiate needs. Just like Doria Ragland, Meghan has held a lot of jobs.

When starting out as an actor, the aspiring actress never really got the chance to choose a good role. Instead, taking any paid opportunity is the only choice she had. This has been the experience for pretty much any person hoping to make it in Hollywood.

As a rising actress, Meghan had lots of jobs. They include modeling, acting, being a calligraphy artist and many more. In 2006, Meghan became one of the briefcase girls in a popular game show called Deal or No Deal. She describes this job as a learning experience. Standing the whole time in front of the people wearing an uncomfortable dress and 5-inch heels, waiting to be called so she could sit down was a struggle. She then had a realization of what she really wanted to do and being a part of a game show was not it. All her sacrifices have paid off when she got her big break being hired as a regular on the USA Network program Suits as paralegal Rachel Zane.

13 Her Cooking Captured Prince Harry's Heart

As some people say, “Food is life!” Sometimes, it is the only thing that people “live” for. Many millennials love to try any food that gets the chance to be promoted in social media. Consequently, an actress who promotes a food will certainly make it a boom.

Meghan is an utter food lover. This one is more general knowledge for Meghan Markle fans, most especially those who followed her blog The Tig.

Her website has been the home of her own recipes and expression for her love of cooking. She usually features her home-cooked recipes in the blog.

Meghan always looks for new recipes that could be cooked at home. Her favorite dish of all time is roasted chicken. We can say that it might also contribute to capturing the heart of a real life prince, for Prince Harry proposed while they were roasting one for their evening meal. She also likes to share her recipes with her fans on Instagram. She usually posts her perfectly cooked food on her social media accounts. Unfortunately, The Tig was closed due to her busy schedule as she was preparing for her wedding with Prince Harry. Meghan can’t hide her love for cooking. Now that’s a very wife-material skill, but we bet she won’t be doing that in the Palace much. It’s not that they are going to cook for themselves, aren’t they?

12 She Left One Of Her Dogs Behind In The Move

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Meghan has an undeniable love for her pets named Guy and Bogart. Her two adorable pets are rescue dogs. She really loves them to the extent that they are always featured on her Instagram account. The funny thing about this is that Ellen DeGeneres was the one who convinced Meghan to adopt the rescue dogs. When Meghan came to the dog rescue shelter to look for a pooch to adapt to, Ellen and Portia walked in. Although Ellen was oblivious to who Meghan was, Ellen walked up to her and asks her to get the dog she was looking at while Meghan was still deciding whether to get it or not. When Meghan was still hesitant, Ellen asked her what she would name the dog if she got it. Even though Ellen was already outside the rescue shelter, she came back and tapped the glass window and insisted Meghan get the dog and rescue it. When asked about why she got the dog, she simply says she took it because Ellen told her to.

It seems like she’s not regretting taking Bogart because, after a while, she adopted another one, which she named Guy. For her, it was a good decision to take the dogs with her. She’s always seen taking her pets out for a walk or being featured on her Instagram. Meghan’s dogs enjoy hiking while they are with Doria according to Daily Mail. These two really have a lot in common; love for dogs is one of them.

11 Surgeons Say Her Nose Is Now The Most Requested

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Having a beautiful and pointed nose is the dream for many people. One of the most notable features in Meghan Markle’s face is her nose. She doesn’t just have a beautiful face, her nose is also exceptional. She said that she got it from her dad. She is so thankful for it. She even posted a photo of her and her dad on her Instagram thanking her father for letting her inherit such a beautiful nose.

With that, it is not impossible that many women would appreciate Meghan’s nose. Some even want to reconstruct their nose to look like hers through surgery. Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a cosmetic surgeon told E Online that Meghan’s nose is one of the top picks of clients in cosmetic surgery. Clients said that her perfectly refined nose and a slight hump in her nasal tip makes it look like their nose wasn’t reconstructed at all.

Meghan is not just envied for her look, or her outfits, or her relationship with Prince Harry, she is also envied because of her perfectly refined nose. Now that’s a lot of perfect attributes she got there! So, we’re guessing it just might be possible to have everything in the world.

10 She Used To Be A Calligrapher For Wedding Invitations

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As we have mentioned previously, Meghan has worked at a lot of jobs. Becoming a professional calligrapher is one of them as noted by People magazine. This talented lady calligraphed invitation cards for her clients. She also sent cards to her family and friends. This talent was a product of her handwriting class in high school. She enrolled in this subject for six years and has mastered the art of calligraphy.

She said in her blog, that letters which are handwritten are a lost form of art. For her, giving handwritten letters is truly special. The effort she puts into writing one is important for her. These days, she still masters the art of calligraphy and sends thank you letters to people from time to time. She even made big projects because of her calligraphy skills, which helped her earn money sufficient for her studies.

She even calligraphed for The Four Seasons hotels and Dolce & Gabbana events.

She also gave tips to aspiring calligraphers on how to make the calligraphy flawless and perfect. She encourages others to try and love calligraphy as well. She also calligraphed the wedding invitations of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. Guess we’ll wait and see if she does one for her wedding with Prince Harry.

9 She Fought For Women’s Rights At A Very Young Age

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Not everyone, especially at a very young age, could stand up for many people. To become a spokesperson for women takes a lot of guts and willingness. Meghan Markle is really an exceptional lady. At a very young age, she already fought for women’s rights. Back when she was only 11-years old, young Meghan saw a TV commercial that made her angry. She thought that the commercial was a sexist advertisement. The tagline was specifically addressed to women not worrying about washing dishes anymore. Meghan was very upset at that time.

Her father suggested that she write a letter to the producer to change the tagline to ease the hurt she was feeling. Her movement became famous. The media even covered her outrage while she was waiting for the result of the letter she sent. Fortunately, the producers changed the tagline into a more generalized term because of her demand. Meghan then realized how much she can change the world through her words. After that, she started becoming an advocate for women’s rights. She also teaches other women to be empowered and stand up for themselves or for others as well. That’s a real superhero move for a young kid. This lady is really an inspiration for everyone. We salute you Meghan!

8 She Is A Yoga Fanatic

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Yoga has been a big part of the lives of Doria Ragland and Meghan Markle. Doria, who is a social worker, is also working as a yoga instructor. She uses yoga to specifically address mental concerns. She also promotes yoga for healthy aging.

Lots of women envy Meghan’s hot and sexy body. We can say that this was the result of her constant yoga. She has been doing yoga for a couple of years now. This was first introduced to her back when she was a child. According to Best Health, she and her mom joined Mommy and Me yoga classes when Meghan was younger.

Meghan said that yoga is her expertise. It is one of the things that contributes to her fitness. She says that it can increase muscle strength and flexibility. It can also create positivity in one’s life, decrease anxiety and induce good sleep. These days, Meghan and Doria often go to yoga classes together or Meghan joins Doria’s yoga classes. It has also become one of their bonding activities as mother and daughter.

While there are a variety of kinds of yoga, Meghan personally prefers hot yoga. One in which the subject is put in a hot or humid condition. She says that this helps release the unhealthy toxins from a person’s body through profuse sweating.

7 She Is Proud To Be Biracial

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Being biracial could either be a blessing or a curse. Biracial means that a person belongs to two or more racial groups. A lot of people know that Meghan Markle is biracial. Her mom, Doria, is African-American, while her dad, Thomas, is Dutch-Irish. Meghan has a unique racial bloodline that reflects in her authentic beauty. Her beauty is so unique that she can’t be a white lead actress or a black lead actress. That really must be a struggle for her, most particularly when she was just starting out as an actress. As a result of her diverse good looks, a few people mistakenly named her mom her nanny. As a loving daughter, Meghan gets hurt every time she hears that.

Meghan becomes uncomfortable when people mistakenly assume that her mom isn’t her mom.

Despite that, they remain close to each other and they have a remarkable relationship. She looks up to her mom and she considers her mom her hero and inspiration. Some of her mom’s expertise is hers as well. Meghan encourages other biracial people to be proud of who they are and that the invalidation of others doesn’t matter at all. It is important for all people to be proud of who they are, no matter what their nationality is.

6 Toronto? She's A Number 1 Fan

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Toronto is home to many famous actors and actresses. This city has been the bloomfield for Drake, Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers and many more. Although Meghan was born and raised in a southern California city, her love for Toronto is unarguable. Toronto has been her nest for a couple of years now. She said she started loving the place after a few seasons of Suits and bought a house there to settle down.

She also enjoys Canada Day with her friends and spends lots of time hanging out with them at her place or in some parts of Toronto. She can also be spotted taking her dogs for a walk around the city.

Meghan Markle even became a World Vision ambassador in Canada. She has done a lot of outreach programs on behalf of the country. She and Prince Harry were also spotted at the Invictus Games held in Toronto last May 2017, together with her mom, Doria.

What she likes about this city is that it has fewer paparazzi compared to Los Angeles and London. Not having lots of paparazzi around is really a good thing, most especially for someone who’s the talk of the town for almost a year or two now, isn’t it?

5 Mom Has A Unique Nickname For Meghan

Just like most people, Meghan Markle has two names that were given to her by her parents. Meghan’s real name is Rachel Meghan Markle. She used her middle name, Meghan, to make it more exceptional in the showbiz industry. She said that Rachel is so common she wouldn’t even be remembered much if she used it. Though she’s proud of her full name and that it’s fine with her if her close friends call her Rachel, she thought of her showbiz career and what was better for her. On a positive note, it’s really not a big deal as to what actors and actresses use as their showbiz names. As long as they are remembered for their acting skills, they’re good to go.

While some of her friends call her Meg or Nutmeg, her mom has a very unique nickname for her only child. Doria Ragland calls her daughter, Flower. That is really sweet, isn’t it? Her mom treated her like a princess long before she was to become a real one. She wrote on her blog The Tig, how her mom calls her Flower and how proud her mom is that she is at the peak of two contrasting worlds; being an actor and social activist at the same time.

4 Married With Kids Is Part Of Her Childhood

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Meghan Markle’s parents influenced a lot of her journey to becoming a good actress and a good humanitarian today. Her parents weren’t just her inspirations and motivations, they also became her idols. One of the known influences of her father is her love for the showbiz world. Thomas Markle, who is a lighting director, allowed young Meghan to come along with him when he worked on the sets of Married with Children and General Hospital. These sitcoms have been a part of Meghan’s childhood. She has always enjoyed the environment and the ambiance of her father’s workplace. Her father is a well-known lighting director who even won an Emmy for outstanding achievement as a lighting director in 2011.

Meghan Markle’s world has revolved around the camera. She wasn’t a young star but she has definitely encountered lots of famous actors who inspired her to become one someday.

She may not have started young, but she was born to become one.

Her life would be so different if it wasn’t because of her dad. It is also noteworthy that her parents met while working together in the television studio. Inclined to this matter, according to Pop Sugar, she pursued double majors at Northwestern University in international studies and theatre arts, graduating in 2013.

3  She Had A Life-Changing Encounter In LA

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Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the United States. This city has been a nest for numerous famous actors and actresses today. Los Angeles is also the home of many studio companies that could provide lots of opportunity for aspiring actors and actresses. Los Angeles has given many great opportunities to Meghan Markle. This southern California city is not just her home. It is also not just a good place to become an actress, it is also a place where her life was changed in the way she loves it.

Meghan double majored in theatre and international relations back when she was taking her bachelor’s degree. Back when she was only a regular young professional, she always thought of getting into politics one day. She even had an internship in the US Embassy based in Buenos Aires.

However, while at a party in Los Angeles, Meghan met a talent manager who later changed Meghan's way of living because of the opportunities he offered. The talent manager was impressed by a film in which Meghan was the lead actress. The talent manager immediately offered her work as an actress and convinced her to continue pursuing her acting career rather than go into politics.

2 The Wanderlust

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Back when she was a child, Meghan always came along with her mom whenever she went on a trip to provide social work. Meghan has visited a lot of cities, which she learned to love. Growing up, she had also gone to places to provide social work. That’s a lot like her mom, right? Outta mama’s girl we got here!

One of her favorite places is Jamaica. She said that the relaxed vibe gives her peace and serenity. Her mom also frequently took her to Mexico. Traveling to other places made her realize the reality of the world and she would like to make a significant change in how some people are forced to live. Traveling also made her a good global citizen who cares about humanity and the world. She always loves to make a change, not just for herself but also for humanity and society.

Meghan also loves Barcelona, Spain. She said that the scenery there is one of a kind. Buenos Aires, Argentina, is also one of her favorite places, where she used to work at the US embassy. She has also travelled to Italy. As seen on her Instagram account, she took a lot of photos of her every travel. This girl is undeniably a photo hoarder!

1 She Is Free-Spirited And A Feminist

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To be unencumbered makes a person a happy-go-lucky one, but of course not in a negative way. A free-spirited person is someone who is very carefree but not cast adrift. One of the things that Doria and Meghan share is their free spirited souls. Both women are carefree and are enjoying their lives in the most positive way. They have always been enthusiastic in everything they do. Now, we’d be wondering if she will still have that spirit if the Queen places a lot of pressure in her shoulders.

Meghan is also an utter feminist. She always promotes women empowerment. She is known to fight for the rights of women.

She told Elle magazine that women do not need to find their voices because they already have their voices.

What they need to do is to use their voices to fight for their rights and to always speak up whenever they need to. She sees to it that she expresses what she thinks is correct. At a young age, she already knew the importance of speaking up when she saw something sexist or unfair. Free spirit with a good heart is such a wonderful combination. With her new position as a Royal of the British Commonwealth, we think that she will do much to promote equality around the world.

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