15 Secrets Only The Kardashian Nannies Can Tell Us

Love them or not, the Kardashians are a force to be reckoned with. They grace our screens with a TV show bordering on pretentiousness and yet, that is also a genuine source of entertainment. The Kardashian family is one that has come together and blended into one and like most other families. They go through their own share of scandals, heartbreaks, and family drama.

From love affairs gone sour to celebrity unions, this family loves to air their dirty laundry on TV and on their social media accounts, and they make no apologies for it. Millions of people spend their days glued to the TV or cell phone waiting to see what they will dish out next. Over the years, the Kardashians have become every girl's dream family and role models for every aspiring celebrity.

Far from what we see on our TV screens or on our social media accounts, there is a web of intricacies that happen behind closed doors that only those closest to Kris Jenner and her daughters can narrate. Here are 15 secrets that only their nannies know about. The Kardashian-Jenner clan would never tell, but the same cannot be said about people who have worked for them.

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12 Nannies Follow Strict Rules

To be a Kardashian Nanny you have to be alive to the fact that you are raising future trendsetters and celebrities. These kids are raised to higher standards than ordinary kids. They may wet as many diapers as kids from poorer households but make no mistake, this is kids with millions in their piggy banks and who are worth more than your lifetime earnings. They are not only born with a silver spoon in their mouths, they come with a truckload of gold spoons.

Nannies who go through the Kardashian household complain of being micromanaged at every turn.

They are expected to do all the heavy lifting so that the celebrity parents can do all the important work of being, well, celebrities. You have the responsibility of raising the kids not by your standards but like the celebrity loyalty they are.

11 Kris Raised Her Kids To Be Famous

Do not wait for them to chart their way through life. Custom make it for them. Pam Behan, the Kardashian nanny who raised Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, and Rob and worked for the family for over five years authored a tell-all book aptly named “Malibu Nanny” in which she claims that Kris Jenner raised her children destined for fame. The kids spent their time with famous people and celebrities in the limelight in what is seen as a deliberate effort to instill a thirst for that lifestyle in her kids. Their friends had to be popular and from famous families, she believed in making it by imitation.

Kris had only one dream which she religiously worked towards and that was to see her kids up there and nothing or no one could derail her and certainly not ordinary people. Looking at them today, her gamble worked quite well.

10 Kim Has A Digital App To Style North West

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Styling your little one can be quite an uphill task but not for Kim. Married to musician Kanye West and with a combined worth of billions of dollars, she is undoubtedly the most famous of the Kardashian bunch. Kim has a body to die for and a presence that leaves most people green with envy. Kim is an all rounded person who has managed to enjoy success in every front. She is a wife, a very successful entrepreneur and a mother of three.

To avoid the pesky little problems like dressing her baby, Kim has a digital App to select clothes for her baby North West to ensure she stays classy and fashionable at all times.

Being the daughter of showbiz’s most popular power couple, North has standards she is expected to maintain that befit that title. North has a wardrobe most grownups dream of, this celebrity baby requires technological help in finding outfits that are just right for different occasions without making the blunder of being caught wearing the same outfit twice. Don’t we all wish we had this one!

9 Kourtney Was Not A Fan Of Bruce Jenner

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It's not uncommon for a teenager to finds herself in a new home with a new stepparent. According to former nanny Pam Behan, who worked for the family for five years, she stated in ‘Malibu Nanny’ that Kourtney hated Bruce Jenner during her teenage years. She defiantly insisted that he was not her real father and would not take advice from him, even when he tried to engage with her. While the rest of the family blended well with the Jenner family and would treat Bruce with kindness and respect, Kourtney wanted nothing to do with the Olympic champion. Bruce was a kind and patient father so he waited until Kourtney's defiance died down as she got older and they now have a cordial relationship.

8 The KarJenner Staff Must Be Available At All Times

To be a Kardashian nanny calls for total dedication. Much like a Doctor in the ER, you are expected to always be on call. Working for this bunch means that you forget your private time and anything to do with work-life balance. These are special kids and did you know that in the Kardashian household the kids to are your bosses? Here a nanny stays only if the kid says so. If he doesn’t like you, you are gone You have to be at their beck and call it is not okay to have frequent off days or sick sessions.

To get a job as a nanny you do not only apply for it, you have to audition much like you would on a TV show. If you can perform well they assume you can do the job as well as they would like. These are serious entrepreneurs who require a dedicated army of staff so that they can go out and make all the millions.

7 Rob Was The Perfect Child

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A child completes a woman and we all love to kiss and cuddle and breathe in the sweet baby smell. As they grow, they become quite a handful and yelling and screaming at them becomes quite tiresome not to mention irritating. Having one kid makes one want to scream into a pillow, having two or more is enough reason to book yourself into an asylum.

Kris hit the jackpot in Rob as his nanny reveals that as a child, he was so methodical and organized.

For a young child, he quietly did his homework straight after school, tidied up after himself without being pushed, a habit that his nanny felt was compulsive.

Rob has struggled with feelings of inferiority in light of his sisters’ mega achievements and we can’t blame him. Anyone would be intimated in the presence of this overachievers.

6 Kris Has Favorites

According to memoirs released by Ellen Kardashian, Robert Kardashian jotted down that during their marriage, Kris would scold Kim. While the Kardashian family disputed the authenticity of the diaries, Ellen insists that the diaries are legit and sticks to her claims. The memoirs depict Kris as an irresponsible mother who only wanted to party.

Kim and Kris in the many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians seem to have a very tight relationship and Kris acts as Kim’s manager and confidant. It is therefore very hard to believe that she treated Kim as bad as Ellen alleges. Whether true or not, Kris has a temper and a very tight relationship with her juice so who knows. From what we see now Kris is very protective of her children and she seems to love kids and especially her grandchildren.

5 The Only Goal: Fame And Success

via: celebrityinside.com

Pam Behan claims nannies that the Kardashian matriarch had banned the nannies from talking about failure to the children.

Bruce and Chris believed in winning and winning some more. They wanted the best for their kids and for them. There was only one goal in life... and that was to be successful.

This bug to achieve though commendable has led to fierce bouts of sibling rivalry most of which we are exposed to in the reality show. While the girls seem to be quite impressive entrepreneurs, the startups rob ventures into are quite laughable, to say the least. Kim, however, has managed, to amass great wealth through sheer willpower. While their lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired, their zeal to achieve is something worth emulating.

4 Kris' Diva Moments Over... Broccoli

via: metro.co.uk

This woman looks better at 60 than most women half her age. Looking at her, one would be forgiven for thinking she is in her forties. Of course this could be explained by the number of times she has gone under the knife and the amount of Botox she uses but for a woman her age, she looks quite good. The nannies she hires talk of diva moments that leave them wanting to run for the hills. Kris is reportedly quite the demanding diva who wants what she wants, how she wants it and now.

Pam Behan talks of a rant delivered by Kris over her failure to buy broccoli - a vegetable only the rich and famous consider to be a life or death issue. This may be because she prefers to avoid carbs in her meals but the rant according to the nanny was way over the top.

3 Nannies Don't Earn Much

The Kardashian family went from being a normal run-of-the-mill family to being Hollywood's most famous family and opinion makers. The Kardashians have fought hard to be who they are and they have truly earned their money through sheer willpower.

Fans would assume, then, that America's most famous family pay high for their nannies to not only take care of their kids (the future Kardashian generation) but also to maintain their trust, safety, and most importantly their secrets.

While we don't know the exact amount their nannies are getting paid, there are outlets who reported that they don't receive all that much. The privilege of being in the Kardashian's company, living in their massive mansions, and raising the next batch of celebrities will compensate for the fact that their paycheck might be lower than expected.

2 Bruce Was Never Comfortable In His Own Skin

via: cnn.com

A former nanny reveals that Bruce now Kaitlyn Jenner, loved to dress up as a woman. His favorite costume at parties was a PB bunny which he loved to dress up as years before he transitioned.

The nanny claims that Bruce had confided to her that he felt trapped in his body years before he revealed this fact to the rest of her family.

His enthusiasm in the dress up game was unmatched as he donned on hosiery and heels with makeup and feminine wigs. The family thought it was just a game and no one seemed to guess that the man they all idolized had such a deep secret. He was discovered in later years and he chose to divorce Kris and officially transition into Kaitlin Jenner. Kris was at first not amused and she went into one of her tantrums but she later came to terms with it. We have to admit she looks remarkable as a woman.

1 From Nanny To Celebrity

Pam Behan has proven that brushing shoulders with power opens unimaginable doors. Being a celebrity nanny puts you in direct collision with major industry shapers. It is only in the Kardashian household where prominent people come for dinner or drop by for breakfast and where your next door neighbor is a staple on TV. Here, celebrities are normal guests and parties happen almost every week. While working for the Kardashians, Pam dated Silvester Stallone. Their relationship did not last long though.

In later years, She wrote the tell-all book ‘Malibu Nanny’ that catapulted her fortunes and made her truly famous. Though most of her secrets were way before they got truly famous, they give us a glimpse of what it is like to dine with the other half and If you are a go-getter and you play your cards right, this is one way to spring from a nanny to a celebrity.

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