15Let The Guests In

guests visit newborn

They are still on an emotional high from meeting their baby, and they are excited to brag to the world.

Oftentimes, guests like to visit new moms and dads while they are still in the hospital. It’s very normal to have family or close friends stop by to see your new little bundle of joy and to make sure the mama is doing well too. While some

people might deny guests while they are still recovering from birth, most new moms and dads don’t mind.

Perhaps they get some flowers and balloons or take pictures for the baby book. The point is, they are still in the hospital.

Once you bring that baby home, everything changes. All of a sudden real life seems to hit you. Mom and dad realize that they are all alone with this fragile little baby. The last thing they want is for guests to come knocking on their door bringing germs and loud voices. According to Huffington Post, new parents should not let anyone come over the day they bring the baby home unless you can cry in front of them or tell them to “shut up.” Basically, visitors are not the priority at this time and it might be easier for everyone to just avoid it for a while.

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