15 Things People Still Believe About Abortions

We’ve all believed a lie at one point or another, or believed an urban legend about something or someone. It could have been a classmate or a colleague that told us it was true. There is nothing there to be ashamed of, but it must be said that some lies have dire consequences. There are some things that, once believed, can change the way we see life as a whole.

The topic of abortion is quite sensitive, it’s one of those, “Don’t talk if there’s no firsthand experience to back it up,” type of cases. It has been debated for a long time and it is quite confusing. As is the nature of every sensitive topic, there is a high tendency to mix-up the truth with a whole lot of other garbage out there.

There are some lies about abortion that would shock us when we see that they were not accurate and for a minute or two, we could actually feel ashamed for being so dumb as to believe them – but it happens to the best of us. The real question is, when we know we have believed a lie, what do we do about it?

A lot of folks, on finding out that they have believed a lie, are too ‘freaked out’ to tell anyone, some of them may even force themselves into saying that the new discovery may be false. Who can blame them? The mind can be a very funny friend to deal with. But no one is exempted. Here are 15 shocking lies about abortion.

15 Abortion Clinics Are Dirty Run-Down Places

This statement, silly as it sounds, just another way to stop women from having abortions, but once that image is in the mind, the effect is accomplished. In some places, abortions are illegal but that does not stop them from happening. In these places, those who are bold enough – patients and doctors alike – to go through with abortions, do it in hidden locations, but that is as run-down as it gets.

It would be good to know that most of the movies and stories we see and hear about abortions are biased in order to discourage people from going through with abortions – they are completely fictitious. That should be a relief right there.

Surgical abortions are usually carried out in the same places other surgical procedures are done so why would they ‘run it down’ for an abortion and ‘tidy it back up’ for brain surgery? Really?

14 The Physical Pain Is Endless

And what is it that humans fear more than pain? Not much else. So if we want to stop someone from doing something, we simply associate a lot of pain with it. That is exactly what has happened here.

The truth is that – in surgical abortions for instance – there are anesthetics applied and the pain afterwards is no more than a menstrual cramp and incisions needing to heal. This is of course dependent on how far along the pregnancy is. However, medical sources like the NHS say it is nothing more than a period-type pain.

So if one does decide to have an abortion, it is not the fear of pain that is going to be the barrier. The way these propaganda spreaders make it sound, one would think that the pain from an abortion procedure (be it medical or surgical) would be more intense than that from labor.

13 Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

What is the basis of this kind of thinking? Most times, the people who spread these kinds of falsehoods are usually motivated by personal, religious, or political reasons. None of which actually have anything to do with a disease like cancer. A cancer – simply put – is a growth of abnormal cells which are difficult to get rid of.

This can be confirmed by the American Cancer Society. So what is the basis of this myth? When a woman is pregnant, hormone levels increase, leading to a corresponding increase in breast size. Now these people – who have no medical license – say that when the process is terminated prematurely, then these new cells increase the chances of having breast cancer.

That could not be any further from the truth. This false hypothesis was designed –like many other lies – to influence the decision of pregnant woman who were considering an abortion, and it is so easy to believe. No one wants cancer, right?

12 Abortion Causes Infertility

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This one is a pretty popular urban legend and it makes sense until you get educated on the subject. According to the National Health Society (NHS), having an abortion won’t usually affect the chances of becoming pregnant and having abnormal pregnancies in the future.

But there is a very small risk to fertility and future pregnancies if one develops a womb infection that isn’t treated properly.

So there we see what can actually lead to fertility issues – a womb infection. And even at that, it is a small risk, not a definite and dire consequence.

It makes a lot of sense that the more abortions a person has, the greater the chance of an infection if not done properly – the same way it stands to reason that the more times somebody crosses the road, the greater the chance they may be hit by a car – but not if they look left, right, and left again before crossing. It is a statistical issue, not a cause.

11 Abortion Endangers Women's Health And Lives

Here is the shocker. It is easier to die at childbirth than during legal abortions. When numbers were gathered from the CDC, Guttmacher Institute, and the Prevention’s pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System, it was revealed that mortality associated with live births were 9 per 100,000 births and 0.6 per 100,000 legal abortions.

Numerous other studies have shown that pregnancy-related complications are more common in childbirth than in abortions – let the numbers speak for themselves. There we have it that legally induced abortions are actually 14 times safer than live births. It sounds strange, but it really isn’t.

When the numbers and studies are this clear, it becomes a wonder as to why this other false theories were perpetuated in the first place. As earlier stated, the topic of abortions is sensitive and it is the nature of sensitive topics to attract a lot of misinformation.

10 Abortion Causes Psychological Trauma

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Of course it causes psychological trauma, just like anything else that has a lot of guilt associated with it, even if that guilt is falsely implanted. If a lady grows up in a religious home believing that an abortion is wrong and evil and it is only irresponsible people who go through with it, only to find as a teenager that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile she has also heard that premarital sex is wrong and evil and that she would be disowned should it ever happen to her. A woman who has grown up hearing this will be torn between two worlds, she is mentally and emotionally stressed. Should she decide to get an abortion so she is not disowned, of course she will be traumatized.

The truth here is that the abortion did not traumatize her, the ideas implanted in her head did. And this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

9 Abortion Means Killing A Child

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This is by far the most widely spread lie about abortion. And it is the reason most anti-abortion groups are against it. There are lots of sites on the internet that still spread this lie. Sadly, most of these sites are very credible. This makes it hard for people to know which source of information is right or not.

The simple and truthful answer to this is, abortion is not killing an innocent child. It is true that the fetus in the womb will grow to become a human being if not aborted, but so will all sperm cells, if we want to get very technical. The point is, at the point abortions are carried out, the fetus is not a human being.

The qualities that make us call someone human have not yet manifested, so it is not a living thing. Not really.

8 Abortions Are For Loose Women

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Needless to say, another lie. In third world countries like Nigeria, the majority of abortions being performed are are either on young girls who are scared of the trouble they will get into with their religious parents, or rape victims. This does not mean they are loose, it means they are scared and they are human.

It doesn’t mean they had more intercourse than other people who didn’t get abortions, with better education in these countries, these would not be the case. In developed countries however, abortions are not so inspired by fear but a lot of other factors.

It could be that the fetus in the womb is not healthy and would pose issues to the mother’s health, or it could be that she just isn’t ready to be a mother. The idea of abortions being for loose women is absurd, once we begin to actually think about it.

7 Abortion Tears Couples Apart

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Loss of a child often leads to a break up in marriages. This is a physiological issue which is birthed from the notion that the child, which was a collaboration of the man and woman, has died. And this pain is sometimes too hard for the couple to bear.

Miscarriages and abortions, however? Not at all. A research published on dailymail.co.uk said that 70% of couples who opt for abortion split up. The reason for this is that most of these relationships were not stable before the abortion. These relationships were already struggling, hence the abortion.

It is also known that about 50% of couples split up anyhow, abortion or not, so the issue to be addressed is really, ‘How do couples make their relationship last,’ rather than ‘The abortion broke them up.’ An abortion in itself is incapable of breaking up a relationship that is solid before the abortion.

6 Banning Abortions Will Stop Them From Happening

Right? Wrong!

Remember the point we raised about hidden abortion clinics? Well, guess what? There are covert plastic surgery centers, covert organ transplant hospitals and covert abortion clinics, and these places will keep on existing. Whether or not a thing is legal, there will keep being places where they are done.

These pro-life supporters keep pushing for abortion to be banned in order for it to stop. That is not what will stop abortion, people do not have abortions because it is legal, they have abortions because they do not want to have the baby. Once we all understand that, there is no need to push for abortions to be banned.

Abortions performed in a safe and medically certified environment are harmless and banning them will only create more underground facilities and more risk. But it won’t stop abortions from happening.

5 Fetuses Experience Pain During Abortion

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Remember the point about pain? Well it was decided in their secret meeting that if the story about the mom feeling pain won’t fly, then they should sell the story about the fetus feeling pain. This of course triggers an emotional response like, ‘Oh my god, the baby feels pain,’ and has led to a lot of ‘banning’ in the past.

There is also a lot of pseudo-science that supports this claim, but then fake science can be like that.

Because even today, 'intelligent' people are still torn between a round and a flat earth theory. This claim (about fetuses feeling pain, not flat earth), however has been classified as pseudoscience by the American Medical Association. It has no basis and the part of the brain that feels pain doesn’t develop until about 26 weeks into a pregnancy.

THAT’S ABOUT 6 MONTHS INTO THE PREGNANCY and very rarely does anyone decide to have an abortion then.

4 Women Are Frequently Coerced Into Abortions

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People are coerced into doing a lot of things, including going to school, and church. If the TV series 24 has taught us anything, it is that anybody could be coerced into doing anything – using the right tools of course. It is appropriate to say that a percentage of abortions are coerced, but to say it is frequent, is totally false.

In some countries, as is reported by the daily Independent, 80% of abortions are coerced but in those same countries, there is no actual freedom so everyone is coerced into doing one thing or another at some point in their lives. Most women who decide to have abortions had time to think about their options before going through with it.

After looking through the options, they went ahead but remember it is a sensitive issue, so a whole lot of unnecessary negativity is muddled up in there.

3 The Joy Of Motherhood Can Stop Abortions

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That is false right there. These lies, if nothing else, reiterate the fact that the people who are spreading them are desperate for reasons as to why abortions shouldn’t happen. Motherhood is nice and all but stating that the joy of motherhood will stop a person from having an abortion is baseless.

In fact, the Guttmacher Institute says that 59% of women obtaining abortions are mothers. Isn’t that a shocker? These women have experienced the 'joy’ of motherhood and are still more than the percentage of non-mothers. It is clear to see that the claim highlighted here is as false as false can be.

In the world today, raising babies is expensive and there is no point bringing them into the world when one cannot afford to raise one. In countries where abortion is not an option, people would have up to seven children and due to the inability to cater to their needs, those children become liabilities – often getting involved in crimes as they grow up.

2 Abortion Is Used As Birth Control

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This gives the impression that ladies would rather spend the approximated $300-$1,000 to perform an abortion than buy a contraceptive for $15-$50. It makes no sense, but as long as it helps the accuser make a case and judge, why not? Contraceptives like birth control pills and condoms are quite affordable and abortions really aren’t.

So it is plain to see that when an abortion occurs, it is for any of a thousand reasons, but definitely not as a birth control alternative. When pro-life groups launch a campaign, it is sad to say that they base these campaigns on false information and pseudoscience.

These pieces of information, as earlier stated, invoke an emotional response, which gives them the drive they need to make such campaigns possible. A website featuring an ‘ex-pro lifer’ says that once the facts are kept hidden from them because once the facts are made accessible, they would go about things differently.

1 Abortion Is For Selfish Women

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And exactly who gets to decide which woman is selfish and which isn't? When someone speaks of selfishness, it usually means choosing one self at the expense of another. It is no dictionary definition, but that is what it is. Cancer patients would say that pushing through the crisis is the most difficult thing they have to deal with, that it is easier to ‘give up’.

But that would be selfish, wouldn't it? Because there are people who love them, and as much as it would be convenient to ‘escape’ the pain, they have to think about their loved ones. Fair enough. But abortion? There is no other person involved but the woman who wants to have the abortion.

There should be no one else involved, until and unless there's a willing partner, of course. A friend, family member, or medical practitioner can offer advice but that is it. There is nothing selfish about not wanting to have a baby.

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