15Abortion Clinics Are Dirty Run-Down Places

This statement, silly as it sounds, just another way to stop women from having abortions, but once that image is in the mind, the effect is accomplished. In some places, abortions are illegal but that does not stop them from happening. In these places, those who are bold enough –

patients and doctors alike – to go through with abortions, do it in hidden locations, but that is as run-down as it gets.

It would be good to know that most of the movies and stories we see and hear about abortions are biased in order to discourage people from going through with abortions – they are completely fictitious. That should be a relief right there.

Surgical abortions are usually carried out in the same places other surgical procedures are done so why would they ‘run it down’ for an abortion and ‘tidy it back up’ for brain surgery? Really?

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