15 Things Pregnant Moms Do In The Summer That Can Drive Doctors Crazy

When a woman is pregnant, her body feels like there is an oven on the inside. When everyone else is freezing, a pregnant woman is always hot and sweaty. The most infuriating thing is that the sweat droplets from the moment that a pregnant woman steps out of the shower. Funny enough, while everyone else is wishing for summer and hoping for at least a modicum of heat so that they can have a breather and get rid of the heavy jackets, the pregnant woman hopes that the summer won’t come.

The good news is that in the summer, a pregnant woman is assured of no rain, meaning she can walk around in light clothes without the fear of rain pounding on her. At least in the summer, a pregnant woman knows she is not likely to catch the flu, which can be quite lethal in her condition. Summer also comes with access to cheaper clothes for her expected baby, as well as easier access to health facilities, unlike in winter when most roads are more likely to be closed or slippery and dangerous.

The best advantage of summer is that summer babies are more likely to survive owing to the conducive weather. With all these good things coming in the summer, most women tend to forget themselves and join in the summer festivities despite their doctor's advice. Here are 15 things moms do in the summer that drive their doctors crazy.

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15 Have Too Much Fun

Partying while pregnant is not forbidden, but a woman is advised to attend low key parties that do not come with loud noises. It turns out that loud noises have been linked to a change in hormone levels that could interfere with the way the child is growing. Wild parties are also not recommended for the mother as they can raise her stress levels, which in turn raises the child's stress levels. It is also at these wild parties that the woman is bound to make unwise decisions that may come to bite in later years.

Overexerting while pregnant means that the mother is using up most of her energy and this if not replenished could lead to dizzy spells. Even though there is no direct link to overexertion and miscarriage, there are some women who have been known to get a miscarriage after a, particularly active day. Keeping still, therefore, would not hurt. According to the CDC, even working in a loud noisy place during pregnancy is not recommended as it can cause ear infections, as well as increase the pregnant woman's stress levels.

14 Pork Out Every Day

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Ooh, summer. This is the season for ice cream, summer barbeques, big family get-togethers and summer everything. Life in summer is what foodies dreams are made of. The burgers are larger and hot dogs are hotter. The barbecued chicken is spicier and every house smells of meat on the grill. How then is a pregnant woman with all her cravings expected to forego some of these delicacies? It is advisable for pregnant women to at least avoid eating hot dogs, as hot dogs have been proven to cause cancer even in children who are under the age of five years who indulge in this favorite often.

Known to carry the listeria bacteria commonly found in undercooked meat, hot dogs should be an exclusion from a pregnant woman's plate.

Oily foods like those at most barbeques should also be avoided. Even the spicy foods common in summer should be eaten in moderation during pregnancy.

13 Follow A Summer Fad

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Women are vain creatures. Their self-esteem is deeply rooted in how they look and how they feel or how they think they look. A size zero woman still spends hours on end staring at her reflection in front of the mirror trying to figure out how she can hide the imaginary, invisible pouch she sees on her waistline. Now, when a woman is pregnant, nature dictates where she packs her fat and none of her efforts to keep the fat off work.

It is worse still since the doctor's advise a pregnant woman to gain weight. She is warned that the failure to do so has dire consequences on her unborn child. imagine a woman who was a size zero suddenly waking up and finding she is now a size two and her bikini doesn’t fit and it’s summer. This woman is tempted and most likely to go through with the temptation to go on a summer diet to try and get rid of weight so that she can take that perfect selfie with her girlfriends.

12 Pitch A Tent

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Most of us are the kind that likes to go out and commune with the wild. Nothing beats a night in the wild surrounded by Mother Nature. When one is pregnant though, camping is a bad idea. Nature comes with a wide array of bugs and unhygienic conditions. When one is busy communing with nature, there are chances of getting too much exposure to the elements. Camping comes with no water, no toilets, and food cooked under very unhygienic conditions.

For a pregnant woman, all these things contribute to a disaster in the making.

The chances of a woman contacting the Zika virus during one of those camping trips are higher than when one is encased in her house according to Dr. Myron (Mike) Cohen from the Department of Medicine.

The Zika virus is transmitted through a species of mosquito. Mosquitoes, of course, are many in the wild and it is advisable that a pregnant woman refrains from camping during this time.

11 Tidy Up 'Down There'

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We all want to look our best, especially when we are in that cute bikini outfit that leaves little to the imagination, even if we are all rounded and puffy in pregnancy. But hey, it's summer and in summer everything goes, or not. In order to wear that beautiful maternity swimwear, we find we at least need to clean the nether regions after months of overgrowth.

Unfortunately, in order to have a clean bikini line, the best way to do it requires a bikini wax as it is the only way to have that clean shaven, not bumpy look that is an eyesore. While it is okay to want all this waxing, it sometimes leads to ingrown hairs that can lead to some serious infection. Unless one plans to have a C-section, infection near the birth canal can send you straight to the operating theater. Most doctors will not take a chance on the newborn contracting any infections.

10 Drink A Summer Refresher

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The minute a woman knows she is pregnant she remembers her mother or a friend saying you can't drink alcohol when pregnant. When they first visit the OBGYN she is told to give up alcohol while pregnant because it has been linked to some baby birth defects, especially since it raises the infant's blood alcohol levels.

According to BabyCenter alcohol travels through the placenta into the baby and has been linked to high numbers of stillbirths, as well as miscarriages.

Unfortunately, with the excitement of summer, women have been known to throw caution to the wind and indulge in one too many summer cocktails with complete disregard of the consequences for their actions on the unborn child. That one-day episode of bad judgment may come back to haunt the mother, especially if the child comes down with a case of hyperactivity and low attention span in later years.

9 Take A Nap In The Sun

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According to Tina M. St. John, M.D., who was quoted on LiveStrong.com, while sunburns only go skin deep, the chances of a pregnant woman becoming dehydrated increase tenfold when she is exposed to the sun. After months of being cooped up inside with not a ray of sunshine in sight, the summer turns everyone into an outside person. The joy in the world is palpable. Summer activities turn everyone into a cheery Jane wanting to show off their skinny waistlines and short shorts, as well as the bikinis bought purposely for that. The pregnant woman is not left behind either and she too wants a piece of the fun.

Unfortunately, with pregnancy comes fatigue and these bouts of uninvited snoozes may catch up with her as she basks in the sun or lying on the beach. The problem with this is that in her case, this minor issue may lead to some deadly repercussions. The hot summer sun predisposes the pregnant woman to skin cancer, while the UV rays pose a danger to the unborn child, as they have been linked to some birth defects.

8 Go For Long Walks

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When a woman first finds out she is pregnant, she gets lots of unsolicited advice from every corner. The most popular is, ‘Take it easy,’ closely followed by ‘Make sure to walk around a lot otherwise you will have it rough during labor.’ Everyone is scared of labor and everyone wants to make it as easy as it can be. Going on those long walks is truly not a good idea.

Nature trails come with their own challenges, not only can the terrain be tough, it can also have some bugs that can lead to issues for the mother and the unborn child.

Most people go on nature walks with their pets, pets come with ticks and fleas and this is a no-no as far as baby growing is concerned. Ticks cause Lyme disease in humans, so if it is truly necessary to go for a walk, taking a stroll in the mall is preferable, as the only thing you will catch may be a serious case of negatives in your credit card. According to Dr. Cameron contracting Lyme disease in the first trimester leads to stillbirths.

7 Indulge In Boosting Drinks

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Caffeine has an addictive component and like most addictions, it comes with severe consequences. Coffee has been known to cause baby birth defects. Scores of women cannot move let alone get out of bed without taking that cup of coffee and then another. In the summer, drinking coffee while walking around on the streets or just strolling on the beach becomes a normal occurrence. For a pregnant woman, reaching for that cup of coffee is one of those worst decisions that truly infuriates OBGYNs.

As much as giving up on an addiction requires a lot of willpower, pregnant women are advised to reduce their levels of caffeine intake, at least during pregnancy and beyond in case they plan to breastfeed. According to Dr. Mercola, high consumption of coffee has been associated with an increase in the number of underweight newborns.

6 Summer Cleaning

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Yes, it's summer and we all agree the house has been a dump and dusty all through winter. What better time to clean the house and get rid of all the clutter? Summer comes with the desire to clean and re-clean, mainly because one can open doors wide and even take some things outside to air. Unfortunately, with all this cleaning comes dust and dust mites that are a bad thing when pregnant.

Dust allergies tend to get worse when a woman is pregnant.

When it comes to inflammation in pregnancy that may require medical intervention, especially in terms of medications, this should be avoided. Unnecessary medications during pregnancy have been shown to lead to higher incidences of autism in children. While it is advisable to keep a house dust free and summer is a really good time to do so in preparation of the newborn, it is advisable to hire someone to do the cleaning for you.

5 Forget To Hydrate

We agree you are nauseous and even keeping down the water is a huge challenge at times. While getting away with not hydrating when its colder is easy, when it comes to the summer, hydration becomes a very big deal. According to Dr. Emma Derbyshire Ph.D, who was quoted on FemaleFirst.co.uk, it is recommended that a woman increases her total intake of water by about 30% in pregnancy and roughly 700 ml when she is breastfeeding.

Water as a beverage is recommended for the pregnant woman as it is better than any beverage that comes with sugar additives. An adequate amount of water will help prevent constipation, which is a huge problem for pregnant women. Even if one has a problem with nausea and the taste of water is not appealing, it is recommended that one adds a slice of lemon to the water to take care of nausea.

4 Strenuous Exercises

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For women who have had a particularly active lifestyle before pregnancy, slowing down during pregnancy is a big issue. This is the women who exercises six or more times a day and who go for the Boston Marathon in their third trimester. This kind of women are the ones who believe that pregnancy is not a disease. Doctors advise women not to be sedentary during pregnancy and a modicum of exercise is applauded in this case.

In the summer though, too much exercise is very dangerous for a woman as one can even suffer from heat stroke.

Running in the sun is a dangerous thing for anyone and more so a pregnant woman. As much as one needs to stay healthy during their pregnancy, staying indoors and exercising in a cool environment is advisable. Summer does not mean one has to be out in the sun. Indoor activities can be just as good. According to BabyCentre, if you feel more tired after exercise instead of energized then you are overdoing it.

3 Over Working

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So it's summer and everything seems to be brighter. The back garden that has been overgrown all through winter calls for a little TLC and all of a sudden you feel you should grow some organic veggies. Now that you are pregnant you should try to eat healthier than you were eating before. Unfortunately, this desire is not a good idea now.

Like every other ‘don’t’ when you are pregnant, overworking in the summer is a big one. Outdoor activities raise the body’s temperature and in some cases can even lead to sunburns. Working outside, especially in the garden may require the use of pesticides that have been shown to lead to some baby birth defects. Some of the hedges one may decide to trim come with thorns and the thorns could be a source of some infections. Also, according to Web MD, working for long hours on your feet while pregnant has been known to affect the size of the baby.

2 Getting Too Hot

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Being pregnant is tough and it comes with such tough issues that a woman who goes through the nine months and comes out is often times considered a hero. The pregnant woman's body has a tendency to overheat so much that on occasion one is tempted to give up and just remain in flimsy clothing.

According to WebMD, Adelaide Nardone, MD, who is an OB-GYN in Providence, Rhode Island, says that a woman's body temperature during pregnancy is higher than normal.

The expanding waistline, the swollen feet, and the sweaty everything leave the woman so uncomfortable that all she wants is to lie down and not move. Most women feel so uncomfortable in their own skin that they cover up to keep prying eyes at bay. If one goes to the beach covered in a poncho to hide the extra pounds, then she is bound to overheat and with too much heat comes dehydration.

Unfortunately, some pregnant women can't keep anything down and even water tastes bitter to them. Dehydration leads to baby birth defects and it is important that even if the woman cannot keep the water down, she keeps trying as many times as possible and she stays out of the sun.

1 Pop Them Like Candy

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Summer comes with the desire to have as much fun as possible and it is during this time that some women are known to make risky decisions that lead to a lifetime of woes for the child. When one is having fun in the sun, chances of needing medication get higher. Unfortunately, that painkiller one has made a habit of popping inhibits the child's development in the womb and in extreme cases has been linked to higher incidences of autism.

Recreational drugs are also very common in summer and some cheeky people have been known to drop a few in summer cocktails. A pregnant woman should try as much as possible to know the source and composition of any cocktail she drinks to avoid accidental drugging. If one requires any type of medication or is unwell during pregnancy, seeing an OBGYN is advisable as some ailments require nothing more than a good night's rest. According to Dr. Ronald Kaddu from Monitor.co.ug, a great number of the drugs we take have adverse effects on pregnant women, especially during the first eight weeks of pregnancy.

References: BabyCenter, WebMD, CDC, FemaleFirst, DanielCameronMD

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