15 Things Pregnant Women Do That Drive People Crazy

Pregnancy is a magical time — for the mom-to-be. For everybody else, it can be torturous. Don't get us wrong; family and friends can't wait for the arrival of the baby, and they are happy to share in the joy of the miraculous event. But while we all love the baby, it can be hard to take the mom-to-be during the nine months he's in her belly.

Pregnant women are a rare breed. They are experiencing the most monumental event of their lives, all the while going through physical changes that are hard to understand and painful to get through. And even if they take the pregnancy in stride, their body could have other ideas, and they may not even realize the things that they do that drive people crazy. They flake out on plans, and when they do make it to dinner, they have to go through the litany of pregnancy dos and don'ts before they order. They wonder in and out of the restroom constantly, and when they are nesting they scour everything they come across.

When a baby is in your belly, it's definitely on your brain, so sometimes it's the only topic of conversation. And with that comes the gory details and the judgy comments that can make everyone around a pregnant woman roll their eyes. But if you can hang in there for nine months, she will return to normal once the baby is born.

Here are 15 things pregnant women do that drive people crazy.

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15 Announcement Agony

The annoyances that can come from pregnant women start early — pretty much as soon as they tell people that they are expecting. These days, many women plan elaborate announcements to tell people about their baby on the way. They scour Pinterest for creative ideas and plan out cute pictures or videos to get the most attention and excitement.

Most of the time, family and friends are genuinely excited to welcome a new bambino to the bunch, but they might roll their eyes anyway at the crazy lengths that the parents go to and the pressure for compliments and congratulations. The announcements can be torture to people struggling with infertility, but worse than that is the way that some moms-to-be go on and on about their little miracle or how much they complain about the morning sickness that some women would give anything to experience. And the announcement can also give a clue as to how much high maintenance a woman is going to be during the pregnancy and as a new mom. It's just the start of a wild, crazy ride.

14 Strange Noises

Hanging out with a pregnant woman can be a noisy endeavor. We know that they can't help it, but their bodies usually betray them at the most inopportune times, and sometimes they even pass along the suspicion onto their friends.

During pregnancy, the digestive system slows, and that can make a mom-to-be very susceptible to bouts of gas. Sometimes the gas escapes from down below in the form of a fart, and sometimes it makes its way out from the throat in a burp. Either way, it can draw strange looks from across the coffee house. And to avoid her own embarrassment, sometimes the mom-to-be will give a look to her friend to make everyone think that she is the culprit. Men may be used to competing with other for loud belches, but it can drive people crazy to deal with the noises that escape a pregnant woman in public.

13 Name Drop

It can be difficult to have a conversation with a pregnant woman at times. Moms-to-be can get easily distracted by certain words, especially proper nouns, and they can make every dialogue an opportunity to add to their baby name list. Every person, place or thing — and sometimes even the verbs and adjectives — can become fodder for the baby name hunt, and just when you think you are getting through, you realize that the mom-to-be has other things on her mind than your story.

Sometimes the distraction is blatant, and the conversation goes off course quickly when they start asking how your friend spells her name and if that city name would make a good moniker for a baby. Other times, they just tend to think those thoughts to themselves while they tune out the rest of the conversation. The name hunt can cause a drop to any conservation, and that can drive people crazy.

12 Road Trips Ruined

As much as the allure of the open road can be to any mom-to-be who wants to go on a babymoon with her hubby or a girls' trip with her friends, she is guaranteed to drive her fellow travelers crazy along the way. Road trips can be ruined by a pregnancy, and that can truly test a relationship.

Everyone knows that pregnant women have to pee frequently, but no one ever truly feels the pain until they have to find a rest stop every half an hour. Depending on the point in pregnancy, the body can go through a lot. At the beginning, it's the hormones and the water that is increasing in the body. Later on, the pressure of the uterus on the bladder can make it impossible to hold much urine for long. One swift kick from the baby, and it's all over. Pregnant women are in danger of blood clots in their legs if they don't move around much while they travel, but that is rarely an issue when they have to be a slave to their bladder for the entire road trip anyway.

11 Pregnancy Brain

There is something about pregnancy that makes women lose their minds. Even women with ph.D.s who are filled with book smarts can all of a sudden have trouble remembering their phone number. They have so many worries and books full of baby information floating around in their brains that it is no wonder that other less trivial things — like where they left their keys — go flying out. Some women can't make it to the grocery store without losing their list and wondering around for hours trying to remember that they need bread.

Scientists have proven the phenomenon of pregnancy brain, although they haven't come up with an explanation yet. It may drive some people crazy that their once reliable friend has forgotten their lunch dates three times, but their pregnancy really is an excuse. Unfortunately, once the baby is born, the brain is confounded by the newborn fog, so it may be a while before you get your reliable friend back.

10 Dinner Disasters

Going to dinner with a pregnant lady can be a big ordeal. In the first trimester, moms-to-be typically don't have much of an appetite, yet if the girls are going out, they still want to be part of the fun. Sometimes that means she is doing her best to cover up her condition, especially early on, but if you pay close attention, you may notice her turn green when the food arrives and she excuses herself to go — well, to run — to the bathroom.

In the second and third trimester, pregnant women aren't hiding anything, and they may eat anything that isn't nailed down. But because of all of the do's and don'ts for pregnancy diets, sometimes they have to ask a million questions before they can order off of the menu. "Is there feta cheese in that?" "Can you make sure that is cooked well?" "Does that have broccoli in it, because broccoli flares up my heart burn?" Dinner can be a crazy ordeal with a pregnant woman coming along.

9 Dr. Google

Strange things happen with the body during pregnancy, and even if a woman is expecting baby No. 5, there are so many symptoms that the entire nine months can feel like an entirely new and scary experience. Even though a pregnant woman goes to the doctor regularly, she still has a million questions in between, and she tends to do what we all do when we don't know what is going on with our bodies: ask Dr. Google.

From the bloody gums to the swollen feet and all of the pains in between, each symptom has a ton of possibilities, and of course every time anyone consults a symptom checker, they find out that one of the possibilities is death. The answers never provide any peace, and often they just get a mom-to-be even more wound up. The googling and the worrying are enough to drive everyone around her crazy.

8 Registry Fantasy

Every mom wants her baby to have the best, but unfortunately many go a little crazy in trying to ensure that happens. They make the baby registry into their own amazing sport. It's like a fantasy baseball league, although most women only have cursory knowledge of what that means. They may have laughed as their significant others researched and checked stats on all the best players, but when it comes time to picking out a stroller or a car seat, they do the same thing. They read all the latest information and compare all the options until it's draft day — or registry day — and they make the choice.

Just like in fantasy sports, there may be updates along the way, and every mom hopes she has the best roster. She may even check the registry every day to find out if someone has made a purchase. Just like a fantasy football junkie, a pregnant mom can drive people crazy talking about her registry, but at least it helps picking out a gift easier.

7 Easier Said Than Done

The mommy wars are at their peak these days, and some of the worst, most judgy culprits are the moms-to-be. They are reading all about the "best" things for baby, like breastmilk, but they don't have any experience actually going through the terrifying, difficult, sleepless days of parenthood. They can drive everyone around them crazy talking about how they will make their own baby food and will never spank or even raise their voice to their little angel.

The answers to all your parenting dilemmas are easy to figure out on paper, but everyone who has had children knows that things are much more complicated in real life. It's nice that moms-to-be start out with such high ambitions, but it can come across as holier-than-thou and make everyone roll their eyes. Within a few months, though, those moms will learn the hard way that parenthood is easier said than down.

6 Calendar Hog

Everyone is excited when a new baby is on the way, and we understand the desire to want to celebrate the good news with friends and family. But sometimes a mom-to-be can drive every person around her crazy with all the many parties and events that she wants to put on everyone's calendar.

From a special dinner where the surprise news is announced to the due date, which is really only an event for the mom and dad but every body must keep track of, some friends may need to invest in a second calendar to keep track of the events. There is the gender reveal and at least two or three baby showers, and after the birth there may be a baby sprinkle to introduce the little one. Every occasion comes with an obligation to buy a gift, so the mom-to-be is sure to mark everything on the registry that she could possibly need in the next three years. The endless events can drive everyone crazy with scheduling snafus.

5 Dream Weaver

It's a little known pregnancy symptom, but some women can end up having the most vivid dreams while they are growing a baby. That may not seem like a big deal to the outside observer, but these dreams can be so realistic that they end up interfering with friendships and ruining lives. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but those closest to a mom-to-be always end up bearing the brunt of the most brutal reactions to terrifying scenes that happen when she sleeps.

A realistic dream about an insulting word or a traumatic incident can convince a mom-to-be that she needs to cut off her friend. A vivid nightmare could scar her for days and leave her needing some support from everyone around her. After all, who could get any rest with the image of a horrifying birth and an ugly baby in your head? The crazy dreams can make for a crazier reality.

4 Kick Watch

Moms-to-be get constant reminders about the little life growing inside their bellies. Those reminders come in the form of kicks, which can be gentle and reassuring or painful and jarring. Feeling the baby moving around is a tangible way that a woman can connect to her unborn child, and those movements can help build the excitement throughout the pregnancy. That's the reason that most moms-to-be want to share the experience with those they are close to — by driving them crazy trying to let them feel the baby kick.

No matter how hard the kicks are or how often they come, they will inevitable stop the second that a mom-to-be puts a friend or family member's hand on her belly, they will stop. As soon as the hand moves one way, the baby will move the other. It's like a game of whack-a-mole that will never end and will drive everyone crazy until the baby's birth.

3 Tons Of Tears

We all know that women can be emotional at times. There's a whole segment of the movie industry that trusts that a women will swoon over the tear-jerkers, and appealing to that heart is what Hallmark cards are all about. But thanks to the hormones of pregnancy, every emotion goes up exponentially during those nine months. And that can mean many unexpected and uncontrollable collapses into tears at any time, day or night, at work or at the mall, in the middle of a crowd or in the privacy of their homes.

Pregnant women will cry when they are sad, when they are happy, when they are angry, when they are disappointed, when they are embarrassed. Sometimes friends and family can be shocked when an act of kindness or an unintentional hurtful word can cause a big dramatic tear-filled reaction. The unpredictability — and the sheer volume — of the tears can drive everyone else crazy.

2 Nesting Nazi

Knowing that a baby will be in the world soon can mess with a mom-to-be's mind. Babies are tiny, vulnerable creatures, and they can get sick so easily. Moms feel an incredible responsible to keep the germs away, and that innately kicks in during the third trimester. As exhausted and uncomfortable that she is during her eighth and ninth month, she will spend her weekends cleaning the house, scrubbing the baseboards and washing the windows, making sure that every corner is clean for when the little one arrives.

That's great for the little one, but it can seem crazy to everyone else, who has to take off their shoes when they come in the door and who are afraid to sit on the couch for fear of getting dirt on it. The nesting nazi can skip all other social occasions in favor of vacuuming, and she notices every crumb before it hits the floor. If you don't want to pitch in, it's probably better to just let the mom-to-be alone. Her house will soon be a mess when she is trying to keep up with a newborn, and all will be back to normal.

1 Birthing Business

Childbirth comes at the end of pregnancy, but for nine months it looms in the life of a mom-to-be. That is a long time to build up the anxiety for a painful, scary experience. Some women talk about that for months. We know that strangers sometimes ask the inappropriate questions, but sometimes the moms-to-be are the ones that bring up the gory, gross business, and that can drive everyone around her crazy.

There are some topics that people of a certain age never want to hear uttered, so great aunt Sue is sure to feel uncomfortable when the topic turns toward things her husband wasn't allowed to witness back when she gave birth. But for women who are about to go through it, birth is an irresistible topic, and they all want as much advice as they can get. They are going crazy with worry, and so is everyone else around them. But soon it will all be over, and the baby craziness will commence.

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