15The Pregnancy Waddle

When the mom-to-be is getting closer to her due date, her physical presence and posture will likely look a lot different as well.

As baby grows and develops inside the womb, Mom will experience changes in her own body as well. Obviously, when the unborn baby is only a few months along on its journey, the size and shape of the uterus, and all things mama are going to be closer to the

mother's normal size. As things progress, however, organs move, skin stretches, ankles swell, and a myriad of other related events occur.

I'm sure you have heard of a woman's walk being referred to as a "waddle" at this point in pregnancy. While not a flattering thing to say, there is a scientific sort of reason for the somewhat unusual duck walk.

When the tummy begins its final growth spurt, bulging beyond anything up until this point, Mom's center of gravity changes pretty drastically. It is because of this awkward weight distribution that Mom may start to walk, sit, and even sleep in some fairly unique positions.

Perhaps the hubby can help out at this point to let their little mama know that they still think she is beautiful...waddle and all.

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