15 Things Pregnant Women Should NEVER Apologize For

Let’s face it, pregnant women can be sort of annoying. They are always the center of attention every time they enter a room. People are always jumping to fetch something for them or help them get more comfortable, and they basically get a free pass to act a fool. There is no other circumstance besides pregnancy that a woman could ask her man to get out of bed at 11:30 at night to go out in the freezing cold and get her jalapeno poppers from Jack in the Box, and a Frosty from Wendy’s, and he actually does it. As a matter of fact, he probably does it with a smile because he remembers the last time she made a request similar to this and he laughed it off and things got scary...

Pregnancy is that delicate time in a woman’s life where everyone has to tread lightly because there is a new life forming inside of her. It can get old though, especially when these bun baking beauties go to extremes. For instance, the woman who complained incessantly about getting pregnant, now that she’s pregnant won’t stop complaining about the pregnancy. What about the women who makes you take off your shoes before entering her home “for the baby’s sake” and she’s only 12 weeks pregnant. There are plenty of things pregnant woman should apologize for, like registries where the least expensive item is 100 bucks, might be one of them. So, while there are plenty of times pregnant women should seek forgiveness, here are 15 things pregnant women should NEVER apologize for.

15 Cutting Communication

Posting pictures of an awesome trip on Facebook? Nothing. Texting about plans to catch a movie? Nothing. Emailing a reminder about an upcoming class reunion? Nothing. What in the world has happened to the girl who used to care about her friends? Well, she got pregnant. Now her thoughts are more about baby than anything else. She isn’t trying to be rude and yes, she probably still cares tremendously about the goings on in everyone else’s lives but she has some big changes happening right now and more to come in the future. She is probably doing one of three things if she isn’t keeping up communication: she's at her 50th doctor’s appointment, she's eating, or she's sleeping (or maybe peeing). So, forgive and hit resend.

14 Being Bossy

The normal kind and quiet woman everyone knows has suddenly been replaced with a wild eyed, big bellied, bully. She doesn’t want to eat that, she doesn’t want to go there, she doesn’t walk around, or sit down. Basically, anything someone (other than her) comes up with probably won’t do. The physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that take place during the course of pregnancy can take a toll on a woman from the very beginning. Women that typically keep their cool, might find themselves more easily worked up. This change can be extremely tough to deal with but at least it's temporary. As soon as she pops out the baby, her hormones will settle back down… And then everyone has to deal with the “crazy” new mom…

13 Taking Someone’s Seat

It’s the same rule that applies to seniors, folks. Whether on a bus, train, or in a crowded waiting room when a pregnant woman wobbles in, she gets to sit down. She shouldn’t have to ask and she should never apologize if she takes someone's seat. Once upon a time, every person walking this earth was curled up inside their mother’s womb putting incredible pressure on her bladder, back and legs. People should keep in mind that pregnancy can pack up to an extra 35-45 pounds on a woman by the last trimester and all the extra weight can be tough to maneuver. Also, at the movies, if you are sitting in the aisle seat, you should not get aggravated if a rounded mom-to-be asks if you can scoot down a few seats and let her have the end seat. Chances are you made the best decision by moving down. She will probably be up to pee and getting snacks more times than you could imagine.

12 Getting Fired Up… About Everything

Pregnant women are known for overreacting. A mom-to-be might totally freak out about how cute baby shoes are in the middle of Burlington Coat Factory. She might get really excited because they have fresh guacamole and tortilla chips on sale at Whole Foods. It may seem strange but sometimes during a pregnancy, normal occurrences are multiplied many times over in their importance. Bad stuff is awful, terrible, no good, very bad, never going to work and good stuff is awesome, just right, perfect, meant to be. The reason for this over-stimulation is the hormones surging through the pregnant body. Progesterone, Estrogen, and Oxytocin to name a few are increased greatly throughout pregnancy depending on the stage mom-to-be is in at the moment. These hormones can make pregnant women seem a bit over the top. For an average person, non-pregnant person, these hormonal surges would be a bit like overdoing it on caffeine (or alcohol), so moms-to-be should never apologize for feeling high on life.

11 Making To-Do lists

Pick up the dry cleaning. Buy Vegetables from the farmer’s market. Get Sushi from SushiZushi (make sure its cooked though!) The list goes on and on. For people that live with or are around pregnant women constantly, i.e. husbands, parents that moved in to help, and friends, might find themselves buried under to do lists. Creating a to-do list is one way a pregnant woman can feel she is still in control of some aspects of her life. Think about it, the baby growing inside is doing whatever it wants, kicking, punching, hiccupping, even waiting until mommy goes to bed to throw a party in her abdomen. Her bladder has also taken control over her life. The doctor's got all kinds of recommendations for how she sleeps, what she should eat, how much she should weigh. People may even be advising her not to drive as she nears the end of her pregnancy, so in order to get things done and feel she is in charge of her destiny, mom-to-be makes lists. The best thing a person can do is help her get everything done.

10 Weeping: Uncontrollably And Inconsolably

Its her party and she can cry if she wants to - should be the soundtrack for her pregnancy. Also tied in to the crazy stream of hormones circulating throughout pregnancy, many pregnant women have shed many a tear. Crying over the good: seeing the baby for the first time during a sonogram or an ultrasound or feeling the first kick. These wondrous occasions can really turn on the water works. In addition, crying over the not so good: Seven Eleven ran out of hot Cheetos, having heartburn from hot Cheetos, and then feeling bad for eating a whole bag of hot Cheetos. The crying doesn’t necessarily have to make sense but it usually relates to one of five things: fatigue, physical discomfort, hormones, insecurity, or fear. So if mommy-to-be wants to cry, shut up and pass the tissues.

9 Cutting In Line

Imagine for a moment, a 7-pound weight pressed up against your bladder and you might be more likely to move aside for the mom-to-be who needs to pee. Towards the end of a pregnancy, mama-to be may feel like she lives in the loo. It wakes her out of her sleep and she can’t even laugh or cough without the possibly of a leak. Another time a pregnant woman may need to cut in line is at the grocery store. If she is just running in to grab some pickles and ice cream and the line is looking like the department of motor vehicles, cut her some slack. Achy joints, sore backs, swollen feet are all good reasons to push mommy-to-be right to the front. Allowing a cut into a line is just like giving up a seat and is something everyone should be willing to do for a visibly pregnant woman.

8 Re-Rearrange The Furniture

Should the baby’s crib be near the window so the baby can soak up the sun’s warmth and light? Or would it be better off to the side so the baby doesn’t get too hot and can sleep easier without all the sunlight in their face? Well, maybe somewhere in the middle? They call it nesting, this overwhelming urge expectant mothers have to get their home ready for the new baby. It might begin to feel a tad be irritating moving a heavy dresser from one corner to the next, and then back again, several times in one day, but you can’t really blame mom-to-be for the natural instinct once it kicks in. This nesting instinct is the strongest in the weeks closest to delivery, so friends and family should be prepared for some extra moving and cleaning at she nears D-Day.

7 Baby-Proofing A House She Doesn’t Live At

It is absolutely necessary to baby-proof before the baby comes home. Once a new baby is at home, parents are too busy caring for the child and adjusting to the many changes (and trying to catch some shut eye) to remember to put the safety plugs in every outlet. So, baby-proofing is normal and smart. Here’s the issue, when she starts baby-proffing at her friends and families’ homes, it can get a little bothersome. Try to remember that if she is baby proofing your home, it’s a good sign that she plans to spend ample time with the baby there. While everybody else is begging to come by and see the baby, desperately trying to fit into the new crazy schedule of mom and baby, she will probably be hanging at your house often. Another thing to remember is that all the baby-proofing can be removed and put back only when needed. So, this is definitely a forgivable offense.

6 Being Needy

She wants her feet rubbed. She doesn’t want to be alone. She wants Swiss not Cheddar on her tuna melt. And she wants to know why people don’t “get” her anymore. This new pattern of neediness can also be attributed to pregnancy hormones. Women that are usually tough as nails are often reduced to rubble as she begins to have to rely on others more and more. So, don’t be surprised if mom-to-be needs a few more hugs, or asks you to brush her hair, or wants to rest her head on your shoulder (for hours). She is dealing with a lot on the inside of her body and dealing with her whole world shifting on the outside.

5 Making Strange Requests

So she asks for a pair of warm fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt, puts both them on and then struts (waddle-struts) around the house in short shorts that barely fit anymore. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but her. Maybe her feet and torso were cold and her legs were hot. It can happen. What about if she asks for hubby to make sure he packs double chargers for all devices in the hospital bag? Again, while to the average person this request is odd and nonsensical, and yes, he may have to go out and buy new chargers to use at home (since all the others ones are stored away), but somewhere in her pregnancy clouded head it makes perfect sense.  If she wants to eat pizza with no tomato sauce and also requests a tomato salad on the side, zip it. This is one time in a woman’s life where she needs to do what makes sense to her and throw the rest to the wind.

4 Braxton Hicks

Its 3am and the family is leaving the labor and delivery unit of the hospital again with a still pregnant woman. She just knew it was the real thing last time until it wasn’t. Braxton Hicks are the body’s way of preparing for labor although they are almost never a sign that true labor is starting. For women who are pregnant with their first child, Braxton hicks, the contractions of the uterus that occur in the third trimester (or even as early as the second), can feel very promising. So, don’t be surprised if mom-to-be ends up being sent home more than once empty handed from the hospital. It’s not her fault, and its always better to be safe than sorry.

3 Talking About The Baby Nonstop

Millions of women want to be pregnant. They are logged into several communities online, they are looking up tips for how to get pregnant sooner. They are even downloading apps and timers on all their devices to get things in motion. So, one shouldn’t be surprised that as soon as that urine soaked stick says its happened that she can’t shut up about it. Pregnancy is a fast-paced life changing machine. There is so much to do, there is so much to plan. There is so much to be excited about. So, if mommy-to-be wants to talk about baby names for hours, or tell you all about how she just “knows it’s a girl,” be a pal and just listen.

2 Unidentifiable Stains

Pregnancy can be a tad bit nasty at times. Vomit, leaks and other mishaps are all a part of the bargain. So, if she has an “accident” on your loveseat, forgive and forget. She is probably more mortified than you could ever be. What if her water breaks on her friend’s new carpet? Then that friend should get her to the hospital, birthing center, or home, before calling out the carpet cleaners, and never mention it again. Stains can be cleaned and they are not intentional. So, forgive, forget, and move on. A pregnant woman should never have to apologize for a “body foul.”

1 Changing Plans

The plans are set, the tickets are bought, the dinner is arranged, and there will be one last big night out before she becomes a mommy. Not so fast, she might not even show up. Expectant mothers are known for changing and canceling plans. They may not even have a good reason, and here’s why: the baby is a good reason on its own. She may be tired or she may be in a funky and weepy mood. Chances are if mom-to-be cancels, you probably wouldn’t want her there anyway. Every so often, however, she may have one very important reason to cancel: labor. So, don’t hold a grudge if mom-to-be misses a concert because she’s busy birthing a baby!

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