15 Things Pregnant Women Should Never Do In The Buff

The belly Mom is building has nothing to do with the fact that she's going at the tub of Ben and Jerry’s with a shovel. It’s more that the baby is getting bigger and needs more room – and more ice cream too! But seriously, Mom's pregnant body is nothing to laugh at. You should feel perfectly comfortable with that growing bump of yours. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Except…well, sometimes there are ‘looks’ that aren’t as flattering as others.

Okay, we’re not telling you what to wear or what not to wear here. If you’re all about the belly baring top, go for it. Or, if a skin-tight cocktail is your thing, then who is anyone else to say no? You’re proud of your bump, your body and your pregnant self. But, when it comes to going au naturel, sometimes a little bit of moderation is key.

Sure, you enjoy ditching the weirdo elastic waistband and tossing your pregnancy pants into a corner. Walking around the house naked is rarely daring. No one (other than your S.O. and maybe your pets) are around to see you. So go for it and kick those clothes off. Um, wait. There are a few things pregnant women probably shouldn’t do in the buff.

Maybe these activities put you in an odd position that no one (pregnant or not) should be in while naked or maybe your lack of clothes poses a safety risk. Check out the top times when mamas-to-be should nix the notion of nudity.

15 Cooking With Grease

Bacon sounds pretty good right about now. You get out the frying pan, toss a few slices in and get cooking. You know what’s about to happen. The salty, delicious bacon grease is going to fly. And right towards your body.

Each year 486,000 people in the U.S. receive medical treatment for burns, according to the American Burn Association. Don’t become one of these statistics. Putting your naked body near the bubbling, popping and flying grease in your kitchen puts your skin at risk.

So yes, you always have a burn risk any time you cook with grease. There’s a risk when you’re clothed. And there’s a risk when you’re clothed and not pregnant. But, your pregnant belly is now sticking out just enough to give that grease an extra space to land on. If you have to cook with hot grease, put on a shirt. Or at the very least an apron that covers everything up.

14 Sun On The Concrete

You’ve lathered yourself up in sunscreen and are headed outside to get some fresh air. You toss a towel down on the grass, plop down and get in some relaxation time. And hey, if you’re in the buff that’s okay. As long as you’re not in a public park, at the public pool or anywhere else around other people (with the exception of your S.O. in the privacy of your home/yard), you really have no reason to keep those clothes on. Oh, except for the possibility of sunburn in areas you don’t even want to think of. So, maybe head for the shade.

The one thing you absolutely don’t want to do in the buff while outside is take a seat on the hot concrete. When concrete has been baking in the sun it heats up. Pavement temperatures can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the heat of the sun. Ouch! That’s enough to cause a pretty painful burn. Keep yourself safe and avoid touching hot concrete with any part of your skin. That includes the bottoms of your feet too!

13 Take Photos Of Anything Reflective

It’s picture-taking time! Your snapping pics of your hubby’s old golf clubs to post on eBay, your taking shots of your brand new minivan or you’re getting a photo of your living room – focusing on that big ol’ tv. What do these things have in common? Each picture includes one reflective surface.

What happens when we take a picture of something that has a reflective surface? Obviously, we end up in that picture too. At least most of the time. Don’t think that you have to have a mirror in front of you just to catch your reflection. There are plenty of sneaky surfaces out there that you might not have thought about.

If you’re walking around the house in all your clothes-less pregnant glory as you take a few photos, make sure to not get anything reflective or shiny in the pic. When you post that photo on social media you’ll end up giving everyone more than a sneak peek at what your pregnant body looks like. Oops.

12 Stirring On The Stove

Grease burns aren’t the only naked cooking risk here. Think about the last time you cooked up a big ol’ batch of spaghetti sauce. As you stirred on the stovetop what happened? Most likely the sauce started bubbling and splattering. That is, splattering out of the pot. And where did it land? Well, on you of course.

Hmm. There might be reason why most people cook clothed – and with an apron on. Even when there is absolutely no grease involved, you still run a burn risk. Anything that’s hot and liquidy can ‘jump’ out and scald you. This includes the boiling water that’s cooking your spaghetti, chicken soup, chili or anything similar.

Keep your pregnant belly at a safe distance from the bubbling, boiling liquid and out something over it. If you feel more comfortable naked, wait until after the meal is completely prepared before disrobing. Hey, there’s no problem with eating naked. That is, after the food has cooled.

11 Bun In The Oven

The not-so-naked cooking shouldn’t stop at the stovetop. Nope. The oven and broiler are also major ‘in the buff’ cooking no-no’s. That projecting belly of yours is sticking out dangerously close to the super-hot baking sheet or the oven rack.

Again, you should probably never cook while naked. Whether you’re making a lasagna, baking a pizza or cooking some sort of crazy casserole, you should just stay dressed. Add on your belly and you’ve really got a recipe for disaster. Whatever is coming out of the oven could easily end up on your belly. And that’s something you definitely don’t want.

On top of the health and safety issues involved with cooking while naked, you’ve also got the whole appearance thing. Bending over to pull those sweet-smelling cupcakes out of the oven isn’t exactly the most appealing pose – dressed or not. Even though your belly is beautiful, pulling whatever you’ve cooked in the oven out might not be the way to show it off.

10 Cleaning Grout

Your kitchen tile is dirty. Or maybe it’s your bathroom tile. Whatever tile it is, you need to clean it. Bending over to clean the grout is not an option right now. Why not? You’re pretty much not bending over for anything. That baby belly of yours is stopping you from folding at the mid-section.

Now what? How can you get that gunky grout perfectly clean? Easy. Just squat. So this probably isn’t the time to be nude. Squatting is never a pretty picture. Then you’re going to what? Take off your clothes? No way! Cleaning your grout in the buff is just not something that you need to do ever – especially while pregnant.

Hey, we get it. No one likes cleaning grout. It sucks. Add on a restrictive outfit and you’re making a bad situation worse. But, that doesn’t mean you need to shed all your clothes. Maybe go with sweats or something equally as comfy instead.

9 Yard Work

Those weeds aren’t pulling themselves. Yeah, it’s hot out. Not just hot, but super, crazy, can’t stand to have your clothes on hot. It’s the kind of hot that makes you sweat the second you step out the door. And now you’re adding in exercise? Whoa!

So taking off a few layers isn’t exactly uncalled for when you’re doing yard work. Okay, you’re not doing any heavy lifting here. After all, you are pregnant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t trim the weeds, cut the grass or plant some new flowers. Of course, as long as the doctor says it’s alright and as long as you stay very well hydrated (that summer sun isn’t helping you).

Sure, it’s totally tempting to take it all off when you’re alone in your backyard. You’ve got a privacy fence for a reason. Right? But just in case anyone should peak in, you might want to consider keeping your clothes on. That squat you’re doing to weed doesn’t exactly look fab when you’re naked and pregnant. Also, keep in mind using any type of power tool or machine (such as a string trimmer or a mower) is all the more dangerous when you’re in the buff.

8 Sit On A Leather Car Seat

Cars heat up quickly in the sun. But, you knew that. It’s why we never, ever, ever leave our kids or pets locked in the car. Even when it’s only kind of warm out. Not only does the car itself heat up, but what you’re about to sit on does too. If you’ve got fabric upholstery then you won’t have such as a major problem (keep in mind, these types of seats can get hot too). Leather seats get burn-worthily hot and can cause major pain.

Okay, you’re asking, “What pregnant lady is getting in her car buck naked and driving somewhere?” Hello? Public indecency. While getting in your leather-clad car to go to the market while naked isn’t exactly on your mind, you may pop into the front seat for a moment to get something out of the car. Let’s say the car is parked on a secluded area of your property and you just got out of the shower. It’s hot out and you’re totally not into getting dressed right now. But you forgot your phone in the car. You run out to the car, sit on the seat and grab your phone. Nope. Not a wise idea. You run the risk of burning your legs on that hot, hot seat.

7 Play With A Pet

Fido and Fluffy sure are fun to hang with. They’re playful, furry and your BFFs. You have the absolutely nicest dog ever. Your pup would never bite, chomp or even as much as nip at anyone. The same goes for your kitten. But, that doesn’t mean your perfectly pleasant pet can’t suddenly snap at you when the mood strikes.

Maybe your pup just wants to be left alone or your cat is tired of playing with her toy mouse. Whatever the reason, a claw across your pregnant, unclothed belly is never okay. And the rest of your body? Um, there are some pretty delicate parts that should never come in contact with a claw or a tooth. Seriously. You could end up in a type of pain that no one wants to imagine.

Sure, your pet isn’t wearing clothes. But, that doesn’t mean you should go without too. Keep your bits and pieces protected and at the very least pull on a pair of sweats for playing with your pet.

6 Ask About Appearance

So, this isn’t a safety thing. Unlike other ‘things’ you shouldn’t do in the buff when pregnant, this has absolutely nothing to do with your own health. At least, not your physical health. It’s more of a mental health issue.

You’re undressing as your S.O. sits nearby. You turn around and ask, “So, how do I look?” Hmm. Not such a hot idea. Why not? Your other half is kind of being ‘asked’ into a corner here. The obvious answer to this question is, “Perfect.” But, what happens if you don’t get that answer? What if the answer goes more like, “Well, pretty good. I mean your hips really aren’t as big as I thought they’d get”?

Don’t chance it. Asking about your appearance while in the buff gives your significant other absolutely no wiggle room. They can’t come back with, “Oh, that dress is a great color on you” or, “That shirt really makes your belly look beautiful.” Going without clothes makes it more likely that you’ll get, “Your boobs are so big right now!” Is that what you really want to hear right now?

5  Apologize About It

It doesn’t matter whether your S.O. (or anyone else for that matter) says you’re big, little or any other size. The only person’s opinion that matters is yours. That’s right – yours.

Yeah, you like walking around in the buff. Not out in the open or anything like that. It’s not like you’re planning on parading down the main street in your town without a stitch on. But, you are all about shedding your maternity-wear and walking around in your birthday suit at home. In private. Of course, when you’re alone or only with your other half.

Yes, your pregnant body looks different than your pre-baby on board self. Your bump is growing, your hips may have…um, expanded and your backside might be getting a bit Kardashian-esque. Sure, you may look ‘different’ than you did before. That really doesn’t matter. At least, it shouldn’t. And you should never apologize for it. That means if your so-called S.O. is giving you inquisitive looks or making some not-so-nice comments, ignore them and never, ever apologize for your naked self.

4  Anything Near The Fireplace

There’s a chill in the air and you want to snuggle with your honey. You light a fire inside and get ready for a night of romance. Um, that probably doesn’t involve your clothes. Or at least it probably shouldn’t. You’re pregnant, you’re loving your body and those hormones are making you feel extra romantic. That’s not to mention the sweet scene the crackling fire is creating.

You’re in the buff as the fire starts to dwindle. You can’t let that flame go out (it might ruin the romantic setting – and the mood). So you stop momentarily to re-stoke it. But, you’re still disrobed. Hmm. Not a great idea. Sure, it seems kind of counterintuitive to get dressed mid-romantic time. Of course, this mini break to put on some clothes could save you from dangerous burns (in places you should never, ever get near a flame).

Along with burn prevention, that fire poker isn’t exactly anything that should ever go near your naked pregnant belly. For that matter, it shouldn’t go near any part of your body – ever.

3 Forget About It

You’re hot, and not in the good way. You’re sweating like…well, like some sort of farm animal. Hey, that’s normal during pregnancy. Those super-fun hormones might be the culprit behind the soaking you’re constantly getting.

What do you do now that you’re hot and sweaty all the time? You take off your clothes! Seriously. It’s an easy answer to a sticky question. After disrobing you feel a sense of relief. And a sense of absolute coolness. You stretch out on the couch, take a nap or just relax. You’re so relaxed that when the doorbell rings you pop up to answer it, forgetting about your ‘in the buff’ state. Oops.

It’s easy to forget just about anything right now. You’ve got pregnancy brain and feel lucky that you remember your own name. So you can see how easy it is to completely blank on your naked state. Okay, so maybe this is taking pregnancy brain to the extreme, but it’s totally a possibility.

2 Iron Clothes

Maybe you are completely on the ball when it comes to remembering to wear clothes. But you don’t want those clothes to look messy. So you iron them. Obviously. You unfold the board, turn on the iron and get ready for a long steaming session. Hey, it’s not the first time you’ve ironed. You’re a pro, so what could go wrong here?

Wait. This is not a naked activity. Not by a long shot. Like cooking or tending to a fire, ironing comes with a big-time burn risk. As if it isn’t tough enough to iron without your baby bump getting in the way, add on a lack of clothes and you’re just asking for an injury.

That belly of yours could easily brush up against an iron. The result? A nasty burn right over the baby. Even though you’re not exactly burning baby, you are causing trauma to your own skin and causing yourself extra stress. Stress (from injury or any other reason) is never ‘good’ for your developing baby.

1 Reach Up, High Up

Dusting the top shelf. Putting books away. Stuffing the stash from your baby shower into your closet. These are all things that make you reach up. High up. Let’s start with the obvious – reaching too far up poses a safety risk. Your pregnant belly is putting you off balance. With a shifting center of gravity it’s not always easy to move in the same ways that you used to. This includes reaching up high. That makes teetering on your tip toes a pregnancy no-no.

Falling on your backside after reaching up too high, while naked, is even less fun than doing it when clothed. You’re in an awkward position and have to possibly yell for help – minus your clothes.

Oh, and then there’s the look of a naked pregnant person reaching. Really, it’s not the most flattering. You’ve probably never seen a maternity pic with the mama-to-be reaching up. Well, there’s a reason for that.

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