15 Times Pregnant Women Didn’t Know They Were Breaking The Law

Pregnancy is the most exciting period in a woman's life. True, it comes with aches and pains and the fatigue is unbearable at times, but it also comes with lots of perks. A pregnant woman – well not all, but some pregnant women have amazing glowing skin and most pregnant women can attest to the fact that when some women are pregnant, their skin is at its best and for some reason. Their looks almost rival those of a supermodel.

That's not the only perk. Pregnant women command the kind of respect that comes with royalty. From free drinks and snacks, to complete strangers opening doors for you or offering to carry your luggage, to no lines in the supermarket. When one is pregnant, everyone obeys an unseen command to transform into a kind person. Other women become your best friend and the concern shown to you is unprecedented.

Carrying a life is a divine calling and the child a woman is carrying becomes the responsibility of the community. It is not uncommon to see people offering unsolicited advice on what you are doing wrong or right, but the truth is, for some reason, a pregnant woman makes us feel like her life and that of her child is ours to preserve. So what are those things pregnant women do unknowingly that can be termed as illegal? Here are 15 times pregnant women didn't know they were breaking the law.

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15 No Baggy Pants

It's hard enough carrying a load for more than 40 weeks and having to endure the aches and pains that come with it, but to be expected to dress a certain way is just unfair. When one is pregnant, the expanding waistline means nothing fits. The waistline is not the only thing that expands, the hips and thighs move from a size 0 to size 12 in a heartbeat and before you know it, instead of looking graceful in pregnancy, you come out looking like a duck in tight clothes.

Constricting clothes make pregnant moms very uncomfortable and most of them just want to feel comfortable. Some mothers even feel itchy when clothes are tight. Whatever your issue, don’t opt for baggy trousers, at least not if you live in the Terrebonne Parish of Louisiana. According to thetalko.com, here it is illegal to wear baggy pants and the fine, 50 bucks! Talk about inflicting your taste on others.

14 Full Disclosure Before Flight

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According to FitForTravel.nhs.uk, if you are pregnant, the airlines expect you to make full disclosure of the same before you board the flight. If you are carrying multiple pregnancies, most airlines advise that you should not fly past the 32nd week.

If you are carrying a single pregnancy, it is advised that you stick to the ground after the 36th week.

Any passenger who wants to board a plane and has a potentially serious condition that may worsen can be denied flight. Pregnant women are supposed to come with clearance from their doctors and even if you do come with the clearance, the airline doctor still has to clear you. The business of foreigners getting on a plane to go to other countries to have babies in order to get dual citizenship is a thing of the past.

13 Eating Ice Cream

The most frustrating is that season of pregnancy when all you want are KFC wings or chalk or sand or even crazier, meatballs dipped in milk. If you live in Newark, New Jersey, some of your crazy cravings require a doctor's order or they should come within acceptable hours. If that craving for ice cream hits you past 6 p.m., then you have to curb it.

According to thetalko.com, pregnant women have been known to go into an emotional meltdown over lack of an umbrella in their glass of milk, but Newarkers don’t care about that unless of course, you have a doctor’s order that says you can buy the ice cream. Otherwise, you will have to wait till sun up to soothe your craving. Breaking this crazy rule could see you spending a night in jail, your pregnancy notwithstanding and the 'I wasn't aware of the rule' excuse doesn't fly here either. So, if you are an ice cream fan, choose another state. This place is a potential jail term waiting to happen.

12 Life Behind Bars For A Miscarriage

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The minute a woman finds out she is pregnant, for most women, they stop everything that can cause harm to their fetus. Most women start attending prenatal clinics as early as the first week. It is not many women who would knowingly put their unborn babies in danger. Even the ones who do so, usually have some mental condition that is plaguing them. A miscarriage is devastating to a woman, more so if the woman has bonded with the baby.

According to Vice, the El Salvadoran government declared that abortions are illegal in that country.

This includes cases where the woman has the baby against her will. This declaration has seen a lot of women jailed for as many as 40 years. In this country, the ban on abortion is so severe that even a woman who miscarried is at risk of facing life in prison charged with homicide.

11 Take Folic Acid... Or Else

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Some people think that when you get pregnant, all you are required to do is carry that child and wait for labor pains to go to the hospital and have your baby. After all, our forefathers never had prenatal clinics, and folic acid was an alien concept. What people fail to realize is that the world has changed and with it has come to the emergence of strange diseases whose frequency is truly unprecedented. Spina bifida is one of those ailments.

According to webmd.com, spina bifida, also known as neural tube defect, occurs when the spine bones does not properly form around the spinal cord. Not taking your folic acid endangers the baby and this amounts to maltreatment of another individual. Most women literally shed tears at the prospect of taking folic acid as the taste is yucky, to say the least. The metallic taste causes extreme nausea in some women, but you are expected to do your part for that life, as failure to do so means you are committing an illegality.

10 Be Careful With Your Pregnancy Brain

When one is pregnant, the little bundle of joy seems to eat up everything the mother has. From the calcium in her bones, to her teeth and now it appears he sort of takes up part of her brain.

Pregnant mothers report having episodes where they forget everything, including their names.

Spending the whole day looking for glasses on your head is not new and losing keys in your pocket is a normal occurrence. According to thetalko.com, pregnancy brain has to be sharpened because if you wander into private property trying to find your way out of that nature trail where you went to get your daily dose of pregnancy exercise, you could wind up in the slammer with a hefty fine of up to $5,000 for getting lost.

So remember your supplements and try to forestall that pregnancy brain, because if you make that blunder, you have just broken the law.

9 It's 'Just To Relax'

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Some rules are ethical and should be upheld by the mother. We all want a healthy baby and it is not right to carry a child and then due to your careless behavior, wind up giving birth to a baby with birth defects. While some women do not care and go on to say, my baby, my choice, there are rules that govern how you can treat another person in this case, the baby you are carrying.

According to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, in the state of Arkansas, the legislature in 2005 adopted Garrett's Law where medical practitioners, upon suspicion, can test the mother and even the child for illegal substances and alcohol poisoning. If the newborn has birth defects associated with any of the above, the mother could wind up in jail charged with the maltreatment of another individual. Finally some positive steps.

8 Adrenaline Junkie No More

So you think you can do what you want with your body right? Wrong. The government owns the baby inside of you and you have no right to risk his life. If ziplining is your go-to the weekend pastime, it may be time to shelve that until that baby is born. The same law on maltreatment of another individual applies here.

You are not alone, so the baby you are carrying has a say in what you do.

If your actions endanger the baby you are carrying, you may wind up being separated from your child and even have a stint in prison. Pregnant mothers are legislated to have the moral obligation to ensure that everything they do is for the greater good of the infant. If what you do may lead to losing that child, then you are legally liable for maltreatment.

7 Decluttering The Nursery On eBay

New baby, new stuff right? That's perfect, but what do you do with all the stuff cluttering his new nursery? Are you one of those modern moms who doesn't like the hustle of garage sales, preferring online work that is seamless and less time-consuming? Before you decide to sell those old toys that baby number one has outgrown or that gym equipment that used to occupy his new nursery on eBay, remember to read the fine print.

According thetalko.com, you are expected to declare the sales and actually pay up the taxes because Uncle Sam wants his share of your old goodies and you better remember to pay up. It does not matter whether your sales were of that cranky old feeding chair or the beanie bag that went for a measly five dollars. Pay up, otherwise, the joy of your newborn may be short-lived because you are unknowingly breaking the law.

6 Saying No To Mandatory Tests

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This comes with some controversy. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), HIV/AIDS testing for a pregnant woman is now a mandatory requirement. In many states, expectant mothers are tested through informed consent and counseling. Testing informs the doctors on what regimen to put an HIV positive mother through to minimize the chances of infection to the baby. It is also during this time that a mother is informed that vaginal birth is not an option for her. Mothers are therefore encouraged to go to prenatal clinics so that the disease can be managed to ensure that the newborn is not exposed to infection.

As noted, the testing is mandatory so a pregnant mother who knowingly exposes her unborn child to infection by either declining to take her ARV test or by refusing to test is breaking the law and can be prosecuted.

5 Telling Your Boss

Some of us are superstitious, and for those of us who have suffered loss through miscarriages or stillbirths, we tend to be more cautious in broadcasting our good news. Fifteen weeks before your baby is born, you are legally mandated to inform your employer in writing of your pregnancy. Yes, he can see the bump, but there are women who have pot bellies and others who exhibit pregnancy-like symptoms but are not pregnant. Your employer cannot therefore just deduce that you are pregnant. The law requires that you inform him in writing, otherwise your entitlement to leave may be curtailed.

Informing the employer a little earlier will also excuse you from discrimination or from instances where you may be victimized due to pregnancy-related complications. Full disclosure will ensure that whatever shortcomings that come with pregnancy-related complications can be excused.

4 Chemical Exposure

This life is precious and in order for us to have future generations that are healthy, pregnant women should not predispose themselves to hazardous chemicals. Exposure to chemicals has been known to cause baby birth defects, including autism. Any action knowingly or unknowingly that the mother engages herself in that causes baby birth defects can lead to a stint in the slammer.

As much as most things we do require us to use chemicals, nine months of pregnancy will not make any difference and no accumulation of dirt is worth risking the health of your child.

You are expected to ensure that you do not put the unborn baby in danger while you are pregnant.

If afterward, you want to expose yourself, feel free, but during those nine months, you will be expected to keep safe, otherwise you are breaking the law.

3 Stolen Wi-Fi

Data is expensive, but the most expensive heartbreaking issue is not having data bundles to browse. I mean, we need technology to find this or that shop, this or that restaurant or directions to our homes when we are pregnant and suffering from pregnancy brain. Money is precious and it's even more precious when you are expectant. We cannot afford to misuse even one dollar when the same could be used to purchase formula for the coming newborn.

If you are tempted to log onto the Internet using your neighbor's WIFI, think again. That unsecured network you came across pretty much by accident could see you land in jail. According to thetalko.com the Computers Fraud and Abuse Act states that it is illegal to gain access to any wireless router without authority. So, it's in your best interest to purchase your own WIFI, especially if in your pregnancy you seem to need directions to every place.

2 Using a Pseudonym

‘Dear admin, something freaky is happening with my pregnancy.’ Don’t we all love these posts? In most cases, the expectant mothers send them using pseudo accounts they create for this purpose, mostly because some of these questions are embarrassed to ask and one does not want someone they know to accidentally find out about their embarrassing pregnancy issues.

We go to extreme lengths to cover our tracks on the net without a second thought, but before you register that p55496+seudo, thetalko.com cautions you over the fact that pseudos are illegal according to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. You can use a nickname as a username, but to register that account, you have to use your real name and real details otherwise, it’s straight to the slammer. You can hide your identity if your browser supports that function but you cannot lie.

1 Must Have Proof

Okay, I know this one is crazy, but like the point above, the pregnant woman is mandated to provide proof of pregnancy to the employer. This proof cannot come in the form of standing in front of him and saying ‘you can see my bump.' Nope!

Proof, in this case, involves a medical report that shows you are truly pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms appear in some women and in some cases, women who desperately want to have a child have been known to get what is commonly known as a phantom pregnancy. Here, the woman goes through all the discomforts of pregnancy, from nausea to swollen feet to a growing belly. Pregnancy kits for these women sometimes come up positive and some women have even been known to go for the full 40 weeks and even prepared for childbirth. For this reason, a report from a medical practitioner is mandatory.

References: TheTalko, FitForTravel, Vice, NIH, NCT

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