15 Things Pregnant Women Waste Money On (And 5 Items They Always Forget To Buy)

Nothing brings out a woman’s inner shopping diva than a pregnancy and an upcoming baby. We know that having children is always expensive, but we never expect the costs to start adding up while they are still growing inside of us, but they do. Women start shopping for their baby when they first see those two pink lines on the test, and then they start shopping for all the pregnancy must-haves.

We get it, pregnancy is a rough time and it is easy to want to run out and buy every product out there that claims to make it even just a little bit better. Companies know the vulnerability of pregnant women, and their desire to purchase items, so they cash in on it. A mom can not go very long scrolling through social media without seeing ads for all kinds of pregnancy and baby products.

Every woman who is pregnant is very sure that they need these items when they are pregnant, and of course they want the very best and safest products for their baby. This means that it isn’t long until they are all shelling out their credit card information.

We are here to save all moms (and their bank accounts). There are many things that a mom doesn’t really need when she is pregnant, they may help but there are also countless alternatives that would work just as well that moms probably have hanging around the house. With all the time we spent spending money on things we don’t really need, there are always things we forget, and these are normally the most important things. Here are 15 things pregnant woman waste their money on, and 5 very important things they always forget!

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20 Sound System Just For A Baby

We read a lot about the benefits of music to a growing fetus. That even by playing classical music, we can ensure that their IQ will be well above average. This is something a lot of women (obviously) want for their children and they would love to introduce them to music that will entertain them and stimulate them. They worry, though, that will all the padding and fluid around the baby that there is no clear way to make sure that music penetrates all the way through.

There is an invention out there that claims to make it much easier for the sweet sound of music to reach your little baby. This device connects to your phone and can play any music on your iTunes or Google Play account.

At the other end is a small device that resembles a tampon that a woman would insert inside of her. The thought is that this is going to allow the music to reach your baby at a much clearer rate. This is a complete waste of money and is not really needed.

At 24 weeks gestation, your baby has started to hear sounds from the outside world, and while it may be a tad muted, they are still benefiting from all the outside sounds, including music.

19 An Expensive Babymoon

One of the most popular things a couple does when they are expecting a baby is plan a ‘babymoon.’ It is the thought of going on one last vacation together before the baby comes. It sounds nice, because even if this is the first child, couples know that their life is about to change drastically and there won’t be time (or money) to go on any romantic trips alone. As sweet as this thought is, it is not necessary and can end up being a big waste of money.

Now is not the time to be splurging on a vacation that costs thousands of dollars. Now is the time to be saving and planning for the new baby’s arrival.

Everyone knows that babies are expensive, but the truth is that no one really knows until the baby comes just how quickly those costs add up. Parents will find themselves running out almost every other day to pick something up that they have realized that the baby needs. Now, we are not saying that a couple should not have one last hooray before the baby comes, but it doesn’t need to be an extravagant trip to a Caribbean resort when mom can’t even enjoy a cocktail!

18 After-Birth Products: It’s Not That Bad

Once a woman sees those two pink lines on a test, her first few moments will be full of joy and amazement. She wants the baby to get here and doesn’t want to wait what seems an agonizingly long 9-months to hold them. As time goes on, and as the baby gets bigger, her attitude changes. The reality starts to hit her that this baby needs to come out and neither option is pretty, comfortable or pain-free. Even if mom is planning on having medication, she will have to endure some level of pain and discomfort for a certain amount of time.

They are not wrong, childbirth is not easy. It also doesn’t matter if she has a natural birth or a C-section, either one is going to be hard, long and painful.

This fear in a mom (A first-time mom specifically) tends to drive her to buy all the after-birth products she will ever need. She buys the fancy underwear, the big pillows and all the essential oils she can find. This is a big waste of money for one big reason; everyone’s birth and recovery are different.

There is no way to predict how an individual woman will respond to childbirth and how her recovery will be. Now, we are not going to leave you in the dark we have some helpful tips at the end of the article.

17 Pregnancy Pillows Are A Waste

Has anyone seen those fancy body pillows that a woman can buy once she is expecting? They come in every different shape and colour available and promise to help a woman sleep better. No one realizes how precious sleep is until they are suddenly not getting it. Most woman think this sets in once the baby comes, but it actually starts much earlier than that. As the baby grows inside mom, life becomes very uncomfortable and it starts becoming very difficult to sleep.

I like to think about this as a biological way of getting us ready for the little sleep we will get once the baby comes. Women are waking up at all hours of the night to switch positions (which is not easy) and to go to the bathroom. These pillows promise to help a woman sleep better when she is pregnant by providing support between the knees. Now, we are not going to discuss if these items work, because they do.

They do help a pregnant woman sleep at night, however they are expensive items that are not needed. A woman would be much better to go to her linen closet or her local Target and pick up some normal, cheap pillows.

They can be arranged to have the same effect. One between the knees and a couple support the back. Works the same, and you have just saved a ton of money. You’re welcome.

16 Dare We Say Maternity Clothes?

This one may have everyone gasping at the mere thought that we would suggest that a pregnant woman wastes money on maternity clothes, but they do. The only time you really need maternity clothes is dependant on if you have big events coming up (wedding, baby shower, etc.) or if you work for a place that requires a certain dress code (think business). Other times they are just a novelty. Now, you will need clothes for when you start to grow, but the mistake is getting them all at a boutique that only sells maternity clothes.

These boutiques bank on the fact that you think you need these items and they are usually completely overpriced, because you will have to buy them eventually, right? Wrong! A lot of women find a lot of maternity clothes at thrift stores or other second-hand clothing stores.

There are a lot more women who get by purchasing clothes in a couple sizes bigger at their local Target or Walmart. These are much cheaper options that can still show off a pretty baby bump. If you really want to splurge on maternity clothes, go for it, we are just letting you know that there are more cost-effective options out there.

15 Massage Oils


Who doesn’t like a good massage? Whether you are pregnant or not, it is always nice to relax on a table and have all your stresses just erased. Massages can be harmful to a pregnant woman so there are prenatal massages that are catered to women who are expecting. However, this is not the type of massage I am talking about here. I am talking about the perineam massage. A lot of women fear tearing this area when they give birth. It is quite common for a woman to either tear or have a small incision made during labour to assist the baby on entering the world.

This sounds painful, so women like to do everything possible to try and prevent this from happening. One thing they say will help is if you do something called a perineam massage leading up to birth. It helps develop the elasticity of the area and claims to help prevent tearing.

There is even a special oil out there to buy for this type of massage, but it is not needed, and you are wasting your money when you purchase it. There is a perfectly good equivalent and it may be in your pantry right now, and that is extra virgin olive oil.

This can also be used for perineam massages, and for cooking so it has double the purpose.

14 Extra Vitamins

Pregnant woman wants to be healthy. As soon as they see those two pink lines they know that they are carrying another growing little person and that whatever they put into their body will reach their baby. They are already responsible for nourishing a new and very important little life and they want to give him (or her) the best they possibly can. This means healthy food, healthy hydration and lots of vitamins. Well, two of those three things are needed. Vitamins are great, but they are not really needed when you are pregnant. We are not talking about prenatal vitamins, those are essential and should be taken by every pregnant woman all over the world, but that is about all you need.

If you are eating healthy and do not have any underlying medical concerns, you do not need to be adding any extra vitamins or minerals to your diet. The baby will get all it needs from the food you eat.

Vitamins are not cheap, they are quite expensive and right now is when one should really be watching what they spend and not spending money when they don’t have too. I feel like I can no stress enough just how expensive it is to have children!

13 Tools To Lay On Stomach

It is a woman’s worst nightmare when she gets pregnant and she is a stomach sleeper. She realizes that soon she will no longer be able to sleep on her stomach, so she assumes that she will just never sleep again! That there is no possible way she could be comfortable in any other position, so she is sure she is about to get some practice in not sleeping at night. Now, this is true, when a woman gets near the end of her pregnancy, sleeping becomes hard and difficult. However, it has nothing to do with how she slept before she became pregnant. Even for side sleepers, it becomes difficult for a woman to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. When she does finally fall asleep, she will often have to get up multiple times to go to the bathroom.

There are all of these special inflatable pillows on the market that guarantee that you can still sleep on your stomach when pregnant, because they have a hole that you would just slip your belly into. Do these work? I don’t really know as I have never tried them.

Are they really needed? Probably not! You are going to be uncomfortable anyways, so it is best to save your money and just prop up some pillows or sleep in a comfortable arm chair.

12 Fetal Dopplers Are Too Difficult To Use

Fetal dopplers have become very popular in the past few years, and we can all see the appeal. They are a small device that a woman can use at home to listen to her baby’s heartbeat whenever she wants. As with anything, there are pros and cons to every purchase one could ever possibly make, however this one may have so many cons that it should be considered a complete waste of money.

It seems like this would be the perfect item for an anxious mother-to-be or a woman who has previous losses. It gives her the freedom to check on her little on whenever she wants to make sure that everything is going OK. The only problem is that it does a lot more harm than good. We are not doctors, and as much as we would like to think we know what we are doing, we really don’t. It may seem like an easy task to just place the little wand on your stomach and pick up a heartbeat, but it is never that simple.

It can take a lot of time and skill to narrow down the actual heartbeat, and there are a lot of other sounds mixed in there. If mom can not find the heartbeat it may send her into an unnecessary panic when nothing is really wrong.

Baby is just in a position that makes it difficult. Save yourself the stress and the money.

11 Stretch Mark Creams (Hint: They Do Nothing)

One of the biggest concerns women have when they find out they are pregnant is how their body will change. It may seem vain to others, but it is a huge deal to a lot of women and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Pregnancy is not easy, and it takes a toll on a person and it is only normal to worry about what you will look like when you come out on the other side. It is not just about gaining weight either, there are a lot of marks and spots that can appear on a woman’s body. The one she worries about the most is stretch marks.

Stretch marks are almost an inevitable part of pregnancy, and women want to do anything they can to prevent them from appearing.

They flock to the local drugstore and buy all the different creams and oils that claim will help prevent them and/or reduce their appearance. Sadly, there is little a woman can do to prevent stretchmarks.

A lot of it has to do with your genetics and it is impossible to change the genetics that you were born with. Embrace them and spend the cream money on a different kind of treat for yourself.

10 Pregnancy And Childbirth Books


We live in a wonderful world where it seems like anything we could ever want to know is just at the tip of our fingertips. All we need to do is log online or go to our local library/bookstore and all will be revealed. Upcoming motherhood can be a scary thing, we are often scared when we are facing something that we don’t really know a lot about. A lot of first-time pregnant woman will immediately head online or to the local bookstore and buy a wonderful book and pregnancy and childbirth. They may even buy more than one, absolutely sure that it is something they need. You don’t, and this is one of the biggest wastes of money you can find.

Every book you buy will have different pieces of advice or information, and they often contradict each other. Now, instead of having all this wonderful information you are even more confused than you were before on what the right thing to do it.

The same goes for anything you read on the internet, it may seem like the better option because it costs nothing, but you will get so many different pieces of advice and wisdom it will be very confusing.

You are always best to bring up any questions you have to your doctor or midwife and let them guide you on what is right.

9 Special Undergarments In The Wrong Size!

One of the parts of our bodies that seem to suffer the most when we are pregnant are our breasts. They grow so much when we are expecting as they prepare to breastfeed. It is a common myth that breastfeeding is what ruins your breasts, when it is actually pregnancy that is the cause for all the changes which are mostly negative. One of the biggest things that women waste money on are maternity bras that don’t even fit right. They may fit properly at the moment, but it won’t be long until they go through another growth spurt and the bra just doesn’t work anymore.

It is best to wait until you are further along in your pregnancy until you purchase a maternity/nursing undergarment.

The closer you wait to delivery, the better chance you have at buying a bra that will work for you for a long while, even all the way through nursing. If you are struggling early with finding a bra that fits, you will save money by purchasing sports bras to hold the ladies up at your local department store. They will do the trick and will cost a lot less than maternity bras.

8 Excessive Baby Items

I was not joking when I said that no one knows how to shop better than a woman who is expecting a baby. It is not just first-time moms who are the culprits of excessive shopping, experienced moms do it too. It is all part of the excitement and the anticipation of the new one’s arrival. It takes a great deal of restrain to not start shopping as soon as you see those two pink lines, so a lot of women give in and start buying all the cute clothing and accessories. Please do not do this, you are going to waste your money!

I know that the baby will need things, and you will eventually have to buy some items for the little one, but buying things early is a grave mistake. You have to take into consideration your baby shower.

Most women have a baby shower, and you will get an overwhelming number of items as gifts from friends and family. There will also be a number of gifts as soon as the little one arrives, as people love to buy babies presents!

The last thing you want is to end up with a stash of 300 bibs or 50 pacifiers that your baby won’t take. We will talk about the essentials in a little bit, but it really is best to think minimalist.

7 3D Ultrasounds Are Not Medical

Nothing brings more excitement to an expectant mom than getting an ultrasound done. Every time she needs one throughout her pregnancy she is thrilled at the idea of getting to see her little baby again. There are places that have caught on to this love affair and have started offering 3D ultrasounds, knowing that mom just won’t be able to resist. We get it, the temptation is high as it promises mom a detailed look at their little baby before they are even born.

The problem is, these ultrasounds are non-diagnostic, meaning that they are not medically necessary which means that you will be paying out of pocket for this experience.

The best time to get one of these ultrasounds is closer to your due date, the beginning of your third trimester is ideal. This makes sure that you are getting the most detailed shot possible of your baby. This also means that if you just wait about 3 months you will get to meet your baby and you will have a lot of extra money in your pockets! It is important to remember that all these items are things that mom would like to have, not things that she really needs. Sometimes, we must make sacrifices for the greater good, so it may mean not getting the ultrasound and instead being able to eat out a few nights once the baby is born and you do not have the energy to cook.

6 Pregnancy Tests (Really!)

This one may seem like a joke, but there are a lot of women out there who waste their money on pregnancy tests. Now, when you are trying to conceive you need a pregnancy test. Normally women would take one at home and then if they saw two lines they would go to their doctor to get everything confirmed and go on from there. There are a lot of women who need to be told multiple times before they believe that they are pregnant, so they end up taking numerous tests that tell them the same thing.

This is a complete waste of money, as pregnancy tests are not cheap. There are ones you can get at the local dollar store for a few dollars, but women trust those less and end up buying more to double check.

If you know that you are going to be one of those moms who will need to see multiple lines it may be a good idea to invest in a package through Amazon, which gives you a bulk deal.

You can purchase a package of numerous tests for a smaller price. There are also a lot of clinics who will provide you with a free test if you would like to not purchase any at all.

5 Don’t Forget: Helpful Recovery Products

Now we have reached the stage where we need to list the items that pregnant women often forget to buy. There are some items that a woman just does not need, and then there are items that are a necessity, but they are so caught up in purchasing other items that they completely forget about the important stuff. Recovery from childbirth is not easy and there are items that you will absolutely need to help you get through it.

Most hospitals will provide you with a peri bottle. This is a little squirt bottle that is very helpful at rinsing the downstairs area after going to the bathroom, because it is a little hard to wipe like you normally would.

Women should always purchase an extra one or two when they are pregnant, because it never hurts to have a few on hand, especially if you have more than one bathroom in your house. You will also want to stock up on stool softeners to have on hand. You will want to take these as soon as you give birth, so it is always good to already have them. It can be very hard to go to the bathroom after birth, all the hormones tend to make women constipated.

4 Don’t Forget: Comfortable Shoes

Women often neglect their feet when they are pregnant, and this is a big mistake.

Our feet take a lot of stress when we are expecting, as they are the ones holding us up and walking us around.

It is always a good idea to invest in a good and comfortable pair of shoes to wear. If you are pregnant in the summer, make sure you have shoes that are going to be comfortable and that are going to allow your feet to breathe. Sandals that have buckles are good as they will allow you to expand the size should your feet swell up during pregnancy.

If you are in your third trimester when the winter season is here, and if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, then you are going to need winter boots. As much as you would like to avoid winter boots it becomes unavoidable. There are a few tricks when it comes to buying winter boots for pregnant feet. You may want to go up half a size or even a full size as it is common for feet to grow in sizes when you are pregnant. You also will want to look for boots that do not require laces. Boots that are Velcro are perfect for a woman who has a hard time bending down.

3 Don’t Forget: A Good Prenatal Vitamin

We talked before about how mom does not really need all those extra vitamins when she is pregnant. That as long as she is eating healthy and taking her prenatal that she will have covered all her bases. This is still true, but a lot of women go to the store and buy the cheapest bottle of prenatal vitamins they see. They either do that or they just buy the first one they see on the shelf. This is a mistake. It is important to really make sure you are buying a good prenatal vitamin. Speak to your doctor about the importance of certain vitamins when pregnant (like Folic Acid) and make sure that the vitamins your purchase contain these.

It is recommended that a woman start taking prenatal before she is even pregnant.

That way they will already be well in her system when the egg finally fertilizes. If you are trying to conceive but are not expecting yet, this is the time to do your research. This is the time to speak to your doctor and research what vitamins you need and what the best brand is for you. Then stock up and start taking them.

2 Don’t Forget: Stock Up On Baby Essentials

We probably have a lot of shop-a-holics very upset with this post because we have made you think you can’t buy anything at all, especially items for your baby. This is not true, there are things you can buy and that you should buy but they should always only be the essentials.

There is nothing wrong with stocking up on baby items that you will absolutely need for your little one. Items like diapers and wipes should be stocked up on, because you have no idea how much you will need.

After you have had your baby shower, and you take an inventory of what you have and what you still need, now is the time to shop. However, you still do need to only get the essentials. Baby clothes may be cute, but you can buy those as needed, there is no need to buy your newborn outfits for when they are 12 months. You just don’t know how they will grow. Stick to the essentials like bibs, washcloths, swaddle blankets and burping clothes. Those are the items you really need. It is always best to buy things as needed when it comes to items for your baby.

1 Don’t Forget: Something Special For You

Pregnancy is not easy, and if anyone says that it is they have never been pregnant before. We go through so much, and gladly, for the sake of the lives we are bringing into the world. Then we go through childbirth, which is difficult no matter how your child is born into the world. Then comes the longest and hardest journey of our lives and that is motherhood. It is not easy being a mother, it is not a job that you ever get a break from and it brings more stress and worry than anything else.

The best thing you can purchase when you are pregnant is something for you. Treat yourself. That is not a waste of money, it may seem like it to a lot of people, but it’s not. It is impossible to nurture and care for someone else when you are not taking care of yourself. So, before that baby comes go and get your hair done or go to the movies. Do anything that is just for you, and make sure you keep doing that once that baby is here. You and your baby will thank me for this piece of advice, trust me!

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