15 Things 'Teen Mom 2's' Jenelle Evans Has Done

Jenelle Evans has become a household name thanks to her stints on MTV reality shows. We first met the troubled star when she was 8-months pregnant on 16 and Pregnant almost a decade ago. After welcoming her son Jace, Jenelle went on to star on Teen Mom 2, but the trouble was only beginning. Jenelle fell into a cycle of abusive relationships and substance abuse. She quickly lost custody of her son to her mother Barbara, and nothing seemed to help curb her party girl ways.

Throughout the many seasons of Teen Mom, we’ve witnessed all of Jenelle’s highs and lows. Currently, the teen star is onto her second marriage with David Eason, who fans aren’t too sure about. David has been accused of being abusive to Jenelle and her kids; given the celeb’s previous taste in men, fans are unsure if her new husband is a keeper.

However, the couple wed this summer, months after welcoming their daughter Ensley. Jenelle has son Kaiser from her previous relationship to Nathan Griffith, and David has two children (a son and daughter) from former relationships as well. Jenelle seems to be doing a lot better thanks to her new relationship- the pair even bought and built their own house! However, that doesn’t erase all the cringe-worthy things Jenelle has done throughout the years. Check them out yourself.

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15 She's Overdone It & Almost Died Many Times

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Jenelle Evans is a known recovered addict. Teen Mom showcased her struggles with substance abuse, which led to her losing custody of her eldest son Jace. The reality star got in trouble with the law and almost overdosed before she was finally able to successfully quit her habit. However, many fans didn’t know just how serious her abuse problems were until she opened up about them this past summer.

“My first trip was amazing. I won't glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” she told E! News. “Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.” She added, I guess [it] was my first steady, dependable lover. It gave me what I needed to live and I gave it my life. By this entry, [it] was the only thing I had in my life that loved me.” Jenelle admits that it took a near-death experience before she finally sought help.

14 She’s Been Arrested Too Many Times To Count

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Jenelle’s wrap sheet is very, very long. The reality star has been arrested a shocking amount of times, and has unsurprisingly spent time in jail. In 2010, she was arrested alongside her then-boyfriend Kieffer for possession of illicit substances as well as breaking and entering. Then in 2011, she was arrested again after instigating a fight with a female friend over the same boyfriend.

Come 2012, Jenelle made headlines when she was arrested for sending threatening messages to her ex-roommate. She was also charged with cyber stalking her boss and drug possession. The next year, the star was arrested with her then-boyfriend Courtland Rogers for drug possession.

By the end of the year, Jenelle had already divorced and started dating her second baby daddy Nathan Griffith. In late 2015, she was charged with assaulting Nathan’s new girlfriend, though she was later found not guilty. She’s also been accused of animal and child abuse in recent years. Hopefully Jenelle has seen her last day in a court room.

13 She Used While Pregnant

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Jenelle’s substance abuse issues are no secret, but fans have been led to believe the star has had it under control in the past few years- especially since welcoming her youngest two children. But this past summer, allegations surfaced that the star had smoked some green while pregnant with her daughter Ensley. The baby reportedly tested positive for THC at birth, which launched a Child Protective Services investigation.

Jenelle’s husband David Eason’s sister Jessica tweeted that the star had smoked while expecting her niece. “Ya smoked [...] while pregnant… It must have been the fact that I didn’t like half the tasteless crap u gave me. I’m sorry boo boo. Don’t u have some rehab and custody court to attend to?” Jessica said in a tweet. Documents later surfaced proving there was a CPS investigation, though MTV has done a good job at avoiding the subject on the show.

12 She’s Been Accused Of Animal Abuse

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Not only have Jenelle’s parenting skills come under fire a ton, so has her ability to care for animals. The reality star has been accused of abusing her pets on multiple occasions, with some of the incidents being documented on social media or on Teen Mom 2.

In 2014, the star was slapped with animal abuse accusations alongside her second baby daddy Nathan Griffith. Fans were angry at Jenelle for yelling at her dogs for seemingly no reason. She made things worse by locking them up in ultra-small cages (for dogs of their sizes, that is) in the garage, claiming she just couldn’t handle them. Jenelle got even more hate when cameras caught her trying to let the same dogs loose outside. She claimed that she hoped they’d run off so she wouldn’t have to deal with them. No one was surprised when PETA sent her a letter following the episode.

Even more, in 2015, Jenelle got hate after seemingly encouraging her dog to catch a lit firework during the Fourth of July. Then, in 2017, the star was seen being abusive to her pups once against when she left her two young puppies outside in cold weather for the night. The next morning she took to Snapchat to complain about them snuggling up by the shoe rack on the front porch. Fans pointed out the puppies were probably just doing it for warmth, and Jenelle is an incredibly irresponsible pet owner.

11 She’s Been Accused Of Hurting Kids, Too

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It’s not just her animals that Jenelle mistreats. The star has gotten plenty of flack for how she treats her own kids- including visits from Child Protective Services. Jenelle had her parental rights stripped of her eldest child many years ago. But there have also been concerns over how she parents her younger two children, Kaiser and Ensley. Most recently, some people close to the star have accused her and her husband David of being abusive to the two younger kids, Kaiser in particular.

“There have been several occasions when the proposed Intervenor has seen bruising and markings on the minor child that are unusual and more than normal scrapes that a toddler may have than a two/three year old should have,” Doris Davidson, Kaiser’s paternal grandmother, said in leaked court documents from when she filed for custody in September. She alleges she’s seen mysterious bruises and scrapes on the boy, including on his behind. Jenelle claims Kaiser didn’t suffer them at his house; instead she blames his father Nathan, who in turn says he’s worried about his son’s safety while staying at Jenelle’s.

10 She Gave Up Custody Of Her Child To Party

The early seasons of Teen Mom 2 showed Jenelle’s mom Barbara trying to help her daughter curb her party girl ways and help care for her son Jace. But even since her 16 and Pregnant episode, it was clear the teen was more interested in partying than caring for her baby. Eventually Jenelle’s behaviour spiralled out of control, and it wasn’t before long until she was staying out all night and experimenting with drugs.

This eventually prompted Barbara to file for custody of Jace, to which Jenelle agreed. She signed paperwork to give her mom temporary custody of her son until she cleaned up her act, although that didn’t come in time. Jenelle’s behaviour seemed to get worse after losing custody- ie, further substance abuse issues and tons of run-ins with the law. The reality star has had two children since then, but she remains unable to regain custody of Jace.

9 She Bragged About What She Did Online

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Videos and photos have surfaced of Jenelle using and abusing illicit substances. Though the reality star has tried to keep her social media accounts drug-free, shocking videos have still managed to find their way to the media. In 2013, Radar Online released a film of the star snorting something suspicious at a party. It wasn’t long until Jenelle ended up in rehab to address her obvious issues.

Later on Twitter, Jenelle revealed just how bad her addiction had gotten when the shocking video was taken. She admitted to spending an easy $400 a day on drugs, which came to around a shocking $2800 per week. It’s no surprise that her grandmother Barbra, who has custody of her eldest son, has slammed her for not financially contributing to his care. It didn’t seem like Jenelle had a lot of extra cash to spare at this point.

8 She Gets Into Fist Fights With Strangers

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Anyone who watched Teen Mom 2 knows that Jenelle has quite the temper. This has gotten her in various fistfights throughout the years, even some with people she barely knew. In one incident in particular, TMZ released footage of the troubled star beating up another woman, identified as Britney.

The video shows Jenelle and her then-boyfriend Kieffer hurling insults at the antagonized woman. The crowd that had gathered started cheering for Jenelle as she lunged the girl and threw punches her way. Jenelle eventually had Britney pinned to the ground and unable to defend herself, before onlookers broke up the fight. We’re curious to know what started the fight in the first place!

7 She Didn’t Invite Her Mom To Her Wedding

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Jenelle and her mom Barbara have undeniably been through a lot, and don’t have the best relationship. But they still have to be in each other’s lives, since Barbara has custody of Jenelle’s eldest kid Jace. However, Jenelle announced months before her wedding that her mom wouldn’t be invited since she wasn’t giving her back custody of Jace (despite it being the court’s decision).

She and her fiancé made sure to schedule their wedding on a day that they had visitation with Jace, so Barbara wouldn’t be able to retaliate. Many fans were shocked by Jenelle’s choice-and even more so when, in the episode featuring her wedding, Jenelle complained about not having a mom to support her. “I wish I could have a mom there but … I have no family coming,” Jenelle said on camera. "And [Barbara] disapproves of David. That was the big reason. That’s the reason why she wasn’t invited in the first place."

6 She Assaulted Her Ex’s New Girlfriend

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Jenelle has never taken well to other women showing interest in her boyfriend, even if they’re broken up. She’s been arrested multiple times for assaulting the new paramours of her ex lovers.

In 2016, Jenelle was arrested for allegedly breaking into her baby daddy Nathan Griffith’s GF Jessica Henry’s home and trying to choke her. “[Jessica] said while she was being choked, she started gagging and was in extreme pain,” the police report stated “[The offender] choked her until the point where she could not breathe.”

In another incident, Jenelle assaulted the same girlfriend when Nathan brought her over to pick up son Kaiser for a scheduled visit. Jenelle allegedly hit her with a glass of water; the incident even went to trial and was documented on the reality show, but the jury eventually found her not guilty.

5 She Teased Fans About A Mystery Illness

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Jenelle has been in and out of the hospital for years; mostly to do with her former substance abuse problem. But in recent years, the star has been winding up in the hospital for suspicious reasons, claiming she has some sort of ‘mystery illness’… perhaps she doesn’t even know what she’s been sick with.

In 2016, the star posted online about various times that she was in the hospital- she was hospitalized at least once in February and May. Jenelle claimed they were doing tests to diagnose her, but she eventually claimed it was a bad combination of birth control and quitting green.

“She can’t walk from her muscles in her legs and hips being so weak,” a source said at the time. “She’s dizzy and very pale. She’s also having hot flashes and cramps.” Despite Jenelle’s excuse, many fans believe there could be more to the story. Popular fan theories suggest Jenelle could be using again, or her husband David could be abusive.

4 She Accused Her Reality Show Of Exploitation

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Many fans think Jenelle should be grateful to MTV for launching her into fame and for making her pretty rich. However, the reality star has never been shy to call out the network for editing episodes to make her look bad or even overworking her.

This past October, things took a turn for the nasty when she accused Teen Mom 2 producers of exploiting her and her now-husband David Eason. "Yes, me and David (Eason) have our ups and downs but yesterday's episode was uncalled for," she tweeted during a length rant.

"I have decided I'm probably calling it quits for filming this show. I told Morgan (Freeman, a producer on the show) it's getting to (SIC) out of hand and it's not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally," she wrote "They treat us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren't human beings too @MTV what-so-ever." Yikes!

3 She Denied Baby Rumours Despite Being Very Pregnant

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When Jenelle was first pregnant with her third child Ensley, she tried to deny for the longest time that she was once again expecting. Paparazzi photos of the star showed that she was very much pregnant and fans began calling her out online; but Jenelle and her then-boyfriend David (who she’s since married) remained quiet on the subject.

But the news was eventually leaked through a police report that was filed after Jenelle and her BF got into a car accident- she’d told the officers she was 12 weeks along. The couple eventually addressed their baby news on Teen Mom 2, during a brunch scene where Jenelle’s mom Barbara confronts her about the news. Though Jenelle had a visible baby bump, evidently she hadn’t told her mom anything. Barbara says the first time she heard about the pregnancy was through the media, just like millions of the show’s fans.

2 When She Offended Disabled Individuals

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Most fans agreed that Jenelle needed to grow up after she was accused of offending disabled fans. In March 2016, she showed herself goofing off at a special needs park with her now-husband David and her son Kaiser.

It would have been one thing if Kaiser was the one playing on the playground equipment, but it was Jenelle who was playing like a toddler. In the background of the video, which showed Jenelle swinging in a special needs’ swing, 1-year old Kaiser could be heard begging for attention.

Fans said that Jenelle may have been preventing other children from using the equipment, particularly kids with disabilities for whom the park was meant for. They said her lack of respect for the park was disheartening. Jenelle never addressed the incident online, which means it probably just went over her head.

1 She Almost Chose Jail To See A Kesha Concert

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One time during the earlier seasons on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was debating whether to skip court and go see a Kesha concert for which she had tickets. But if she were to go, it would mean she would immediately have to go back to jail for bailing on her court date. Jenelle’s mom and even her lawyer were shocked that she was even considering it.

“I got second-row seats to see Kesha… you don’t understand, this is my idol,” Jenelle tried to reason on camera. “I really can’t miss that concert. That’s why I got all these feather hair extensions in my hair. I bought clothes for the concert. I’ve set up hotel rooms for the concert. Like no one understands how important this concert is to me. It’s not just a concert. It’s Kesha. Luckily, Jenelle eventually saw the other side of things, and decided not to skip her appearance in court.

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