15 Ordinary Things That Can Cause Autism

In no one’s mind does the idea of Autism come in. Autism is a developmental disorder that presents itself in the first year of a child’s life. While the severity of the disease differs from one child to the other, Autism presents itself as difficulties in communication, antisocial behavior, compulsions and repetitive behavior. Autism comes in many forms and is either extreme or mild.

Autism is largely caused by a gene defect but scientists now believe that while there is nothing you can do about your genes, you can avoid a few things that predispose you to this disorder. Mothers who find themselves with a special child should however not be too hard on themselves. Some of these things are unavoidable despite your best intentions and in most cases the exposure is accidental. In any shape or form, a child is a blessing and should be embraced as such. Most of the kids we consider ‘normal’ tend to become more bothersome than this special gifts.

The disease does not have a cure but with the right therapy and care, an autistic child can function normally and become a very productive member of society. While some people discriminate against autistic children, research shows that some of the most gifted kids are autistic. Most of these kids also have a higher IQ than those we consider ‘normal’. An autistic child should be allowed to or trained to do most things by himself as persistent correction becomes frustrating and retards the child’s development. It has also been found to make the child aggressive and withdrawn. Charles Darwin, in his evolution theory, was believed to have suffered from autism. This proves that a child is a blessing and it is only our prejudice that hinders the manifestation of greatness.

That said, here are 15 ordinary things moms forget can cause autism that expectant mothers need to be careful of.

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15 Only Eat Canned Meat After The Baby Is Born

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With the daily hustles in today’s world, a day seems to have lesser and lesser hours. For career women and people leading busy lives, it is easier to reach for that can of meat or fruits, preheat it and serve the family. Canned food is said to always be fresh and the reason for this is because the can is coated with plastic paper on the inside to lock the freshness inside.

Much like the plastic bottle, the plastic paper contains lethal toxins that seep into the food. As if that is not enough, heating the can is bound to make the food even more lethal and can lead to autism. Not only can canned food transfer the toxins to you, chances of you getting food poisoning is high as some countries do not observe strict health standards and it is not surprising to find food that is canned but is not up to standards.

14 Being A Clean Freak

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Most detergents are more toxic than a pack of cigarettes and while most of us believe in spark clean floors, tables, beddings in short everything has to be sparkling otherwise we do not get sleep. Increasing, some of these detergents we use to clean come with toxins and your hygienic behavior may be what causes autism in your young one.

It is better to have spots on your floor than it is to use those industrial grade detergents which though certified to give you amazing results can lead to autism in a baby who would have otherwise been born healthy. When it comes to toxins, a clean home does not always translate to a healthy household. Toxins get absorbed into the body very fast and easily and even when we take precautions and use gloves or protective gear, chances of getting accidentally exposed are very high and deadly and they get deadlier for pregnant women and small kids.

13 Eating Tuna While Pregnant

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Did you hear this one right? Yes, tuna. This delicious dish is a ‘NO NO’ for expectant mothers. Medics advise us to take fish in plenty as it is rich in omega 3 but the same fish can prove fatal for your unborn child during this delicate time. Some fish and shellfish, which include tuna and swordfish can be deadly for unborn babies as they are rich in mercury which is one of the most toxic substances. The contradictory information is what confuses a mother and she finds herself partaking of the delicious dish without a second thought.

We realize most of you do not like popping pills but it is advisable to take omega 3 supplements to avoid accidental poisoning. As much as we all want to eat healthy for the sake of our unborn child, some of this substances are more dangerous than junk food.

12 Not Spacing Out Pregnancies

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Do you want a large brood or five or so? Do you want to raise them all together or space them out? Whatever your choice, medics now advise that it is better to space out your pregnancies and take precautions to avoid getting an Irish pregnancy when you least expect.

Some women love the idea of raising kids as if they are twins but one should bear in mind that pregnancy takes a toll on the woman’s body at all times be it depletion of calcium or shifting of organs as some stretch and spring back. This toll on your body means that if you do not space out your pregnancies, subsequent kids are prone to autism and other body defects. Even if you love babies try to give your body time to heal before you put it through the rigor once more.

11 House Dust

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Dust and dust mites are known to inflame allergies especially in young children and pregnant women. Allergies lead to colds that on most occasions require you to use drugs to alleviate their effect. These medications either from a doctor or self-medication especially in pregnant and expectant mothers have been linked to high incidences of autism in kids.

Some of these things are not easy to avoid but If you can, try to control dust in your house and keep your environment as dust free as possible. If you are especially prone to allergies, it is advisable to use a dust mask whenever you dust the house or leave the house when dusting is taking place. People may think you are a massive snob when you do this but if you value yours or your child’s health, try to avoid dust.

10 Not Taking Folic Acid

Folic tablets have this metallic taste that is a put off for most women. Some women even report extreme nausea as a result of taking folic acid. While one may be tempted to skip this tablet and shrug it off saying that ‘our mothers never took it so it cannot be that important’. The world is evolving and the diseases and exposure to toxins then were not as extreme as it is today.

Your daily intake of folic acid does not only inhibit a birth defect called spina bifida where the spine of an infant refuses to close up, but it is also a sure way of reducing the chances of your child being born with autism. This small tablet is the bridge between healthy and not so well. This should be a sure way to make you pop that supplement however yucky it is.

9 Staying On The Couch

Toxins reside in your body and if you are a couch potato, the toxins find a permanent residence, they feed on your laziness and they multiply. Breaking a sweat has been known to release toxins from your body making you healthier. The absence of toxins will significantly reduce your chances of getting a baby with autism.

Medics advise pregnant mothers to undertake some mild form of exercise and even though most of us prefer to relax and take it easy as we are now pregnant, the benefits of this mild exercises are not easy to ignore. A little walk here and there and simple stretches are considered exercise for a pregnant mother. As the pregnancy progresses, one may be excused as even bending over is a hustle. Do not however just lie down, not only will a little sweat release toxins, it will also aid in easing the pains of labor and you may just be one of those who boast of a ‘Hebrew birth’.

8 Ditch The Plastic Bottles

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Are you thirsty? A pregnant mother is advised to keep hydrated at all times. Water is said to aid in the production of amniotic fluid which is the fuel that keeps your baby growing but before you reach for that bottled water, here is a disclaimer. Chemicals in plastic bottles are said to seep into plastic bottles causing infections like cancer and brain diseases like autism. The worst part is that even if you are now vigilant and have been avoiding plastic bottles, the chemical you were exposed to may affect even your fourth generation. This is most certainly a good reason to be more vigilant.

When traveling, carry your water in a glass bottle or flask and as much as possible take clean treated water using a glass. if you live in areas where the water is not treated, try and boil the water first before taking it because you never know, that careless well-meaning action could lead to a lifetime defect in your new bundle of joy and as you can see, you are responsible even for your grandchildren’s well-being. Our advice, take a lot of water but it is safer taking water straight from the tap than from a bottle.

7 And Remember To Filter Your Tap Water

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Tap water comes with toxins and if you are not vigilant, these toxins can go into your body leading diseases like diarrhea, amoebiasis, cholera and even to autism in your unborn child. parents are advised to buy a water filter however simple to ensure that the water consumed in the house is filtered. Most children born with autism are from households where they adopt a nonchalant attitude when it comes to water filtration.

While filtering water may be seen as an inconsequential thing, in later years you may live to regret that small seemingly minor action. It would be better to know that you did your best in ensuring your child is born as healthy as possible. Filter water as much as possible and instill that habit in every member of your family to prevent some of these diseases.

6 No Teflon, Please

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Does the thought of scrubbing pots make you want to scream? Would you rather use a nonstick pot? It may be time to ditch that Teflon, non-stick pots are coated with Teflon which when heated produces toxins that seep into the food and wind up in your bloodstream leading to autism. Believe it or not, this very convenient household favorite is a contributing factor of autism in children.

Scientists now advise that you use stainless steel instead of nonstick pots while this may be depressing for those of us who are not domesticated, it is a worthy sacrifice to make to ensure that your labour of love yields that which your heart desires, after all, non stick pots are a pretty recent invention and one can adapt to using something different as everything is a learned process.

5 Taking A Puff

One puff won’t hurt, right? Wrong. Research shows that the hazards associated with smoking and excessive intake of nicotine are not only related to cancer but can also introduce toxins into your baby through the placenta leading to some brain defects like autism. While one puff may seem like no big deal but that one puff may be the reason your child lives his life locked in his own world.

We appreciate that kicking the smoking addiction is hard, we, however, feel that that innocent thing that you did like smoking while pregnant and your kid was born with no issues may be the same innocent thing you do and your second child is born with autism. At the expense of sounding preachy, For the sake of that unborn life, it is advised that you kick the habit and improve not only your life but the of your children.

4 Exposure To Air Pollution

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The world has become industrialized with industries springing up everywhere including in residential areas. Trees that used to clean the environment have been cut down and the air in some areas is downright toxic. Air pollution is one factor that has been proven to cause autism. This is because of the dangerous toxins, emitted on a daily basis. Toxins from car exhaust pipes while stuck in traffic, exposed sewerage waste, greenhouse emissions in industrial areas can all cause air pollution even the bonfire you innocently light in your backyard can be a source of toxins in the air. While It is not easy for a mother to avoid pollution as this is caused by so many factors. Some of which are really beyond her control, it is advised to at least try to take some precautions for the sake of the unborn child. simple things like dust masks can help on some levels minimize the effect of pollution.

3 Taking Unnecessary Medication

That harmless painkiller can lead to lifelong complications for your unborn child. research shows that medication interferes with a child’s development in the womb and inhibits production of vital hormones necessary for a child’s brain development leading to autism Before you pop that pill, ask yourself whether it is really necessary or if there is a home remedy that could serve the same purpose.

A mixture of honey and garlic is a very effective home remedy for a cold and a long drink of water has been known to cure headaches as some headaches are caused by dehydration it is also advisable to rest your eyes if you use computers or take a nap and see if the pain will go away. A mixture of salt, sugar, and water will also alleviate stomach pains and the list is endless. What this means is that medication should only be taken as a last result and only if the pain is unbearable.

2 Avoid Pesticides At All Costs

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So you like gardening, pretty flowers, home-grown tomatoes, and corn? It may be time to ditch this hobby and go organic. Maybe you are not a gardener but wait a minute. The ruby red tomato on the supermarket aisle and the hard to resist apple may be just what the doctor ordered but wait a minute, before you bite into it, consider this, what repelled the insects and diseases from the fruit? Is that fruit naturally healthy or did it get help from a pesticide?

While it is becoming increasingly hard to find naturally grown fruits and vegetables, it is in your best interest to try and avoid chemically grown crops. Exposure to pesticides is a sure way of introducing toxins to the unborn baby. During this time, try as much as possible to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables with running water to remove remnants of toxins, clean your fruits before eating them and as much as possible do not use pesticides in your gardening activities.

1 Always Read The Labels

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When you go into the supermarket, some of you want to take the shortest time as we rush from work to the supermarket to the house. We realize you never have time to read that fine print that makes up the ingredients but look here When you do not pay attention to what you are buying or what constitutes it you increase your chances of getting poisoned.

It is advisable to always read the ingredients of any item you buy. Vigilance here is what will save you from a lifetime of misery. Those hidden ingredients which are never bolded can cause autism in your child. Never ignore warnings on labels or decide that the composition of the toxin is minimal, little by little the small amounts of toxins can cause autism in your child in later years so it is advisable to be vigilant.

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