15 Things Pregnant Women Do In The Third Trimester That Drive Doctors Crazy

As soon as women find out that they are pregnant, they will be going through the expected emotions. And, they will also be taking the opportunity to learn what they can about making sure that they have a healthy pregnancy the best they can - and reduce the risk of facing any complications.

That means whenever they go to parties, they will be passing up offers of wine, cocktails, and champagne. They will also be politely declining to try out some soft cheeses that the host is offering, along with deli meats and swordfish meat due to high levels of mercury. But they will be eating a lot more spinach and broccoli because they have folate which is important for the developing baby!

That said, you will be facing rules that you have never faced before unless you have been pregnant in the past. And, you will be having to give up a lot of things you love like enjoying your nightly glass of wine at dinner. But, since the health of your baby is more important than you indulging in wine, you will be happy to make that sacrifice.

Additionally, rules and recommendations change throughout the pregnancy. That means what you were able to do in the first and second trimesters is not recommended in the third trimester. However, there are many pregnant women who do things in the third trimester that they should no longer do! And, let's take the opportunity right now to go over those 15 things that are done in the third trimester that should not be done- and these habits drive doctors bonkers!

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15 Pretending You're An Athlete

I personally cannot imagine a pregnant woman in the third trimester playing sports! I can't imagine how she would have the strength and energy for doing any of it- even if she is in the best shape! But, it happens. Pregnant women have played basketball, baseball, soccer, and have also scuba dived and have done some water skiing. ]

And, during the winter, they have skied! It has happened! I cannot even fathom how, but it has! And according to Boldsky, playing any kind of sport is a big no-no when it comes to being in the third trimester. I doubt it is even a good idea to play sports earlier on in the pregnancy. But in the third trimester, it is risky. That is because there is a high chance that the abdomen could be injured, and that is risky to the fetus.

Therefore, if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy and are planning to play a game of basketball with your other kids- you will want to think again! If you have been doing that already, then consider yourself lucky. Playing sports is a bad idea while you are pregnant and your OBGYN will most definitely confirm that with you.

14 Eating Heavy Meals

I really don't know of any heavily pregnant woman that can eat heavy meals without suffering from a load of heartburn after. It is no wonder they say that the second trimester is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy (of course, this does not apply to those who are still dealing with sickness during that time, and that is definitely unfortunate).

In the first trimester, eating can be difficult if you are having nausea. In the third trimester, you will also struggle to eat a lot due to indigestion and heartburn (or if you are one of those unlucky women who is sick during the entire time, unfortunately, you would be facing that too).

Regardless of why eating is difficult in the third trimester, there is a reason for this. According to Boldsky, a pregnant woman in the third trimester must not eat large servings at once. That is because the baby is low in the belly, and digestion is difficult. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat smaller portions but maybe more frequently. You will be glad you did, and so will your OBGYN!

Otherwise, you'll be facing misery that is easily preventable, and why make the third trimester more uncomfortable than it already is?

13 Wearing High Heels

I am one of those women that fail to understand how anyone can wear high heels- pregnant or not! High heeled shoes make the woman who is wearing them have an appealing appearance. But I would take having comfort over making myself uncomfortably beautiful on any given day.

That being said, wearing high heels is a big no-no when you are in your third trimester of pregnancy.

I would think it would be risky during the entire pregnancy. However, according to Boldsky, it specifically said that it is a bad idea to do that in the last trimester. That is because it will create back strain. And again, why make yourself even more comfortable at that time in the pregnancy than you already are?

And, there are other risks that come with wearing high heeled shoes while pregnant. What if you trip, slip and fall? Now that is a distressing thought! That also means, that alone should be a motivating factor in regards to putting those high heeled shoes back in the closet to stay until the baby is out!

You can always find attractive flat heeled shoes to wear during the last months of pregnancy. Stay comfortable, and stay safe!

12 Sleeping On Your Back

pregnant and back sleeping
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When you are so heavily pregnant, it is so hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in and you will find yourself having to shift around often to find one. And the comfortable position that you find doesn't last for that long so you have to and look for another again. In fact, some heavily pregnant women resign to the fact that a comfortable position is not in the cards. Therefore, they go and sleep on their backs, and this is not something that your OBGYN wants to hear!

According to Health Line, if you are in your third trimester and you are sleeping on your back, the blood flow is being reduced to the uterus and fetus and that can be dangerous. In fact, they recommend that when you are so heavily pregnant to sleep on your left side.

That is because the uterus naturally rotates to the right, and if you are on your left side, it will bring it to the center and the blood flow will then be improved. That is a tough situation when you are not comfortable on your left side though. This is then the time to get a pillow to put between your legs and a long pillow to support your back to bring you some relief.

11 Drinking TOO Much Water

drinking water
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Staying hydrated during your entire pregnancy is incredibly critical. And even when you are not pregnant, you have to stay hydrated because if you don't you will become sick suddenly and dehydration can be life-threatening if not treated! And, during your last trimester of pregnancy, you will be getting up to go to the bathroom plenty of times in the night. That will interrupt your sleep! And we have already covered that skimping on sleep is the worst thing you can possibly do!

However, at the same time, you don't want to be drinking heaps of water at night because that will worsen the need for you to do #1 frequently in the night. And if you are working during the day and forgetting to drink up then because of being distracted- of course, you are going to be thirsty in the evening.

According to Parenting, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the day, and after 6 pm, drink only when you need to. You don't want to be in a position when you are desperately thirsty at night because you did not drink enough during the day. Remember, you need your sleep and the less you have to get up in the night to do #1, the more sleep you will get that you need desperately.

10 Spending Time In The Sauna Or Steam Bath

One way to relax is to spend some time at the sauna or have a steam bath. I certainly can appreciate the perks that come with doing that. Saunas and steam baths burn so many calories, and it sounds like a great alternative than spending an hour on the treadmill- and having the need to glance at the time every now! That is because let's face it, it's a chore, and it is definitely boring, not to mention it is so tiring. Even if you are listening to your favorite dance hits while you are working out.

However, there are times in your life when going to the sauna is clearly a bad idea. Especially if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy! According to Boldsky, if a heavily pregnant woman took the risk by spending time at a sauna or steam bath, then it will cause the internal body temperature to change. That is not good for mom and the baby. That said, anytime an OBGYN hears about a heavily pregnant woman going to the sauna- that would drive them up the wall.

In fact, pregnancy is not a time to be purposely burning calories even though moderate exercise is important. The baby is doing a great job by burning those up for you!

9 Flying High

If you wanted to visit the mountains during the last months of your pregnancy, regardless if you plan on taking the train and going by a cable car- you will want to reconsider and visit the mountains after you have the baby. That is because, according to Boldsky, if you end up going on high altitudes, that creates a major risk for the unborn baby as it can cause asphyxiation.

Additionally, even when you aren't pregnant, being at high altitudes can be quite uncomfortable. That is why so many people suffer from altitude sickness. However, you may wonder if that is why many airlines don't allow pregnant women fly in the third trimester.

According to The Mayo Clinic, the high altitude isn't the issue when it comes to flying. In fact, women who have healthy pregnancies without any complications can fly until they are 36-weeks pregnant.

However, the concern about flying during the late part of the third trimester goes beyond the fact that the airlines don't want to be responsible for delivering your baby. There is a concern about the levels of cosmic radiation that the woman can be exposed to, and that is one big reason that flying is discouraged during late pregnancy.

8 Using Harsh Soaps

When you are in your third trimester of pregnancy, you will be dealing with a lot of itching as that is all normal due to the hormones and your skin stretching. And, you will be incredibly frustrated. That said, you are going to be feeling desperate to the point of finding the most effective soap around to remove the itching. And, some of these soaps could very well be harsh. You don't want to use harsh soaps at all!

According to Parenting, if you use harsh soaps, that will remove natural oils from your skin and make the itching even worse as a result. What you need to do instead is to start taking soothing oatmeal baths. In fact, many drugstores have prepackaged sachets. And once you are done with the bath, you will want to apply vitamin E-based moisturizer or cocoa butter all over your body. If you start doing that, you will get the relief that you are craving.

So if you purchased a bunch of harsh soaps that you saw advertised on the internet for removing skin irritation, you will need to trash those and utilize the tips mentioned above instead. That is what will give you the relief you are craving!

7 Doing Household Chores

It was just mentioned that doing any kind of heavy exercising is not recommended during the last part of the pregnancy. That does not just apply to those who want to work out at the gym. According to Boldsky, pregnant women must not do any kind of heavy household chores either. That will only cause you to become more physically exhausted.

Instead, take this time as the perfect excuse not to clean! In fact, this is also a time to look into investing in a good quality maid service to clean your home while you are resting. Or, if you are lucky, you may have some friends and family that will be happy to help you with the cleaning chores. You can always make a list of cleaning duties for whoever ends up cleaning the house. A maid service will need to know where the priority areas in your home that needed the most cleaning.

The only time when you can do the extra cleaning towards the end of your pregnancy is when it appears that nesting instinct is coming in.

Especially if you have been delegating the cleaning responsibilities to others earlier on in your pregnancy. It is a sign that labor is on its way when you get that kind of urge!

6 Don't Be A Slump! Always Sit Up Straight

When you are at work and you are sitting at your desk for hours while you are in your third trimester, (remember to get up every hour to stretch and walk around as your circulation and your unborn baby depend on that) you may also be doing something else that would drive your OBGYN up a wall. That is slumping or slouching while sitting at your desk.

And, you may not even realize that you are doing it at the time. However, you will certainly know that you are more tired than you typically are- and your back is really sore. Because if you are not sitting in an upright position, that will strain your back according to iDiva. Any additional discomfort that you would be feeling as a result of that would make your mood swings even more intense! You won't like that and neither will anyone else around you.

If you remember to sit up straight while you are at your desk, you are creating more space for the baby and you will also be able to breathe easier.

It is easy to forget to do that since work is distracting, but put some sticky notes around your desk reminding you to sit up straight. Then you will be reminded immediately to do that- if you find that you are not.

5 Losing Out On Sleep

Between having to get up several times in the night to relieve your bladder, and constantly shifting around to find a comfortable position- during the third trimester it is so easy to skimp out on sleep. You are desperate for sleep but you simply cannot. According to Health Line, no matter what you have to find a way to get adequate sleep at any time during your pregnancy.

You need that rest in order to function as well as you can considering that your unborn baby is taking all of your energy. If you don't have energy due to the fact that you have not slept much or worse- slept at all, then you will be in a state of exhaustion. Even if you fall asleep for an hour and then you have to get up to go to the bathroom, don't stay up for the rest of the night.

In fact, you definitely will need tips on how to make sure you are sleeping well enough during your entire pregnancy. As it was mentioned before, get a body pillow and use extra pillows between your legs while resting on your left side. Also, put a dab of lavender oil on your pillow as that will help you relax. Remember that in order for you to conserve the energy you need, you need sleep.

4 Doing Heavy Lifting

heavy lifting
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I am going to take this opportunity and admit something really silly I did one time when I was eight months pregnant with my son. My husband and I were getting the house ready to have help stay over for a little bit of time after his birth. I realize not every mom has this kind of luxury but the reason we needed extra help at the time was that we already had our 23-month-old daughter, and I had a history of postpartum depression.

Anyway, while we were getting the room ready for the help, I grabbed the miniature television and moved it across the room- and this happened while I was heavily pregnant. I did not tell my OBGYN what I did but I can guarantee you, he would not have been happy with me.

According to Boldsky, if a pregnant woman in her third trimester does any kind of heavy lifting, it won't necessarily bring on labor. However, it can strain the lower back and while you are so heavily pregnant- you are uncomfortable as it is! The last thing you want is to cause anything that would potentially cause you to hurt your back. And, any kind of heavy lifting is not recommended. That can be a challenge though if you already have a toddler and no one is available to pick them up when needed.

3 Heavy Exercise

Even though pregnant women during the entire pregnancy are encouraged to do moderate amounts of exercise, there is a limit on how much to do. It is really the best to take a half hour walk for five days a week, and during the later stages- that can be a challenge! However, some heavily pregnant women are able to manage to do just that.

In fact, some pregnant women are able to do an intense workout even during the third trimester and that is something that their OBGYNs do not want to hear them do!

According to Boldsky, exercising too much will cause physical exhaustion... Even if you are in fantastic shape! Don't do it.

That means it is best to not bother doing to the gym unless you are going to do light exercises.

You can walk on the treadmill if you want for a half hour at a slower pace than you normally would. That is fine as that will not tire you out. But this is not the time to hire a personal trainer- nor would a reputable one want to work with you given your current condition- being so heavily pregnant! They'll tell you to wait until after the baby is born before they even consider working with you for that reason!

2 Going On Long Car Trips

car ride
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If you are planning to go on a four-hour road trip and you are in your third trimester, you may not want to go all that close to your due date for obvious reasons. Most heavily pregnant women would not want to take that chance either just in case a surprise delivery were to happen not even so much on the way- but while you are on the trip. That would not be good because you would be far away from the hospital that you plan to give birth at.

However, that is not the reason to be cautious when it comes to going on road trips that require you to be in the car for hours. And, that does for any time in your third trimester of pregnancy- not just when you are approaching your due date. According to Health Line, if you are not given the chance to get up and walk around and stretch every hour- then your circulation is not going properly and that is bad for your unborn baby. At the worst case scenario, you could end up having a blood clot due to prolonged periods of sitting!

If you are in the earlier part of your third trimester, you can go on a road trip that requires a car ride that will take hours. But be sure to make a stop every hour so you can get the circulation going!

1 Letting Stress Take Over

While you are in your third trimester, you are approaching the big day and you will understandably be nervous and excited at the same time. And, thoughts such as whether or not you will go past your due date will enter your mind. You will also be scared about how to handle labor and what kind of labor you will have. You will also be worried how clean your house will be for the baby. Oh before you know it, you will be stressing out over every possible thing- and even create some worst-case scenarios in your head.

Don't do that! All you are doing is becoming stressed out, and that is not good for you or the baby. Your OBGYN will understand your concerns and will understand that you are nervous. In fact, it would not be normal if you weren't. But if you aren't managing your stress properly, then your OBGYN will not be happy to hear that.

In fact, according to Tiny Step, stress that is not managed can actually be quite dangerous for the unborn baby as the fetus is becoming more aware of the environment. If you are unable to manage your stress, then you will need to talk to your doctor to talk about ways to manage stress as it is crucial that you do!

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