15Long Hair No More

Our hormones surge during pregnancy, especially estrogen. We have this great glossy, thick hair while we're pregnant. After delivery, we are in for a real shock though as many women experience hair loss. BabyCenter explains this hair loss as a result of our estrogen levels dropping.

For some reason, our hair

falling out is not a symptom that women like to talk about a lot. That can make it actually a little freaky when it happens for moms who had no idea it was coming. We don't know why it's happen, if it's temporary, or if we did something to cause it. There is little reason to fear. We didn't accidentally use Nair instead of shampoo in our sleep exhausted state while showering. It's just as natural and normal as stretch marks and pimples honestly, and just as out of our control too. There is little need to panic; although, that probably won't stop us.

The majority of the time this is totally temporary, and our hair will go back to normal anywhere up to a ear after delivery. Pregnancy and delivery surely are a real shock to our system when it comes to our hormones. We can already feel pretty yucky those first is weeks so having to cope with hair loss can be pretty annoying for obvious reasons.

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