15 Things That Can Stop Mom From Breastfeeding

So mom's new baby is here, and if she happens to be a new mom she will have so many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly natural. Even women who have had children before may still have concerns, but of course more so if moms are new to it.

One big concern many mothers have is about breastfeeding, especially a new mom who has never experienced breastfeeding before. Am I doing it right? Am I producing enough milk? What should I eat and not eat? Let your doctor know about all of your concerns he or she will be keeping a close eye on your baby’s progress, and will know if any changes need to be made.

There are some things that can cause a decrease in your milk production but most of those things are really nothing to worry about and can be corrected rather easily. We are listing here some of the things that you can take into consideration if you think your child is not getting enough milk. If your doctor believes your baby is not getting enough nutrition they will change things accordingly, so you really need not worry too much. You will do great, your natural motherly instincts will kick in.

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15 Drinking Too Many Cups Of Coffee

Ok, so what new mother does not need her caffeine? New moms are so often lacking much-needed sleep and so they drink their coffee, tea, and maybe even eat some chocolate.

Caffeine is ok in small amounts, but too much of it can not only make your baby irritable but it can also decrease your milk production.

There are a number of natural herbs out there that can boost your energy level without the use of caffeine and without affecting your baby. Also, some of the benefits of using herbs are that most of them will be much more beneficial to you in more ways than one and in the end, you will be healthier and your child will be healthier. Of course, if you still feel that you need that coffee don’t overdo it.

14 Are You On Birth Control?

Many women like to go on birth control shortly after having a baby. While there are all sorts of birth control methods, some of them can interfere with your milk supply.

The hormone, estrogen which is found in some birth control pills can decrease your supply.

Your doctor will be able to tell you what is the safest method for you to use while you are breastfeeding. Abstinence is the best thing for not getting pregnant, ok I know that is probably going too far unless of course, you are actually strong enough to resist temptation, but that's not easy in a marriage, or really any relationship for that matter.

I know a lot of times friends who think they know it all will want to tell you the best thing for you to use is this, kindly pretend to believe them and then call your doctor.

13 Throw Out Those Candy Canes

Candies that are made from peppermint oil can reduce the supply of milk. Women have taken notice to a reduction in their milk supply after eating these candies. It should really not be a big deal to change to a different kind of candy. Now, you can enjoy some peppermint tea, because it would take a lot of tea to affect your supply.

I know I used to love peppermint candy, but unfortunately because of diabetes now I have to seriously watch my sugar intake, but then again I was never breastfeeding. It is more of a reference to the fact that I know how good peppermint can be. So ladies have your candy if you want it but in small amounts. Luckily peppermint is one of those flavors that stays with you for a while so you don’t need to keep eating it.

12 The Baby Has Trouble Suckling

You need a decent amount of sucking stimulation in order for you to keep producing enough milk supply. There are many reasons why you might not be getting enough of that stimulation from your baby.

The baby could be ill, teething, have a sore mouth, or maybe they are having trouble with latching on. Of course, you can use breastpumps to keep them flowing properly.

Let your doctor know if you think that your baby is having trouble sucking properly. That way the doctor can hopefully rule out any medical issues. It really shouldn’t be anything to worry about and your doctor should be able to help you figure out the problem rather quickly. Even if it turns out that the baby needs to be bottle fed. Whatever works for your little one.

11 Too Many Glasses Of The Mommy Juice

Like many other addictive habits, alcohol is perfectly fine in moderation, but it goes without saying that too much is a bad thing. Among all of the reasons that too much alcohol is not good for you, it can reduce your milk supply. Besides that, if you have a baby to take care of, you should never be going overboard with your drinking in the first place.

When it comes to alcoholism there is no willpower, you really need the help of other alcoholics in a recovery group, as of Aug 2018 I am 20 years sober and so I know the struggles that go along with it. If you feel that you cannot stop on your own than for the sake of your child please seek help.

10 Are You Pregnant?

Ok, I don’t know how often this really happens but if you become pregnant again while you are still breastfeeding another child, your supply will become less as your body prepares for another child. Which means the younger child(the unborn) is already taking away from the older one.

I think if you have a child young enough to still be breastfeeding and you get pregnant again you are really asking for double trouble, but of course, I understand that some people want their children’s ages to be close together.

It could be that the first child ends up on formula early and then their new sibling gets to have the breastmilk. And so the sibling rivalry begins early. If baby number one is actually ready for a bottle then it’s not so bad.

9 Cooking With Oregano Or Sage

The use of Oregano and sage can really impact your milk production, as a matter of fact, sage tea has actually been used to slow down the production of milk for women who are producing too much. Oregano, even though it can contribute to the lack of milk, is usually only used in small amounts anyway, so you probably wouldn’t have a problem with that anyways.

Sage, on the other hand, you may want to avoid a little more than oregano. There are so many other types of teas out there that you would probably enjoy just as much if not more. And some of them are very healthy for you. So I would say shop around for some healthy alternatives. You just might find a new favorite. Also, you may want to try something decaffeinated.

8 Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough rest is always important for your health, and when you have a baby to take care of it is vital, yet at the same time, it can be very difficult to get proper sleep when you are taking care of a new baby.

If you are breastfeeding and hopefully you are, suffering from a lack of sleep can actually play a part in reducing your milk supply.

This is not always the case though otherwise, almost every new baby would be malnourished, because it is pretty rare for new mothers to get the sleep that they need. Babies have this internal alarm that tells them when mommy is falling asleep, and that is their cue to be in need of something, anything as long as mom gets up.

7 Eating Bad Calories

While a poor diet may not be directly linked to the reduction of milk, it will affect the way you feel and when you are taking care of a little one, or more, you want to be feeling as good as you can. If you do notice a lack of milk supply it may still benefit you to try watching your diet a little better and of course drinking plenty of liquids, especially water because one thing that will reduce the production of milk would be dehydration.

A poor diet will cause you to feel extra tired and you don’t need that because you will be tired enough just being a mommy. Eating good is obviously recommended anyways, but eating poorly is a hard habit to change if you are not already someone who works hard at taking care of themselves.

6 Smoking

Smoking has no benefits at all, it is bad in every way. It can also affect your milk supply among MANY other things. One cigarette releases about 7000 chemicals when it is burning. As a former smoker, I know how hard it can be to quit, so if you feel that you need to smoke please, always keep it away from your baby. Second-hand smoke kills a lot of people.

Nowadays there are all kinds of ways to help you to quit. Some hospitals even have inpatient programs. If you look at our sources below you will see a link to some information on the chemicals in cigarettes. Read through the information, it may open your eyes to the dangers you don’t always hear about. And it may even save your life.

5 Incorporation Too Many Spices In Your Meals

Herbs and spices are great but excessive use of some of them can reduce your milk supply. Some of these herbs are yarrow, jasmine, peppermint, and many others. Unlike many other things that some mothers may need to cut down on, herbs and spices are probably one of the easier things to cut down on.

Although there are some people who may obsess over the use of herbs and spices and then for them maybe it would be hard to cut down, but honestly, I think the majority of women will do whatever is best for their child. Unless they have some kind of addiction, because that makes it hard to stop whatever it is even for the sake of the baby, Addiction usually requires help. Now I don’t know if you can be addicted to herbs or not, but I have heard of stranger things.

4 Taking Certain Types Of Medications

Certain medications can affect your milk supply so before taking any over the counter meds, you should speak to the pharmacist to find out if what you are wanting to take can in any way affect your baby or disrupt breastfeeding.

In addition, moms need to make sure that their doctor knows they are breastfeeding before he/she prescribes any medications.

We have become a very overmedicated society. Sometimes medication is really needed, but the pharmaceutical companies have really made it so easy to use pills for every situation whether needed or not. Doctors are quick to prescribe medications for every issue that you have. I feel sad, take these, I have a headache, take these, it doesn’t matter what it is, we are a pill popping people. So always make sure you check if your meds are ok to take while breastfeeding.

3 Previous Surgeries?

Any type of breast surgery can end up affecting your ability to produce milk. It doesn’t mean it will but there is always that chance. If you have had surgery and it turns out that you will be unable to breastfeed your baby it’s ok your baby may need to start out with a light formula. It may not be as good as breast milk but your baby will be just fine.

There are a lot of women who for whatever reason cannot breastfeed and their babies have turned out nice and healthy. Your doctor will always make sure that the child is getting the nourishment he or she needs. So don’t be too concerned about it. Even though I know for a mother you can’t help but to be concerned, it wouldn’t be right if you weren’t.

2 Stress Can Play A Role

Stress, a terrible affliction and it can definitely affect your milk supply, and not only that but stress can cause a number of health issues, some of those issues can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Nobody is without stress as long as they are living, but for some people, it can become a very serious health issue.

Unfortunately being a mother in itself can bring on the stress, and then, in turn, can affect your production of milk.

There are certain things you can do to reduce stress but if you tell your doctor about it you will more than likely end up on medication, it seems that is the answer for everything. One thing that can bring it on is a lack of sleep which is a problem most moms encounter.

1 Previous Health Issues

There are certain health issues that can cause low milk production like infections, Anemia, hypothyroidism(low thyroid function). If you believe your health is affecting your milk supply then please see your doctor.

While the lack of milk is a problem it is nothing to worry about, there are many women who cannot breastfeed at all and have very healthy babies. But of course, you want to keep track of your own health as much as your baby’s. The doctor may be able to easily correct the issue and get you back on track. You should be getting regular check-ups right along with your child to make sure that you are both healthy.

You and your baby are on a wonderful growing journey together. Your child will grow physically and mentally, and you will grow wiser.

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