15The Labor Has Gone On For Too Long

If mom doesn't make progress after several hours of painful labor, the doctors and nurses may eventually recommend that a c-section be performed.

Every mother, baby, labor, and delivery are completely different. You just never know what the universe may have in store for you and your little one on that final day of pregnancy fun. Some labors are short and sweet, while others are long and drawn out. Most of the time,

as long as Mom and baby appear to be handling the stress of a long labor reasonably well, time is not that much of an issue.

What happens though, when time keeps clicking on by and there is little to no progress being made?

As much fun as it is, you just can't stay in labor forever. Mother and baby cannot stay at that heightened level for too long, or both could end up in distress. Sometimes a last minute intervention may be necessary.

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