15 Things Millennial Moms Are Worrying About

Born between 1981 and 1996, millenial moms definitely have some concerns, some of which are unique to their generation. Raised with tech, as well as parents hovering and watching over them day and night, millennials of both genders get more than their fair share of criticism.

They're accused of being the "Selfie Generation" and of being "special snowflakes", but this just scratches the surface! It's actually pretty brutal how some people "go after" people from this generation.

I know plenty of millennials and they are great people who care about others. They want to make society as inclusive and equal as it can be.

Is this a bad thing? I think not.

Millennial moms have to decide what types of Moms they want to be. They have choices. Will they be tiger moms or helicopter Moms (like their own mothers probably were) or crunchy moms?

According to Ifstudies.org, the good news is that millennial mommies actually have a lot of confidence as parents. Most of these moms believe that they are doing a fine job as parents. When compared with Gen X moms, they have more faith in their capacity to make parental decisions that are good for their children.

Now, let's see what these ladies are thinking about as they care for their kids.

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15 They Worry Too Much About Car Seat Safety


Did you know that babies may not be safe while they are sleeping in car seats? It's true and it's safe to say that many millennial moms know this and worry! According to the Parenting, an eleven-week-old baby boy lost his life while sleeping in a car seat.

The car seat wasn't buckled up and it wasn't in a vehicle when the tragedy happened.

The infant was resting in the car seat which was brought into a daycare. At some point, the infant wasn't being supervised by daycare staff and the position of the poor baby's head blocked his airway.

This is every parent's worst nightmare, no matter what generation the parent comes from. The parents of the baby who died want stronger regulations for carseats. They also want more education for parents who don't know the risks. Millennial moms worry because information about the baby's death has scared them.

14 They Worry About Gender Neutrality

According to the Adage, advertisers are beginning to acknowledge the fact that many millennial moms and dads want gender neutrality. The advertisers are directing their efforts at parents of "theybies". Theybies is a gender-neutral term for babies. If you're the parent of a theyby, you are raising your infant without a gender designation.

Theybies are referred to by plural pronouns and their private parts are hidden from other people, so no one knows if the baby has male or female genitalia. It's a new way of raising children which is very millennial.

Of course, there are plenty of millennial moms who do raise their babies with gender designation. Even these moms may spend more than a little time thinking about gender neutrality and what it means for the next generation.

13 Buying Avocados Instead Of A House

Via: coffeeloft86 Instagram

You've probably seen the countless memes about millennials blowing all of their money on avocado toast, rather than saving for homes. Maybe you're a millennial yourself and you found all of the talk about the way that millennials are mismanaging their money because they want avocados a bit insulting.

If so, you should know that the avocado obsession is real.


According to The Telegraph, a study showed that millennials do spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about avocados.

They aren't worrying about their price, although this may be a concern occasionally. What they are worrying about is whether they avocados are too ripe or not ripe enough!

If your avocados feel rock-hard, store them in a paper bag and they'll ripen faster. If they're really soft, eat them quickly, unless they are already overripe.

12 Fatigue Is A Big Concern


I think every Mom in history has worried about fatigue, especially when caring for a newborn in the middle of the night. Parenting is a joyful process which may also be stressful and exhausting. If you're a Millennial Mom, then you already know that every day as a parent is different. On the days when you're sleep-deprived, you may wonder if you'll ever feel rested again!

According to Cosmo, moms are prone to tiredness and think about their energy levels a lot. Some millennial moms are also prone to depression and loneliness.

Being a Mom is tough. If you're a millennial who is a first-time mom, you may find that the changes that you are going through take quite a toll on your energy levels, even if you're totally in love with your baby.

11 Money Is On Their Minds

Rich millennial Moms like Adele don't have to fret over finances, but a lot of millennial moms do. Money is a big deal when kids are involved, especially if a millennial mommy wants to stay home and look after a baby instead of working full-time (or working at all). Life is expensive and moms who are millennials know all too well that a lot of cash is needed in order to give their kids the best of everything.

According The Cleaner Home, a study by Microban showed that millennial parents' top concern is money.

Financial security is what they think about the most and worry about the most.

If you're a millennial mom, then you have probably spent some time wondering if you have enough money and whether or not you're managing the cash that you have effectively. According to the Time, it costs 233,610 American dollars to raise a child from birth to age seventeen. It's no wonder that millennial moms put a big focus on cold, hard cash. They have to.

10 USA Health Care Costs Worry American Moms

Smart Parenting

Health care in the USA really adds up. According to CNBC, the cost of healthcare for one person was a whopping 10,345 U.S. dollars in 2016. When a family grows, it's not just one more mouth to feed. It's one more person who needs healthcare coverage. It seems like something is wrong with the American healthcare system, but this is just my opinion.

The financial burdens that the American healthcare system places on everyday people is incredible. Millennial moms need healthcare for themselves and their children and this means earning enough cash to cover the cost, or qualifying for government programs which help to subsidize the cost.

Hopefully, in the future, some change will happen to bring the cost down and give Americans more money for other things on their priority lists.

9 These Moms Fret About Vaccinations


According to a Businessinsider.com story, parents with young babies or kids are more "vaccine hesitant" than previous generations of parents were. Over the past several years, celebs such as Jenny McCarthy have talked about the dangers of vaccines and many parents have taken those warnings to heart.

According to an article at L.A. Times, Jenny's point of view was based on a faked medical study by Andrew Wakefield, so she was misinformed through no fault of her own.

Her views have evolved since she learned that the study was bogus, but her concerns about the link between vaccines and autism were everywhere

in the media and they did affect the way that millennial moms think about vaccines.

Most millennial moms vaccinate their kids anyway, despite any reservations that they might have.

8 The High Cost Of Real Estate

Millennial Moms like Kim Kardashian have more than enough cash to splurge on luxurious homes. They don't have to stress about finding the money that it takes to access real estate. According to Variety, Kim and Kanye sold a house for a staggering 18.3 million bucks in 2017, after snapping it up for $9 million in 2013. However, reality TV divas like Kim K are not typical millennial moms.

According to official census stats from the federal government (via Census.gov), the average cost of a home in the USA in February of 2018 was $376,700. That's a big chunk of change. Of course, how much a millennial mom will need to spend on real estate will depend on where she lives. Some areas cost a fortune, while others are more affordable.

7 Millennial Moms Wish They Had More Free Time


Few moms have a lot of free time. Maybe millennial mom, Miranda Kerr, who as Business Insider has reported, is married to the owner of Snapchat, and has millions of dollars of her own from her successful modelling career, is the exception. Miranda is busy by choice...not because she has to lead such an active life. She seems very devoted to her son, Flynn, whose Dad is actor, Orlando Bloom.

A typical Millennial mom probably isn't going to be able to do what she pleases in the same way that Miranda does. The average millennial mom isn't rich, so she needs to do all of the childcare herself, or share the duties with a partner if she has one. This means less time for personal hobbies, primping, exercise and socializing.

6 They Fear Being Helicopter Moms


It's hard to find the right balance between protecting and emotionally supporting a child and overdoing it. When a mom does overdo it, she may just be a "helicopter" mom. Plenty of millennial moms had parents of the "helicopter" variety and they don't want to hover over their children, because they were hovered over!

According to PopSugar, millennial moms are trying to find a different parenting style.

They want to give their children attention, but not too much attention. Letting a child roam and feel free is important. In general, moms start with the helicopter stuff because they have fears and hovering helps them to feel more secure that their kids are safe.

A lot of millennial moms have enough confidence to let their kids be...

5 They Are Afraid Of Being Distant Moms


The flip side of being a helicopter mom is being a distant mom. To find middle ground, millennial moms want to avoid being too distant, like the parents of Gen X kids so often were. Gen X bred millennials and over-parented their millennial kids to compensate for the more distant parenting that they got from their Baby Boomer moms and dads.

Now, it's time for millennial moms to balance the scales by offering love and attention that isn't too over the top. Can they do it?

According to Gagasisterhood, millennial mommies really want to find this balance, which is obviously hard to achieve. If history shows that millennial moms did find this balance, their kids will probably be very healthy, confident and emotionally secure. Let us hope that this is a true reality.

4 They Worry About Identity Theft And ATM Theft

When there is digital technology, hacking becomes a threat and a problem. You probably know a lot of people who've had their credit card info stolen or who were victims of even worse forms of fraud and identity theft.

Millennials are very tech-savvy. They grew up with technology and they know the risks of technology. This is why millennial moms spend a lot of time worrying about identity theft and ATM theft, making anyone need to be very security-conscious when at the ATM. Keep an eye out for people with prying eyes or other forms of ATM security threats.

The best way for millennial moms to protect themselves is to protect their data and pay careful attention to privacy settings on social media.

A bad person may be able to grab a lot of information about you from your social media profiles and then use it to hurt you. You'd be surprised at just how evil some people can be.

Boost the security of your digital data with two-factor authentication, smartphone encryption, and strong passwords. To decrease the risk of identity theft, the USA Government recommends avoiding answering unsolicited requests for personal info.

3 They Worry About Being Separated From Smartphones


Does the thought of being separated from your smartphone for just a few moments fill you with anxiety? If so, you're probably a millennial. If you're a millennial mom, you may consider your smartphone as comforting as your baby considers his or her fave blanket or plush toy!

You've been attached to your smartphone for so many years now, it's like an extension of your heart, mind, and soul. According to the Irish News, millennials can't even unwind when they're on vacation because they are just too wrapped up in their smartphones.

While you need access to a smartphone to be safe with your baby (an emergency may happen when you aren't close to a landline, if you even have a land line, which many people don't), you should make an effort to let go of your smartphone obsession when you become a parent.

Your child needs to engage with you, whether your child is a baby or older. You shouldn't be checking your smartphone every few minutes during playtime with your child, or during cuddling with your baby.

Just live. Look at your baby and celebrate real life. Charge the phone to one hundred percent while you live real life with your little boy or girl.

2 They Are Concerned About The Environment


Millennial moms like Jessica Alba are into organic products and food and they are eco-conscious, too. Jessica owns a company called The Honest Company which is all about pure products that are natural.

Lots of millennial mommies worry about the environment and how to do their part to keep the earth in good shape for future generations.

With the threat of global warming reaching critical mass, it's no wonder that millennial moms are frightened and concerned.

So many scientific experts, including Bill Nye, are warning people that global warming is a huge problem that must be addressed right now. According to CNN, Bill Nye is incensed at the Trump administration because it is anti-science. A lot of millennial moms probably share Bill's views.

1 They Are Scared Their Children Will Be Bullied

Elite Daily

According to the Romper, many millennial moms are promoting anti-bullying programs which help to protect their kids from mean children. Millennial moms do worry that their kids will get bullied and they are taking action to make sure that their kids are safe.

In the past, psychologists believed that bullies had poor self-esteem. However, according to Today, recent research has revealed the fact that bullies actually have elevated opinions of themselves... and contempt for the people that they bother.

Bullies need to display dominance in order to feel powerful. They don't have the right level of empathy for others, which is a serious psychological deficit. When a kid has trouble feeling the feelings of others, he or she may become a bully. A child who is sensitive and empathetic will be more likely to be a target.

Millennial moms understand the problem and most are strongly against bullying.

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