15Breech Baby

Babies twist, turn, and move all around the womb. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, the living space in the uterus can become cramped. As early as week 32 and as late as week 38, most babies have settled into a head-down position but some don’t. Around 4 percent

of babies wind up in breech positions; this means their butts or their feet are positioned down to come out first through the cervix.

There are reasons for wanting to adjust a poorly positioned fetus. For instance, if a baby’s feet are positioned to come out first, there is a chance your baby could become tangled and trapped in the umbilical cord. A breech baby can make a vaginal birth difficult, and sometimes impossible.

The chances are good that your infant will be head-down during birth as most breech babies reposition before delivery. But, if your little one is still primed to come out feet-first, a cesarean section may be necessary to prevent your baby from becoming stuck.

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