15 Things That Grosses Him Out During Pregnancy

The thought of nausea, vomiting, gassy women, and the extra emotional needs can scare men away easily.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. There is a brand new life growing inside of the mom-to-be, thriving and depending on her for its every need. There are many changes going on with the mom’s body physically and hormonally. Some of it seems magical, like getting to feel the baby kick from the inside for the very first time, and some of it is more of a nuisance like the excess passing of gases.

Soon-to-be moms get used to the changes going on within their bodies though, whether it’s a pleasant satisfaction or something a bit more uncomfortable. Women are amazing creatures that can have their bodies put to such crazy extremes that men would never begin to fathom. They wouldn’t last a day in a woman’s shoes; or more so, in a woman’s body.

Men would never be able to handle the things that a woman’s body gets put through on a regular basis such as periods and pregnancy. Things like that tend to gross them out. When a man hears the word period he either mentally blocks it out with thoughts of the latest gaming device or runs screaming in the other direction.

Pregnancy and pregnancy-related symptoms also tend to gross out some men too. The thought of nausea, vomiting, women being gassy, and the extra emotional needs can scare them away easily. Yet, women are supposed to tolerate half those things from men because, well, because they are men I guess.

Either way, some men can’t seem to always tolerate the things that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy and if anyone was ever curious as to what some of those things were that they couldn’t tolerate.

Here is a list of 15 things that grosses him out during pregnancy.

15When The Baby Starts Kicking

One of the most rewarding parts of pregnancy is when a soon-to-be mom gets to feel her baby kicking or moving around, especially for the first time because it can be very exciting.

A pregnant woman can sometimes start to expect to feel a fluttering sensation inside her tummy as early as 13 weeks, but sometimes as late as 25 weeks. It tends to be later in the pregnancy for first-time moms. Some moms can’t wait until the first time they are able to feel the movement of their baby. That’s finally when pregnancy seems real to them.

What moms find a miraculous actually grosses some men out for some reason. Maybe the movement inside the belly just reminds them of something out of a horror movie, who knows when it comes to the male brain. It’s an odd think that while some men are drawn to a woman’s baby kicking, others want to run screaming in the other direction.

14The Oozing White Goo

Vaginal discharge while pregnant is normal. In fact, it even has a name. It’s called leukorrhea, and it is a thin, white, milky, and mild smelling discharge. Some women don’t expect this or even experience this, while for others know this is normal. If some pregnant women don’t expect it, then their partner definitely will not be expecting it.

Some partners may never even know about it, while others may notice it during sex, while doing laundry, or while their partner is changing their clothing. There are more ways that men may notice vaginal discharge than we may even realize.

While some men may know, and realize that discharge is normal part or pregnancy, or a woman’s life, other men may be grossed out by it. Not that women may care what grosses men out, it still may happen. If a man is grossed out by a little vaginal discharge, I could only imagine when the baby is on the way.

13The Added Pounds

Gaining weight is very, very normal in pregnancy. It would actually be less normal to not gain weight. If a woman is within the average weight range, it is normal to gain 25 to 35 pounds with her pregnancy. When the mom is underweight than 28 to 40 pounds can be expected, and if she is a bit overweight than 15 to 25 pounds is normal with her pregnancy. For the developing baby continuously growing inside the soon-to-be mom, that is more than enough explanation for the weight gain.

This tends to gross out some men and they will no longer find their partner as attractive as they once have, which is not fair at all. There are the men that understand the pregnancy process completely and love and respect their partner’s changing body. The men that don’t get it need to understand that it is partially their fault. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

12When The Girls Leak

Milk production, or lactation, is something to be expected from all soon-to-be moms. For some pregnant women, it can happen as early as 14-weeks into the pregnancy. It is an all-natural occurrence, and for the moms that are choosing to breastfeed, it is soon going to be those moms way of feeding their hungry newborns. Yet, for some reason, some men still find this gross or off-putting while other men recognize it as being something that is a natural part of life.

I guess some men classify this one with the bladder accidents for some reason since it’s another fluid coming out of the woman’s body, which is totally ridiculous. Men just seem to get grossed out far too easily. A male will really have to get used to lactation from his partner, because if he is grossed out by this, and she is breastfeeding; he is in for some rough times ahead.

11Doing The Nasty With The Unborn Baby

Sex during pregnancy is completely safe. The mucus plug seals the cervix and protects against infection, and the amniotic sac and cervical muscles protect the baby.

The only thing a couple would have to worry about with sex during pregnancy, which is rare, is in the late trimesters the woman could release another egg causing her to get pregnant while she is already pregnant. It’s a rare phenomenon, but it does happen. So in the later stages of pregnancy, it’s best to use condoms to be on the safe side.

Some men get grossed out by having sex during pregnancy. Sometimes out of fear of hurting the baby, and sometimes for not so nice reasons. Those not so nice reasons being the soon-to-be mom’s changing body, which isn’t fair because it’s partially his fault anyway. How would he like it if a woman was grossed out by his changing body because of something she had done?

10The Growing Baby Bump

With pregnancy, an ever growing belly is to be expected as the baby grows and develops. Unfortunately, with that for many soon-to-be moms’ also means unsightly stretch marks is expected. When pregnant, stretch marks should be seen as a sign of something to proud of because moms are creating a brand new life.

Men should not have a say in whether or not stretch marks are seen as gross or not because they are not ones with the life growing inside of them, however, some men do get grossed out by this.

Some men also seem to get grossed out by the expanding belly. Maybe it has something to do with the shape, or that it looks disproportioned from the rest of the body in their eyes, who knows. For whatever reason, some men find the growing belly gross while other men are oddly attracted to it.

9Farting From Every End

Another normal, natural, but stinky part of pregnancy is the increase of bodily gases. That’s right ladies, as we all know; pregnancy causes an increase in the way we pass gas. This can be pretty unpleasant for anyone that has to be around, or even anyone in the close proximity of the expectant mom.

The increase in gases is caused by the increase in the hormone called progesterone, and can also be caused by the intestinal muscles becoming even more relaxed. Passing gas does not just mean tooting, but belching as well. That’s right; it can be a double whammy and come from both ends.

It’s no wonder, honestly, that it would gross him out a little bit, or a lot. It’s actually enough to gross a normal person out, so this time we cannot blame the partners for getting grossed out, even though it is still a natural process that everyone does. It is still completely gross when they are they smelly ones.

8Swelling Up Like A Balloon

Swelling of the legs, feet, and ankles is very common in the last trimester of pregnancy for a few reasons. One being fluid retention, another being the growing baby in the uterus is putting pressure on veins which in turn, weakens the blood flow returning to the heart which can cause the swelling.

Last but not least, hormonal changes are another source of blame. Swelling can be an uncomfortable thing for soon-to-be moms to have to endure and not to mention trying to find shoes to wear is a nearly impossible task. It’s easier to deal in the summer because flip-flops are always an option.

This can gross out the soon-to-be mom’s partner because he may not be used to seeing his partner’s feet almost double in size. If he comprehends pregnancy and the symptoms, he will be more understandable if not he may just be totally grossed out.

7When It's Impossible To Hold It In

With pregnancy can come some not comfortable symptoms, like having to go to the bathroom frequently, and with the increase in frequency sometimes comes some unavoidable accidents. Those accidents can happen with something as simple as laughing too hard, a cough, or even a sneeze.

It tends to more common during the later stages of pregnancy due to the baby resting against, or putting added pressure on his or her mom’s bladder. While other women may understand what’s going on the soon-to-be mom’s partner may not.

Even if mom's partner does get what’s going on, that does not mean he won’t get grossed out by it. Some men just can’t handle seeing their partner have frequent accidents and may not be able to handle it. He may just skip out on laundry day quite often during those last few months of pregnancy, when he may need to help out the most. There is no real way to avoid the situation because sometimes you just can’t hold it in any longer.

6Dinner Time Consists Of Pickles, Cheese, And Ice Cream

When most people think of pregnancy they think of food cravings, eating way too much, and, in general, having the munchies. Creative food concoctions are a common part of pregnancy, as well as craving things that most people would not normally think of eating together. Soon-to-be moms are eating for two, so they may seem like they are overeating when in all actuality they really aren’t. They are just supporting the extra life growing inside of them

This could be off-putting for their partner, especially if the mom-to-be used to be the dieting type and is now eating everything in sight. Maybe instead of salads, she is eating cheese and pickles; something that a regular person would never think of pairing together. These creative food concoctions and, what appears to be, overeating tendencies could possibly be grossing him out.

5The Never-Ending Emotional Rollercoaster

Hormones are all over the place and out of whack during the pregnancy and for a little while afterward. With all the changes going on in the woman’s body this is to be expected. Emotions seem to be intensified. Happy things make a soon-to-be mom cry, sad things make a soon-to-be mom cry, and well, just about everything makes her cry.

Just like everything can also make her angry, irrational, and upset much more easily. Men need to watch out when a pregnant woman is on the rampage. Actually, everyone needs to watch out went out when a pregnant woman is on the rampage.

This can gross him out, disgust, or maybe even just put him off from their partner. He may never know the right or wrong things to say and this may scare him off a bit. He may back off a little in fear of upsetting the mom-to-be when she is in a bad mood. When she is happy, all is well though.

4Showering Becomes A Chore

Sometimes, with pregnancy, energy has to be used sparingly, especially in the later trimesters when everything becomes such hard work. Then again, fatigue does kick in within the first couple weeks of pregnancy. The depleting energy levels seem so horrendous and even showering and washing your hair becomes a chore. The later a mom-to-be is in her pregnancy, the harder tasks, that once seemed so easy, become. Things like shaving one's legs seem so pointless.

Men don’t really like this though and seem to get grossed out by it. Yet, they can wear, and re-wear, the same shirt day in and day out for two weeks straight. It is not really appealing to a man to see a woman with hairy legs, for whatever reason, they are also grossed by this. The women who find the men that understand what they are going through are very lucky.

3Hours Spent Over The Toilet

The dreaded morning sickness can be felt by as many as over 50% or pregnant woman. It generally starts around the 6th week of pregnancy and subsided for most women by the 12th week of pregnancy.

It is not a fun feeling and despite the name, morning sickness can happen at any time of the day. Nausea that causes a general ill feeling and can induce vomiting is caused by an increase of hormones in the body. Mom’s just love those chaotic hormones that wreak havoc on their poor, unsuspecting bodies.

This tends to gross him out. It tends to gross a lot of people out, maybe even the poor pregnant women going through this difficult time, no one likes nausea and vomiting. Their partners have to stand by and listen as they puke up almost everything that they put into their tummies.

2Too Needy And Clingy

Pregnant women, when they have their partners support, can tend to get a little too needy. I get it, pregnancy is difficult with all the hormones, morning sickness, and changing bodies. I am not trying to say anything mean about pregnancy, but the urge to want people to coo and awe over things grow strong. As well as the urge to want people to do things for and with the mom-to-be as well; particularly in the earlier and later stages of pregnancy.

In the earlier stages, because the mom-to-be wants everyone and everything to revolve around their exciting new pregnancy, and in the later stages because they need the most help with their changing bodies.

This can tend to gross their partners out because, let’s face it, men don’t like needy. They never have and never will. The needier and clingy the mom-to-be appears the more distant some will get.

1Watching The Baby's Birth

The pregnancy is over with and it’s time for the baby to arrive! If everything else on the list grossed the very, soon-to-be dad out than this for sure will leave him squirming. The delivery process is complex, messy, and not for the faint of heart. If dad couldn’t handle some vomit with the morning sickness, I really wonder how he will handle the final show.

There are a few different ways to bring a baby into to the world and the top three are a natural vaginal birth, a C-section, and a water birth. Moms choose each one for their own personal varying reasons, and dads have to prepare themselves for what to expect for each one.

The soon-to-be dads have to put everything aside that was mentioned on this list and prepare for the arrival of their son, daughter, or even both. This will be the moment they remember for the rest of their life, and the little things that they couldn’t handle for those long 9 months will no longer matter.

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