14There Is A Power Struggle Between Nurses And Parents


A lot of new moms of preemie babies know the truth: there is a constant power struggle between some of the nurses and the new parents – and it’s not always pretty. A mom whose baby is in the NICU knows that the power struggle will go back and forth

and that every nurse is different. Some nurses will be willing to let parents hold their baby, or change their diaper, and try to feed them. But other nurses can be more cautious and can deny a request to feed your newborn because of fatigue or sanitary reasons. They may even counter a request for skin-to-skin contact.

While I’m sure many of nurses are great, all moms know that the feeling of not having control of your own child’s life is terrifying: “I’m eternally grateful for the nurses and doctors who advocated for us and allowed us to feel like parents because they knew it was what we all needed”, says one mom whose son was in the NICU for a few weeks, “it helped us feel more like parents”.

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