15Mom Can’t Hold The Baby At First – And When She Finally Can It’s Not For Long

In most cases, mom and baby have to stay separated, especially at first. This can be terrifying for a new mom, who knows her little one is struggling but she can’t do anything to comfort them: “Those two days felt like hell. Why could the nurses hold him or

move him around, but we couldn’t?” Asks one mom who was kept from holding her little one for the first two days of his life. “The day we finally held him was so amazing, except we couldn’t hold him for longer than 10-to-15-minute periods because his body temperature could drop. It was bittersweet.”

Their baby, like many other babies born prematurely, ended up spending yet another two days in what’s known to NICU moms as the “tanning bed” (it’s actually called Bili lights) to help lower the baby’s high bilirubin levels and treat jaundice. Mom reports not being able to hold him on those days either. It’s very scary not being able to hold your baby and there is often a lot of anxiety because of it.

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