15Prescription Drugs

Breast feeding moms should know that medical professionals rarely prescribe any medication that would put baby in danger if aware a woman is breast feeding. As long as it is made clear to a physician that baby is living off of mom's milk, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.


are some prescription medications that have been found to be harmful for babies in a variety of different ways. The American Academy of Pediatrics has compiled a list of prescription medications it is best that women avoid while pregnant and breastfeeding. It can't hurt to double check and ensure a prescription is safe before ingesting it.

Many medications not recommended taking while pregnant, because they may hinder baby's development, are perfectly safe to take while breast feeding. Keeping an open line of communication with a health care professional will most likely ensure any medications taken will not do baby any harm if present in breast milk. It is important to remember that some side effects are still unknown, and prescription medications should be taken only when needed and not more frequently than recommended.

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