15 Things That Might Make The Unborn Baby Cry

Whenever women find out that they are going to be moms, they immediately know that they are about to embark on an interesting journey. While going through the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, such as heartburn and morning sickness, expectant moms will also often wonder what their little baby is doing inside the womb.

You will wonder about your baby's activities even more as his development ramps up and he begins to kick around. Thoughts such as what could possibly keep the baby so busy will enter in your head, especially since there is not a heck of a lot for the unborn baby to do. But they do find ways to keep busy by constantly making new discoveries as they keep developing in utero. In fact, they are known to play with their umbilical cords because it keeps them busy and you can think of it as the baby's very first toy.

You may also wonder if your unborn baby experiences feelings of happiness and sadness. The fact of the matter is that they do, and you may even wonder if the baby cries in the womb which is a distressing thought and unfortunately the answer to that yes, they do cry in utero as well. But at the same time, you will never know about this sad fact because these cries are silent. Let's look at 15 things that can cause your unborn baby to cry in the womb.

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15 When There's Not Enough Room

Whenever you think about it, if you are in an uncomfortable position, that can be quite painful. I mean, if you wake up with a sore back and you did not do anything strenuous the day before- that can be a clear indicator that you had been sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Therefore, you will wake up in a lot of pain.

The same goes for unborn babies because the bigger they get, the less room there is to maneuver in the womb. According to Very Well Family, babies that happen to end up in an uncomfortable position in the womb can cry due to the fact that it does indeed hurt. The heart-wrenching thing is that moms-to-be that are carrying their growing bun in their ovens will have no idea what kind of position they are in. That said, any mom-to-be that is reading this will feel helpless about this fact but just know that the baby will find a better position no matter how big.

14 Startling The Unborn Baby

It is a known fact that no one likes to get startled. And it is also a known fact that when little kids get started, they immediately cry, whereas older kids and adults will respond by cussing!

According to MedPage Today- babies that are startled in utero can cry because that is the only way they know how to respond to being shaken up unexpectedly.

Like it was just mentioned, the same applies to babies and little kids.

And when you think about it, anything can startle the baking baby-to-be. If the unborn baby is having a snooze while mom is on the sofa and suddenly has a craving for juice- then she will get up from the sofa (and if she is so far along it will take her a bit of time to get herself up because at that point moving becomes a luxury). That movement alone will startle the snoozing unborn baby awake which can most definitely cause plenty of crying!

13 Bad-Tasting Foods

Via: People

Imagine being forced to eat something that you clearly don't like. Not only would you gag but you would probably be crying too. That is what young kids do whenever they eat something they don't like. There is a lot of gagging that goes along with crying. And according to New Health Advisor, whenever mom takes in something that the unborn baby does not like, studies shown that can be a cause for them to cry in the womb.

The issue is that any pregnant mom eating something that she likes doesn't even give it a second thought if whatever she is eating would please the baby. According to WhatToExpect, when the fetus reaches 21 weeks gestation, they can start to taste what the mom is eating which is hard to understand since the fetus is not eating anything by mouth. However, they still can taste and if they don't like something, they will express their displeasure with it by crying in the womb.

12 When There's Too Much Noise

I remember that night very well when I was pregnant with my daughter and went to my husband's office Christmas party how worried I was at the time because the band that was playing was extremely loud. I was concerned that it was going to disturb her and even left the area for a while until it settled. I mean, if I couldn't stand listening to it, how could she?

And, I was right to worry because according to Parents.com, loud noises can cause the baby to cry in utero. We already know that outside stimulus that is not making the unborn baby happy will cause them to cry.

In fact, according to NewsScientist, it has been shown that fetuses can hear the ultrasound based on how it vibrates in the womb.

That could be quite loud to them, and it is no wonder that they don't like it- and that many moms-to-be have noticed their babies crying in the womb. The loud noise likely was the cause!

11 Lighting Up During Pregnancy

Via: The Telegraph

It is known how much of a negative impact smoking has during pregnancy. The mother is not only harming herself by smoking but she is not doing any favors for her baby that she is carrying. According to WebMD, studies have shown that mothers who smoke while pregnant cause the baby to cry in utero. Since it is known that babies cry inside and outside of the womb due expressing displeasure- they are obviously quite stressed from mom taking in those puffs.

However, at the same time, I am the last person to ever judge anyone for dealing with an addiction because I understand how hard it is to fight through it. I have encountered many moms in the past who were pregnant and smoked said that they did what they could to stop, but quitting cold turkey created more stress than they could handle. The only responsible thing to do is if you are a smoker and pregnant, talk to your doctor to get some help.

10 Unhealthy Mom, Unhealthy Baby

It is a known fact that if the mom-to-be's overall physical health is not the best, it can have a negative impact on her unborn baby, and LiveScience basically backs that up. If mom is not in the best health overall, then her unborn baby will be affected and we know that when the fetus is in a negative environment- then that is a cause for the unborn baby to cry. In other words, if mom is not in the best health while she is pregnant, then that can certainly be a cause for the baby-to-be to cry in the womb.

Unfortunately, being pregnant alone can weaken mom's immune system and she is more prone to catching viruses. However, if mom eats well, and limits her coffee intake, and doesn't smoke at all while being pregnant, then she is doing the best she can to keep her health up to par so that she and her unborn baby will benefit.

9 The Unborn Can Hurt Himself

Everyone cries from pain! Babies, kids, teens, and adults will cry from pain. Yes, even teens and adults will if the pain is so bad. I remember when I was 15 and flying home from a vacation to Jamaica from an awful ear infection I cried like a baby the entire way. That was a horrible experience and would react the same way if that happened now.

And apparently, according to BBC, babies even cry from pain while they are still in the womb!

So they can feel pain by 20 weeks gestation and it is so heartbreaking to know that your baby-to-be could be in pain and not even know it. But mom should never blame herself. It is possible that because fetuses are so busy kicking, punching and exploring that they may accidentally do something like punch themselves in the face- or do it on purpose because they are getting to know what they can do. Something like that would cause them to cry!

8 When Mom Is Uncomfortable

When you are in your last months, let alone days of pregnancy, finding a comfortable position will be a challenge. Sometimes the best position is to lie on the side, for a while anyway. And then perhaps getting up and walking around a bit if possible is the only way to find comfort again.

According to Very Well Family, it is already known that babies that are in an uncomfortable position in the womb will likely cry. The same applies to mom being in a position that is uncomfortable for the baby. If mom is in her last weeks of pregnancy and is struggling to get comfortable, then chances are the baby is not in the best position because mom isn't able to find a comfortable position either. The worst thing about knowing this is that during the last months of pregnancy, comfort for both mom and baby are luxuries and heavily pregnant moms are likely counting down the days even more so both mom and baby can become comfortable again.

7 Overstimulating The Bump

According to MedPage Today, any kind of outside stimulation can cause the baby to cry in the womb.

They were not overly specific otherwise. However, it is not that much of a surprise considering that if babies and little kids are overstimulated and don't get naps in or any kind of downtime- they get fussy and will cry.

I know that there isn't much around in the womb to keep the unborn baby stimulated but it is a known fact that at a certain point that they are able to detect light and other kinds of stimuli outside of the womb. If it gets to be too much, then it is understandable that babies in utero would get quite fussy. I have heard from various sources as well that fetuses really don't like it mom-to-be is getting her ultrasound and this would certainly be considered to be the cause of them being overstimulated. For instance, like this mom-to-be said on a forum at WhatToExpect that when she had her ultrasound done, her baby was crying like you see on the picture right here!

6 Sad Mom, Sad Baby

Many times people have wondered if the thoughts that pregnant women have do affect their unborn babies. According to both Emax Health and Psychological Science, it has been confirmed that they do. In fact, if mothers are depressed or having negative thoughts during their pregnancies, then their unborn babies will sense it and that could cause them to cry in the womb.

Now an occasional negative thought that comes to the pregnant mom here and there is not going to have a huge impact on the baby-to-be. That is what being human is all about. However, if mom-to-be is in a negative state of mind more often than not, and is depressed, then she must see a doctor and receive the help she needs so she is treated properly. That is what this particular source has been stressing. It is crucial that she gets the help so that she is feeling better and that the baby will not be impacted as a result.

5 Is This MY Toe?

self discovery
Via: Reset.me

Whenever anyone makes any kind of new discovery, they explore it further by reading more about what they just found and learning what they can. The same applies to kids and babies. They find something new or find out about a new skill that they never knew had - they will explore it further by keeping doing what they just found out they are capable of doing.

For instance, when kids find out that they can snap their fingers, they will keep doing that until their fingers get sore! The same applies to fetuses in the womb- and fetuses are constantly making new discoveries about themselves. We know that when they are able to open their eyes and see for the first time, they study their bodies. According to Very Well Family, babies will also cry in the womb not necessarily due to experiencing displeasure. They discovered that they can do something new, which is crying and they will keep doing it just because they can. That makes complete sense when you think about it.

4 Practicing Their Speaking Skills

Babies actually start communicating even in the womb in their own way, and that is why so many sources state how important it is to talk and even read to your unborn baby. They absorb a lot more than you would even think.

According to the BBC, babies that cry in the womb do so just because it is a way for them to communicate - the same way a newborn does.

The newborn that has been crying since making that debut is doing so to make their needs known, and that crying was not something that they learned once they arrived. They discovered that crying was a way to communicate even before their big arrival. That said, based on the same source, even if nothing, in particular, is causing the baby to cry in utero- sometimes baby-to-be is just practicing their communication skills as it has to start from somewhere!

3 Code Blue And Pink

Whenever anyone is in distress, even if they are not in physical pain per se- but if they are severely anxious, that definitely counts for being distressed which will cause crying. For instance, if you are claustrophobic and you find yourself in a closed space, then that alone is distressing and that will cause you to cry. I can even confirm that as a fact based on how claustrophobic I am and how I react to feeling closed in.

According to BBC, when unborn babies are under any kind of distress they do cry. They were not specific as far as examples are concerned. However, I personally have always wondered how the unborn baby feels when say, for instance, mom has preeclampsia. That can be quite distressing for the baby, and most definitely life-threatening if not treated. It is easy to see in that particular case that an unborn baby would be crying in a situation like that.

2 Mothers Who Can't Stop

Pregnant Businesswoman Looking Stressed In Office

It is known that smoking is bad for both mom and baby, and quitting is not easy to do. According to WebMD, moms who resort to illicit substances while pregnant cause their babies to cry in the womb. It is quite understandable since these kinds of substances put the baby under stress, causing them to cry.

They can put the body under a lot of duress and lead to an addiction that is difficult to break. That is why I would never judge anyone who is doing engaging in such activities because being in a bad state of mind is what likely got them started in the first place. Unfortunately, all such substances are addictive. I have never engaged in such habits but I have been in a bad state of mind for many reasons and had other addictions to face. But the responsible thing to do if you find out you are pregnant is to get some help and break the cycle in a way that is manageable to you.

1 Exercising Their Emotions

While the baby is developing in the womb, they are making all kinds of discoveries as it was previously mentioned. Babies in utero actually begin smiling in the womb, as well as frowning and finding out what pleases them and also finding out what displeases them.

According to New Health Advisor, in order for babies to get to know who they are and what they are about in the womb - they need to test out emotions even if there is no reason for them to feel the way they do.

That said, sometimes when babies cry in utero, they do it because they are testing it out and getting to know what feeling displeasure feels like. This is expected to happen more so when they are developed enough to the point that they can cry which can be as early as 28 weeks or even sooner according to the same source. However, by the time they are born, they have it all figured out and certainly cry whenever they are experiencing displeasure of any kind.

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