15When There's Not Enough Room

Whenever you think about it, if you are in an uncomfortable position, that can be quite painful. I mean, if you wake up with a sore back and you did not do anything strenuous the day before- that can be a clear indicator that you had been sleeping

in an uncomfortable position. Therefore, you will wake up in a lot of pain.

The same goes for unborn babies because the bigger they get, the less room there is to maneuver in the womb. According to Very Well Family, babies that happen to end up in an uncomfortable position in the womb can cry due to the fact that it does indeed hurt. The heart-wrenching thing is that moms-to-be that are carrying their growing bun in their ovens will have no idea what kind of position they are in. That said, any mom-to-be that is reading this will feel helpless about this fact but just know that the baby will find a better position no matter how big.

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