15It Gets Difficult Just Doing Everyday Things

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Doing laundry becomes a serious project. Cleaning the kitchen or just cooking dinner requires multiple breaks and rest times.

For a lot of women, the amount of energy that they lose when they become pregnant is actually really surprising. A lot of times women assume that if they are healthy and live a balanced lifestyle before they get pregnant that it won’t be so bad. By the

time a woman hits the 32-week mark, it doesn’t matter how healthy she was. Her body will start to get tired much faster than it used to. This can be frustrating when normal day-to-day activities become super hard to do.

It can be hard feeling like you can’t get anything done physically, but it’s important to remember that it’s all for the good of your baby.

According to HealthDay, the feelings of exhaustion can be stronger at certain times. For example, if the mom-to-be is still working long hours, or has a lot going on in her life, it can make sustaining activities even harder than it would have normally been. Women who are pregnant but already have kids at home know this feeling all too well.

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