15 Things That Will Happen To Kate When William Becomes King

Kate Middleton amazed the world when she became engaged to Prince William. As a commoner with no royal lineage, she was not a likely choice for a wife for the future king. After meeting at university, William and Kate started on-again-off-again dating. Both finally decided it was time to settle down. When they married in 2011, people from all over the world watched to see this fairytale come to life. Every average girl realized that her dream of becoming a princess was not as far-fetched as they once thought. Kate was the new example.

Now, seven years and three children later, the focus has been put on what will happen when Prince William becomes a king. Not only will the United Kingdom change, but Kate Middleton’s life will change dramatically. They will have faced great loss through Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. William and Kate will now be the ones leading this kingdom, responsible for everything and everyone. They will lead by example. As a commoner, Kate has to realize that a lot more will change for her. While she has been a Duchess for a number of years now, becoming the wife of the king is no small, nor easy task.

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15 Her Title Will Change

Via: What Would Kate Do?

The public has loved Kate Middleton since she became engaged to William. She is a warm-hearted, new version of the people’s princess. Many people currently refer to her as Princess Kate or Duchess Kate, although this is not her full proper title.

Kate is technically Mrs. Prince William or Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. She assumes all of her husband’s titles in the feminine form.

As William’s titles change, so do Kate’s. Many people cannot wait to have Queen Catherine in the monarchy, however, The Sun reports that even this will not be completely accurate.

Since Kate was not born into the royal family, she will not have the title of Queen as Elizabeth II had. She will be the Queen Consort, which ultimately means that she married a royal. While Queen Consort Catherine will likely be referred to as Queen Kate or Queen Catherine, she will not have full reign over the United Kingdom in the way her husband will. According to The Sun, Camilla, William’s stepmother, would also be eligible to become Queen Consort when Prince Charles takes the throne, however, she will likely take on Princess Consort instead. This will likely help solve some of the unrest that comes when Charles takes the throne.

14 The Children Could Become Her King Or Queen Next

Via: E!

Prince William and Kate have had some royally adorable children since they got married. The world waited for the arrival of their first child, a little boy named George. People then got incredibly excited when the couple announced that they had a little girl, Charlotte. Recently, Kate gave birth to another little boy named Louis. These children all have the official title of prince or princess. Kate has been a royal baby machine and they are all so cute.

Amazingly enough, her children could one day become her king or queen. If William is to pass away as king, Kate does not get to reign over the United Kingdom as queen. According to Fox News, one of her children will replace their father. This will likely be Prince George, as he is the oldest. If something is to happen to him, next in line is Princess Charlotte, as Queen Elizabeth II reformed the law stating that male siblings will get the throne before their female siblings. Following Charlotte would be Prince Louis. This will all change as the children have children of their own, but for now, that is how the order stands. Imagine having to bow to your own children.

13 She Will Have To Make A Big Move

Via: The Cheat Sheet

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been living in Kensington Palace since they got married in 2011. They currently live in a 21-room apartment, as per Express. Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, recently moved in with them and are sharing this massive home. William and Kate had been given the option to move for when he becomes the Prince of Wales, which is when his father becomes king. According to Express,

the initial intention was that William and Kate would continue to stay at Kensington Palace instead of moving to Prince Charles’ Clarence House. This may change now that Harry and Meghan live with them.

When William becomes the king, Kate will have to pack up once again to make the biggest move of her life. According to Express, the royal family intends on keeping Buckingham Palace as the official house of the monarchy. This means that William, Kate, George, Charlotte, and Louis will all live there once Charles passes away. It is expected that William and Kate will do a fair amount of entertaining once they move into Buckingham Palace, despite trying so hard to keep their lives private while residing at Kensington Palace.

12 The Amount Of Money She And William Make Will Increase

Via: Ecorazzi

Most people do not realize how the royals make their money. William and Kate make their money through funds left by Diana, through taxes paid by citizens of the United Kingdom, and through William’s former job. Most royals do not have a job outside of being a royal, which makes Prince William a rarity. Prince Charles makes even more money through a special portfolio called the Duchy of Cornwall. Everything is quite confusing for us commoners, especially since we are not used to the ways of the monarchy.

It is expected that when Prince William becomes king, he will inherit some of the ways in which the Queen makes money. According to Time, the Queen’s paths of income follow 3 main paths. The first way is through private income, which includes money from the properties she owns and the investments she has made. The second way is through the Duchy of Lancaster which includes other forms of property and expenditures. The third way is through Sovereign Grant, which is another portfolio of land. William will likely inherit all of this and will add his own forms of income, therefore helping Kate and his children earn more.

11 Some Countries May Decide To Break Away From The Empire

Via: Elle

The Queen has been in power for sixty-six years. She has been a trailblazer for change and has become the only sovereign that many people have known during their lifetime. Currently, England is planning for the passing of the Queen. According to Business Insider, this will be a big deal and will ultimately shut down the country for about two weeks. Many different elements of England will change during this time, including television and radio programming, business openings, and naturally anything that says the Queen’s name on it.

When the Queen passes, it is expected that many countries may leave the Commonwealth. According to Business Insider, this will happen whether Charles or William becomes king.

Since it is not anticipated that Camilla will take the name of Queen Consort, but Kate will, there may be more countries that leave when Kate becomes Queen Consort due to their loyalty to Elizabeth II.

Some of the countries that may leave the Commonwealth include Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, as per Business Insider. While this may depend on their ruler at the time, it may also depend on whether any of those next to the throne try to make Britain a republic!

10 Kate Will Have To Do Even More Charity Work

Via: SheKnows

One of the many things that people love about William and Kate is their constant philanthropic efforts. They consistently do charity work and travel in order to help those in need. The couple is currently a driving force behind a mental health awareness campaign, while also supporting UNICEF, cancer societies, and even various veteran charities. They feel as though their work to make a difference is never done.

When the Queen passes away and William eventually takes the throne, it is expected that he and Kate will take on some of the Queen’s favorite charities on top of the ones that they have grown to love and support. According to the Royal website, approximately 3,000 different organizations have a member of the Royal Family on their board of directors.

Some of these charities include Step One, the British Red Cross, The British Diabetic Association, and a large variety of other charities and organizations. Every sovereign is expected to take on their predecessor’s charities and add their own to the list. Kate and William will have to divide their time up wisely to be able to help all of these organizations. Kate will likely push to add more children’s mental health organizations.

9 She Will Break A Monarchy Tradition

Via: Popsugar

Kate Middleton is a modern woman. She strives for greatness independently and has made it a point to do so through her entire life. While she follows the rules of the British monarchy, Kate sets her own example. She continues to pave the way for more modern royals, even going so far as to politely scold her children in public and to not hide her past. William and Kate’s parenting style tends to be much more relaxed as a whole, according to AOL.

Part of her past is going to make her a great part of history.

Prince William met Kate Middleton at the University of St. Andrews, according to AOL. The two started dating during college, broke up for a short period of time, and then got back together and got married.

Kate graduated from this university with an Upper Second-Class degree in History of Art. When Kate becomes the Queen Consort, she will officially be the highest educated female monarch in all of British history, as per AOL. No other Queen or Queen Consort was able to attend university and get a degree. With Kate being a modern woman, it is incredibly appropriate that she is the one to reach this historic milestone.

8 Kate Will Likely Follow Queen Elizabeth II’s Example

Via: Pinterest

One of the many known rules about the Royal Family is that everyone must follow the sovereign’s lead. If the Queen was to put her fork and knife down, everyone dining with her would be expected to do the same. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s lead goes well beyond dining habits. Members of the Royal Family are expected to follow her way of dressing, conversing, and even walking, as per Royal Central. The Queen sets the standard for how others should act in a variety of settings.

Since Kate is not a royal by blood, it is expected that she will continue to uphold the standards set by Queen Elizabeth II when she becomes Queen Consort. One of the traditions that many people expect Kate to hold as a Queen is that she will stop being so accessible to the media, as per Royal Central. The Queen will not be interviewed by the press herself. Other members of the Royal Family are allowed to be interviewed, but the Queen remains a mystery. According to Royal Central, this could be because interviews can be too unpredictable and press conferences can become overwhelming. The media should get interviews with Kate while they can!

7 PDA Will Be Officially Off The Table

Via: Hello Magazine

As previously stated, people that are around the Queen are expected to follow her lead in every aspect of their life. From conversational topics to beginning and ending a meal, the Queen sets the tone and pace for all of these, according to Insider. The Queen expects everything to be well planned, especially for the members of the Royal Family that are close in line for the throne. Since William is one of the next in line, he must follow suit closely.

According to Insider,

William and Kate follow the Queen’s lead more closely than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because they are closer to the throne and have official titles.

Since the Queen does not hold Prince Philip’s hand or engage in any other sort of public display of affection with him, William and Kate take this as something that they must follow.

This is why we only see them hold hands or touch each other’s arms on a rare occasion. Most of William and Kate’s public appearances will be official royal assignments, in which they will engage in professionalism, as per Insider. This is why they will likely continue to uphold Queen Elizabeth II’s standards for PDA well after she is gone.

6 Kate’s Family Will Get Royal Titles

Via: Closer Weekly

Kate Middleton came from a family of commoners. She is one of the first members of the Royal Family in a long time that has not had a title prior to marriage. She was at the right place at the right time when William saw her in a fashion show at university. If it had not been for that fashion show, who knows if the couple would have gotten together.

There is currently a debate about whether or not Kate’s family will be granted titles after Queen Elizabeth II passes away, according to The Loop.

It is possible that the family could be given titles while Prince Charles is king, but it seems as though it would certainly happen by the time William took the throne and Kate became Queen Consort.

The Loop reports that Kate’s parents and her two siblings will be given titles.

As of right now, speculation says that Kate’s father will become an Earl, Kate’s mother will become a countess, Kate’s brother will become a viscount, and Kate’s sister will become a Lady. According to The Loop, this has been rumored to happen since William and Kate got married, but they likely have to wait for the Queen to pass to do this.

5 She Must Make Sure Her Children Marry Anyone Except A Catholic

Via: E!

The Royal Family has some strange rules in place. Only recently has it been acceptable to marry a divorcee or for a female sibling to rank above a male sibling. The times are slowly changing in Britain. Some things are still a work in progress. More will likely change when William takes the throne with Kate by his side. Now, only the next six people that could take the throne need to get the sovereign’s permission to marry. Initially, it was the entire Royal Family, according to PopSugar.

One of the laws that have yet to change involves religion. The Queen is considered to be one of the heads of the Protestant Anglican Church of England, as per PopSugar. Apparently, Roman Catholics are the closest to enemies that this church can get and the Royals had been prohibited from marrying them until 2015, according to PopSugar.

While this changed, it is still not possible for a Roman Catholic to become the monarch. This means if one of the royals marries a Roman Catholic and converts to that religion, they may not be allowed to become king or queen. Any easier way to avoid this would be for Kate to make sure that her children do not marry a Roman Catholic.

4 Kate Will Rank Above Camilla, Even Popularity Wise

Via: Popsugar

Many people have a great amount of disdain for Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles. Many people feel as though she is the reason that the People’s Princess, Diana, is no longer alive. People loved Princess Diana and wanted to see her rule one day.

Due to Britain’s great love for Diana, Camilla was given the title Duchess of Cornwall instead of Duchess or Princess of Wales, which was once Diana’s title,

according to Britroyals.

People that loved Diana want to see Kate succeed. They are often compared to one another, as Kate is lovable, much like Diana was. This comparison often makes Kate much more popular and more respected than Camilla. People do not want to have Camilla as their Queen, as she was an adulterer that took the place of their beloved Diana. This is also why it is likely that Camilla will take the name of Princess Consort instead of Queen Consort when Philip takes the throne, as per Britroyals.

Many people are hoping that Charles will abdicate so William can become king and Kate can be Queen Consort. If Charles passes while Camilla is still alive, William and Kate will take the throne, ranking above Camilla.

3 Having More Children Would Cause National Outrage

Via: Harper's Bazaar

The world awaited news of royal babies from the moment that William and Kate got married. First, they announced their pregnancy that resulted in Prince George. Shortly after, they announced their pregnancy with Princess Charlotte. It was a surprise when they announced that they were expecting their third child, Prince Louis. According to Mirror,

many people were excited for the couple, although not everyone was thrilled about the news. It has been about six decades since a royal couple had more than two.

A great portion of Britain was angry that the Royals were having a third child. Around the same time the pregnancy was announced, a law was put in place that would only give struggling families tax credit for two children, but not more, as per Mirror.

This means that the people with more than two children that were having a tough time financially would be out of luck getting a tax break for their additional kids. William and Kate do not have to worry about finances, which is why so many people were outraged. The people that were well-off were getting to help make decisions for those that were, as per Mirror. Kate is being advised not to have more children to minimize outrage.

2 She May Have To Take On The Challenge Of Replacing Princess Diana

Via: Vanity Fair

Princess Diana was known as “The People’s Princess.” People all over the world loved her. She was real and often disobeyed some of the standard, stuffy, royal rules. She loved to have fun with her children and often spoke candidly. Her divorce from Prince Charles led to most people picking Team Diana. Her death was absolutely traumatic for most of the world, with her funeral being one of the most watched funerals in television history.

With Kate Middleton marrying Diana’s oldest son, William, she is often compared to Diana, as per PopSugar. Many people often wonder if Diana would approve, with many people saying she absolutely would have. Diana’s official title had been the Princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles. She has maintained that title even in her grave.

When Prince Charles becomes king, he will grant William with the title of Prince of Wales, which will make Kate the new Princess of Wales,

as per PopSugar. This is when the Diana comparisons will really come into play. When William takes the throne and Kate becomes queen, the comparisons will continue, as people try to determine if Kate is doing what Diana would have done as Queen Consort.

1 Everyday Tasks Will Likely Be Delegated To An Assistant

Via: Daily Mail

Prince William and Kate are very down to earth. The couple has no problem playing soccer with children during their charity appearances. They act like very normal people, although they have official titles and official duties. Kate is raising the future king or queen, which is a huge job. They try to make sure that the children act proper, but also act like children all at the same time.

Kate tries to keep things as normal as possible, especially since she was not born as a royal. This Duchess enjoys going grocery shopping on her own, although she has to take guards with her, as per Vanity Fair. She also enjoys walking the dog and taking the kids out to play or going on dates with William to local pubs, as Vanity Fair reported. Once William becomes the King of England and Kate becomes the Queen Consort, this will have to change. Kate will be in more danger than what she was considered to be as Duchess. She will be considered more important. She will likely only leave the palace for official royal duties. Everything else will be done by one of her many assistants, Vanity Fair reports.

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