7PDA Will Be Officially Off The Table

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William and Kate follow the Queen’s lead more closely than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because they are closer to the throne and have official titles.

As previously stated, people that are around the Queen are expected to follow her lead in every aspect of their life. From conversational topics to beginning and ending a meal, the Queen sets the tone and pace for all of these, according to Insider. The Queen expects everything to be

well planned, especially for the members of the Royal Family that are close in line for the throne. Since William is one of the next in line, he must follow suit closely.

According to Insider,

Since the Queen does not hold Prince Philip’s hand or engage in any other sort of public display of affection with him, William and Kate take this as something that they must follow.

This is why we only see them hold hands or touch each other’s arms on a rare occasion. Most of William and Kate’s public appearances will be official royal assignments, in which they will engage in professionalism, as per Insider. This is why they will likely continue to uphold Queen Elizabeth II’s standards for PDA well after she is gone.

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