15 Things That Will Make The Unborn Baby Fussy

Pregnancy is considered the fullness of a woman’s life. Moms sometimes consider it as the purpose of their existence. Having a baby is so precious. Babies are truly priceless. Some people would willingly give everything they have just to have a little bundle of joy in their life. They would do anything just to see the mini version of themselves.

Emotions are over pouring when the baby makes his first move inside the mommy’s womb and she is able to feel it. A baby inside the womb may kick, do cartwheels and stretch. It may hurt the mom when the baby kicks, but it’s definitely very satisfying. It’s good to know that the baby is alive and kicking. It feels so ecstatic and indescribable, joy just pours out.

Babies really have regular fussy periods. The most common time for babies to be fussy is during the daytime, wherein the baby is usually awake. There are a lot of reasons why the baby becomes fussy inside the womb. It may be because the baby is uncomfortable, irritable or extremely happy. Either way, it’s a blessing. It feels so magical and it’s very overwhelming. It makes the pregnant mom’s heart flutter.

Let’s explore the mommy’s womb and know the 15 things that can make the baby fussy.

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15 When Mom Won't Stop Moving

Sometimes, moms forget that they are pregnant; that they are carrying a living being inside of them. They tend to move hastily and quickly. Moving rapidly can cause contractions, which hurts the mom. Standing quickly or moving hurriedly could indeed affect the baby’s serenity. This is one of the causes why the baby fusses. The baby becomes irritable when the mommy moves too fast he can’t keep up.

The pregnant mommy should move slowly so the baby won’t be alarmed. She should be gentle and delicate. It may take up too much time moving but it’s worth the handling with care. She should stand up slowly. Move slowly. Relax as much as she can. If the pregnant mom is not super required to work then she shouldn’t. She should have lots of time for herself and her baby. Sitting while working with something is preferable. Although exercise is a must for pregnant moms, they must not overdo it. And they shouldn’t even dare lifting anything that’s heavy; heavy things that may take up much energy from her and her baby. Lifting as an exercise is good, but lifting heavy things isn’t good at all. If unavoidable, it should be done properly and ask for help doesn’t cost a thing.

14 Eating Certain Foods

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Yes, you read it right. Food can make a baby fussy too. The baby is nourished through mom’s umbilical cord. Amniotic fluid detects the flavor of what a person eats. Amniotic fluid plays a vital role in altering the flavor of the food to make it more suitable for the baby. It is to prepare the baby for the outside world; food that he may encounter in the outside world.

According to NCBI, babies tend to swallow more amniotic fluid when the food is sweet and less when the food is bitter. What the baby tastes is in the hands of his mom. What the mom eats is basically what the baby eats. Some flavors would really make the baby fuss. Flavors like sour, sweet and bitter could really make the baby fuss, either in a positive or negative way. It could make the baby happy or dissatisfied.

Mom’s crazy cravings will make the baby fussy too. It can change the baby’s mood. Food could either make the baby relax or fussy. Everything that the baby gets, he got it all from his mother. Moms must see to it that they eat what they love, but also in consideration of what’s healthy and good for the baby.

13 When The Bump Is Squished

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things in the world. That’s unquestionable. However, it is also important to note that it’s not always good days, it is also stressful, but we still believe that there is nothing that moms can’t handle. Pregnancy could be stressful when the baby becomes irritable inside the womb. The baby’s irritability could disturb a good sleep or mommy’s work.

A lot of things can make the unborn baby uncomfortable. It may be because of what the mom ate, mom’s sleeping position or what the baby hears, etc. When there is less space for the baby inside the tummy, the baby will really be uncomfortable and as a result fussy. The baby will curl and squish until he gets a comfortable position. Babies become fussy whenever they feel discomfort. Some fussiness might not be noticeable and some might indeed hurt the expectant mom. The unborn baby will push against the uterine wall, which will hurt the pregnant mom. Unborn babies find a way to get comfortable. They can change their position in the womb.

They can be fussier every day as they grow. It’s important to comfort and relax the baby whenever he is fussy by gently rubbing the baby bump. It helps ease the baby’s discomfort and makes the baby feel secure at the same time.

12 When There's Too Much Noise

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According to Health Line, the baby can already hear at the 18th week and he can actively listen to his environment. The baby could pick up everything that his mom is exposed to, even the noise that the mommy hears, the baby also hears. Basically, what the pregnant mom feels is what the baby feels as well. The amazing thing is, the baby can hear his mom’s heartbeat. The baby knows if his mom is breathing fine or if his mom is breathing heavy and the likes. The baby responds to what he hears. It may be the voice of his own dad or the music that has been playing. What he hears could really change his mood. Too much noise will make the baby fussy so it’s important to keep everything low.

It is essential to sing for the baby, read a story for the baby and interact with the baby as much as possible. Tune the volume down and produce white noises like an electric fan, the sound of the rainfall or anything that will not make the baby startle if he hears a loud noise or sound. Play sweet music for the baby. Play good music that will not give him discomfort but will give him relaxation instead. There is a lot of well-known music and genres known to soothe the feelings of the unborn baby. Babies could really be moody so it’s important to not add to be baby’s grumpiness.

11 Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain, Too

While this may sound absurd for some, researchers prove that babies inside the womb can feel pain too. They could be hurt as well. This is caused by several things. One, it may be because the mom is hurting too and the other may be because the baby is physically pained. The mom may have bumped into something hard.

Unborn babies have feelings too. It is important that we also take their feelings into consideration whenever the mother does something to her body that may actually affect the baby. It may shock the parents, but yes, babies can feel threatened. They get upset too. They are hurting as well. What their mom is feeling is what they are basically feeling. It is proven that they cry silently and they could also be stressed. It is important that pregnant moms take care of themselves, it’s not just for them, but also for the babies as well. That is why some privileges are given to pregnant moms because establishments want to be a part of the growth of the baby in a positive way.

The baby feels sad whenever there is something that the mom does that makes him upset, for example when the mom is drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, this will surely hurt the baby and make it feel poorly physically.

10 Startled Mom, Startled Baby

When we are startled while sleeping, our tendency is to do quick kicks or move hastily. Unborn babies experience that too. Unborn babies feel as much as a born person does. Babies can be startled too.

There are a lot of reasons why unborn babies are startled. It may be because of sudden noise in the environment or the baby is shocked in the first place. As what we have already said, what the mommy is feeling is what the baby is feeling too. When startled, they will kick and punch until they are not startled anymore. Gently rubbing the baby bump can actually ease the shock that the baby is feeling.

Moms may feel a sudden jolt inside their tummies. The explanation for this is because their baby is startled. Just as how we are startled by something, unborn babies will feel it when you do. Some things really startle us like the sound of a glass that has been broken or a loud scream from somewhere. Some things will really catch the baby off guard. It is important that moms or dads do not contribute to the baby being startled. It may cause harmful effects to their brain’s development or the growth themselves.

9 When Mom Overworks Herself

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Pregnancy is not just crucial for the mother, it is also crucial for the baby’s growth. Working too much may inflict harmful effects to the baby. An overworking mom will really have a fussy baby. If the mother is burned out, the baby is burned out as well. If the mom gets fatigue, so does the baby inside her. Standing too long or working over the computer the whole day may exhaust the baby too. These activities affect the development of the baby. Stress hormones will surely affect the baby. This will make him fussy and uncomfortable. It could also affect the IQ of the baby. A balanced lifestyle is a must. Knowing what’s important is crucial in pregnancy. Emotional and financial support from the husband also eases the stress that the pregnant mother is experiencing.

It really makes the baby fussy and irritable when the mother works too much. Working too much makes the baby fussy, most particularly at the end of the day. Complete relaxation is important when pregnant. If it is possible for the pregnant mom to not work because her husband can provide anything she needs, then she must not work and focus on her pregnancy. This stage is for the mommy and the baby. No one and nothing should get in the way of that.

8 Unborn Babies Get Hungry, Too!

The baby feels hungry too. They can crave for something they liked eating. The amniotic fluid is responsible for converting the tastes of the food that the pregnant mom eats. Familiar sweetness will make the baby happy and cheerful and make him bounce up and down with joy. Weeks before labor, unborn baby’s will be familiar of the taste of the food that his mom usually eats. The baby fusses when he is hungry. It’s a sign that he is responding to his hunger. Working moms should not forget to eat at the right time. It is important that the baby gets the nutrients he needs. If satisfied, the baby will also fuss in a good way because he is full.

Some pregnant women are really deprived of proper meals, most especially those less fortunate people. The baby gets hungry if the mommy gets hungry. Although that could happen, it is still possible that their baby will be born healthy. The baby is fed through the placenta and umbilical cord and what comes into these is what the mommy ate. Although they feel hunger, what they feel is minimal compared to ours. While some babies don’t, most babies will really fuss if they are hungry.

7 The Restless Feeling

There are many reasons why the unborn baby becomes fussy inside the womb. One thing is when they become playful. They bounce up and down in the stomach. They act like a gymnast when they are cheerful. They kick and punch when they are startled. They move whenever they want. Some babies want to play with their moms. One way to get their mom’s attention is by moving around inside the womb. The baby fills the space in the womb. The baby stretches inside the womb too. They stretch to loosen those tiny muscles. This is the time that the baby’s muscles develop.

The pregnant mom will feel the baby’s movement. The baby’s movement is also known as “quickening” and it usually begins between the 16th to 22nd weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant moms think their babies are doing cartwheels inside the womb. It is so interesting to know that they’re enjoying the coziness of their position in the womb. The baby is relaxing. The baby is playing. They do so much more than we have realized. This really makes the mom happy too. It may hurt them, but they don’t mind. As long as they know that the baby is alive and kicking, that’s enough for them. The baby shows off his best moves whenever he likes. The baby flutters in excitement or in happiness.

6 Distracting Lights And Sound 

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The baby is fussy when he feels discomfort. The baby reacts to light, to the noise that is evident in the environment. The baby in the womb can actually see the light outside. The reflection of the light can be noticed by the baby inside. The baby can’t see much, but he can see the light from where it came from. He can focus on the source. The baby can see the bright light and he can be distracted by it. As a result, he may become fussy and find a solution to not focus on the bright light by changing position. According to Parents, the baby can open his eyes at the 28th week of pregnancy. The baby moves away from the light.

Outside noise also contributes to the stimulation that may distract the baby. It is important to keep the volume on things low. Whether it is a radio, TV or voices. Moms must see to it that the place of rest is relaxing and peaceful. A healthy baby reacts to outside stimulation a couple of weeks before he is born. Reduction of outside stimulation is important so it won’t stress the baby. It is also important that he hears his mom and dad voices. In addition, the amazing thing about this is babies can actually remember the songs that they hear while they are still in the womb and also the stories that they have heard.

5 If The Baby Feels Unsafe 

Along other emotions, the unborn baby can feel unsafe too. When the baby is startled, fear appears in the picture. The baby becomes fussy if he feels unsafe or threatened. Bumping into something very sharp can threaten the baby. Hot showers can also threaten the baby.

It’s safe to say that it is just a feeling. It will not cause anything physically wrong to the baby. But it’s also good to take care of the baby and also take care of oneself. Alcohol and cigarettes can really threaten the baby. Something that falls on the baby bump causes the baby to feel unsafe. The baby that is not fussy in the stomach or a baby that does not move is more dangerous that the baby is fussy.

Although the baby is safe, moms can’t help but feel anxious. And when moms are anxious about the baby’s health, it’s okay to consult a doctor. The first time moms are more likely to be anxious about this. It’s important to contribute to the emotional well-being of the baby even though he is still inside the womb. Mommies and daddies must not do anything they're not supposed to do and they shouldn’t compromise the baby inside the womb.

4 When The Baby Feels Lonely 

Babies can feel sadness too. The baby gets sad because he is lonely or tired or uncomfortable. It’s not easy to live in the uterine wall alone except if the baby has a twin or more. The baby will be fussy if he is not given attention. If the baby is not given attention, he will really fuss and seek attention through kicking.

The baby wants to interact with his mom most of the time. The pregnant mother and the unborn baby must establish an unbreakable bond. In that way, the baby will not feel lonely inside mommy’s tummy. According to Positivity Post, carrying the baby for 9 months will really give the mommy and the baby an unbreakable bond. The magical bond starts immediately, even when the baby is just a month in the uterus. The mom and the baby don’t just create a mother and child relationship, they also establish a friendship. They are always with each other. They can never be set apart from each other. The voice of the baby’s mom can instantly give comfort to the baby. This may sound silly, but it is highly suggested that the pregnant mother communicates with her baby. Just a simple rub in mom’s belly could make the baby happy and feel secure. This is the way of cuddling the unborn baby inside the womb.

3 When The Baby Wants To Bond With Mom

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Pregnancy is really amazing, from the growing of the baby inside the womb to the crazy things that may happen to the mother who is pregnant. Just the thought of having a little being inside you is really overwhelming. Before the labor, the pregnant mom and the baby can already establish a good connection with each other. Their bond will be as strong as ever, especially if they always interact with each other.

The baby plays with the mom. They hear music together. Eat the same food. Their connection is indestructible. Their firm connection will always be there. The baby can hear his mom’s voice, which may make him fussy in a happy way. It is also important that the baby and the daddy establish a formidable connection. Dads should be visible in the process of pregnancy. It feels so priceless if the daddy and baby establish a good relationship with each other. Gently rubbing the baby bump will really make the baby get comfortable. Talking with the unborn baby also helps. The baby becomes familiar with the voice of his parents. Having a good relationship with the baby is a win-win situation. Get to know more about your baby. Flick through mommy guides. Give a lot of time to your baby. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your baby.

2  The Baby Gets Excited Over Something

baby gets excited about food

When we are excited over something, we tend to be squishy and mushy and we move from left to right. We are in awe if we are over the moon for something. It’s not surprising that the baby does this as well. The baby knows when his mom is happy for it reflects on his emotions as well. They are both in this together. When the baby is happy, he tends to kick and punch. When the mother starts to laugh, the unborn baby inside the womb will respond and will bounce up and down too. The baby gets excited too. The baby could be excited over hearing a familiar voice or music. Daddy’s voice can make the unborn baby excited too. The baby is excited to make his journey down to the birth canal and meet the world other than umbilical cord and uterine wall.

Amniotic fluid will also make the unborn baby excited and gleeful. Tasting sweet can really make the baby happy. Some food induces happiness in the baby. Some food will boost the baby’s energy and it can give him some good time to kick and punch and move and do cartwheels and just play inside the womb.

1 Too Much Happiness

There are a lot of things that can make the unborn baby cheerful. It may be because of what he eats, or what he hears or what he feels. It may also be because the baby’s mom is happy. The baby moves around the womb especially from the 8th week up to the last week of pregnancy. According to Emax Health, the baby feels sad, happy and upset inside the womb, too.

Emotion is a natural tendency for people, unborn babies are not an exception to that. It is truly marvelous to know that the baby is happy inside the tummy. There will always be bad days and good days. Babies experience that as well. At the 7th month of pregnancy, baby’s facial expression is very apparent. They can be caught smiling in an ultrasound. The baby kicks and punches when he’s cheerful. That may hurt the mom, however, it is considered a blessing in disguise, for the baby is cheerful when that happens. It can be a good time to play with the baby. Sometimes being fussy is how the baby interacts with his mom. It’s the baby’s way of saying, “Hey mom! I’m alive and kicking. I’m happy so be happy too.” Studies show that they also smile and are cheerful even though they weren’t taught how to.

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