15 Ways The Duggar Family Betrayed Their Own Fans

It should ultimately come as no surprise to anyone that the Duggars have made quite the name for themselves after being featured on TLC's reality hit TV show 19 Kids And Counting. For those who have heard of this family, then you are probably aware of all the craziness that has surrounded their lives for the past few years since their show first aired.

And if you are part of the readership who fully understand that the Duggars have had their fair share of scandals, then you may already be fully informed about several of the scams listed below.

If you had not guessed by the title, this article is all about the ways in which the Duggar family have reportedly tried to fool their fans, in one way or another, into giving them money. Even more amazing is that in spite of these scams getting brought to light by the media, their following still increases by the thousands every single day. People are either for or against the Duggars and we bet this won't be the last we hear of them.

That being said, I think it is still important to inform everyone about this family's long list questionable actions that were called out by the media. And don't think that the 15 things in this article are the only ones by a long shot.

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15 Begging For Bucks After Their Show Got Cancelled


You wouldn't think or expect it at all (or maybe you would), but it turns out that the Duggars went about begging for money, to some extent. Now, there is nothing wrong with begging someone for food or water if you have nothing and need those things but it's not like the Duggars have been hard up since the success of their "reality" TV show. So, how is it that they came to beg their fans for cash?

Well, after it surfaced that Josh Duggar had taken advantage of several of his sisters as well as at least one other underage girl, TLC canceled their show and I guess the Duggars suddenly were in need of money and decided to try and get support from their fans. There was enough of a backlash from their own fans that the Duggars eventually removed the "support" button from their page altogether.

14 Jessa And Ben's Request For Gift Cards


Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald posted an address for their fans back in 2015 encouraging them to send gift cards to Walmart and Target as well as any amounts of cash. Why? Well, I guess the real question is, why not? It is interesting - they must make plenty of money from their reality TV shows (though I'm not 100% qualified to say) as well as their public appearances thanks to the success of those shows. Why ask fans for more money?

According to In Touch Weekly, a fan posted this same sentiment on Facebook, suggesting that people make a donation to a charity in their name instead...after a short while the suggestion for donations was removed from this post. I guess the person Must have changed their mind about how they feel about the Duggars.

13 Charging For Fashion Advice


Fashionably Modest With Jessa...that's what Jessa Duggar called one of her church events in which she was to give people fashion advice on how to wear modest shirts and skirts to be a good and proper and humble Christian. Of course, this little lecture or workshop on how to dress was held at a church...and was also not a free event.

It would cost every attendee $20 to learn about how not to dress inappropriately.

I don't know if you know the Bible very well and if you do, you might remember when Jesus freaked out and booted the money lenders out of the time way back in the day...but I have a feeling that Jesus would almost certainly disapprove of Jessa using her celebrity to make money out of a church. But maybe she has some sort of rationale for it.

12 Comparing Abortion To The Holocaust


Trust it to one of the Duggars to go out of their way and compare a social issue like abortion to the Holocaust. Jessa, one of the Duggar daughters, decided it would be a good idea to dissuade people from having abortions by telling everyone that it is just the same as the Jewish Holocaust. According to the Daily Mail, Jessa's comment came under immediate fire, with many people "slamming her for her naive point of view."

For starters, the Jews who were killed during that awful time had the mental faculties to know exactly what was happening. Unborn children do not.

We're not going to get into a debate about the ethics of abortion in this article but I'm pretty sure most people know well enough just how touchy it is to compare abortion to the Holocaust.

11 Jill's Facebook Contest


Jill Duggar happened upon a contest on Facebook with a small cash prize of a couple hundred bucks. The basis of the contest was to post a certain type of photo and promote it. Those with the most views would win the prize money. Now...you may have already rightly guessed that Jill Duggar hardly would need the couple hundred bucks; nor would she have a problem getting the highest views.

Thanks to the reality show and her celebrity status, she's certainly doing quite well for herself. And it is that same celebrity that allowed her to accrue the highest number of views and therefore win this Facebook contest. Of course, there was quite a bit of backlash when it turned out that Jill both joined and won the contest.

10 Jim Bob's Private Planes


It should come as no surprise that the Duggars have a lot of power when it comes to their incredible celebrity status. It has allowed them to attain a lot of things from their fans and from the general public overall. That being said, the Duggars have purchased eight planes, which they run for their own private use. But they did the right thing, however underhanded it might look, and started a corporation so they could not be taxed on these luxury items.

When I say luxury items, I mean to say that if we assumed they purchased the planes at lower prices then we can still easily assume that they spent upwards of $3 million for their private fleet. That's also before we talk about maintenance and fuel for each of the eight vessels. That is a lot of money to have to fork out.

All of this has been essentially funded from the support of their fans as well as the tax exemption they get thanks to making a Christian corporation for their privately used planes.

9 Using Martin Luther King


Here's one of the most interesting scams the Duggars have undertaken. What's so interesting about this one is that it doesn't even involve the Duggars taking any material goods from their fans. All it does is ask of their fans to ignore pretty blatant hypocrisy. Several of the Duggars posted on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with various quotes from the Civil Rights icon. People were quick to point out how hypocritical it was for them to do this considering how contradictory their lives seemed to be at the time.

They are avid supporters of Trump and MLK would certainly not have agreed with him on much at all. Dereck Dillard (husband of Jill Duggar) is also a very staunch opponent of the transgender community and is very open about this opposition. In spite of that, he still tried to use MLK's powerful words to help the fight against people who are "different"...which just factually goes against the preaching of MLK.

8 Amy's Engagement Gifts


Amy Duggar is a cousin of the tv family and a rebellious one at that when it comes to the whole Christian-living thing. Either way, when Amy got engaged, she put out a message for her fans with a mailing address so she could get some engagement gifts out of them.

Now, she definitely did receive gifts from people but thankfully also received messages from fans asking why she thought she deserved gifts from them, suggesting that she donate all the gifts. It is interesting because while Amy is part of the Duggar's extended family she doesn't have the same celebrity status as the rest of them...but that clearly didn't stop her from using that fan-base in the exact same way that much of the family has done.

7 Doing Missionary Work While Filming


Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar are among the two biggest in the family when it comes to getting money from people for their "mission work". Aside from the money that they got out of their fans over the years through gift requests and conference tickets,

it turns out that during a lot of the time that they claimed to be doing missionary work in South America, they were actually back home shooting for their "reality" TV show.

It's a good thing some people caught on to them but that doesn't change the fact that the Duggars knowingly exploiting their fans out of money while they were still in the comfort of their own homes making money from their "reality" show, rather than using the money from fans for charity work that their fans believe in.

6 Premarital PDA

I'm not sure if you know this but there are all sorts of strict rules that the Duggars are meant to follow. Mommy and Daddy Duggar have seen it fit to really lay in just how hugging and kissing are to be regulated in the family. There aren't supposed to be any "front hugs" at all until marriage. Same with kissing on the lips. However, they really pushed that they all live by these rules when their "reality" show was on the air. But, it pretty easily came out that many of them had broken these rules...even to the extent of having premarital intercourse! That's basically a cardinal sin in the Duggar family...at least so far as they talk about it. Of course, it's hard to take the rules seriously when Mommy and Daddy Duggar were reportedly doing the deed before they were married. It shouldn't be a surprise. It's natural. But it's still against their own professed rules.

5 Dillard Family Ministries


Derick Dillard and wife Jill Duggar have maybe been the most successful at parting fans from their money. Apparently, all you have to do is pretend you're traveling to poorer countries to do mission work and good Christian people all over the place will throw thousands of dollars at you. So, if you're broke you now know how to get back into the game. Though, if you have a conscience, I would advise against this.

Now, in the case of Jill and Derick and their organization Dillard Family Industries, they have managed to scam tens of thousands of dollars over their time while not actually doing missionary work at all. To be fair, they spent two weeks on what seemed like a vacation where they were at least in a country they could have been doing some missionary work in, but there was little to no evidence of them actually engaging in missionary work. Once they were found to be scamming, they suspended missionary work instead of actually going out and doing the work they had been talking about doing.

4 The Conferences


The Duggars really seem to work in mysterious ways when it comes to their fans. Sure, if you're running a "reality" tv show, you should make money for the job you have. But what the Duggars do here was called out by the media.

This very Christian family goes out of their way to promote courses, conferences, and camps to their fans so that they might get free admission for their own children.

Essentially, how this works, is that they are selling out their fans to these conferences in exchange for freeloading. I suppose they wield enough influence that it financially makes sense for the conference organizers to cover the Duggar's costs but at thousands of dollars per admission, with 20 kids... It seems that it really works well to save the Duggars' money to use their fans to get these perks.

3 Wedding Gifts For The Duggars


There have been several solicitations from many Duggar couples for wedding gifts from fans. For some reason, they seem to think that they are worth all sorts of charity when it should be them, based on their ideals, going out of their way to do charitable work, especially given just how much they talk about the good works of God.

The most recent of weddings was Joseph Duggar's to Kendra Caldwell. Joy-Anna Duggar went out of her way to make the post on behalf of the couple to show their fans the registry list so that fans could make sure they got gifts for the couple from the right places. It is a very interesting dynamic the relationship between the celebrity and the fan. Especially in this case where the fan seems to be expected to contribute to the celebrity.

2 The Josh Duggar Scandal


If you don't anything about the Josh Duggar scandals that have surfaced over the past few years, then you really need to know. So, here is a rundown. Now, the Duggars have always played up their good, godly and Christian ideals. And just how loving they are. Well, it seems Josh Duggar took that "loving" bit just a little bit too far and took advantage of three of his younger sisters when they were all children. He also took advantage of at least one of their friends.

These actions resulted in TLC canceling the family's "reality" TV show, but the offending Duggar never saw jail time, which is simply an insult to the girls who were victimized. And if that wasn't enough, this representative from the Christain "reality" family also cheated on his wife with an adult entertainer who he met on the Ashley Madison website (a site for married people to find some extramarital fun).

1 The "Reality" Show That Started It All


This is the very thing that led so many people to believe in the Duggar family, and it is probably also the very thing that led so many of the Duggars to turn from the rules they seemed to uphold while on-camera shooting the show.

Of course, by the time the show started airing, Josh Duggar had already hurt his little sisters and at least one of their friends and Mommy and Daddy Duggar had already suggested that they had engaged in premarital activities so they started their show with a scam of sorts, but it took some of the rest of the family a couple of years to catch up. That being said, "reality TV" is typically an exaggeration of people's lives.

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