15 Things The Jolie-Pitt Family Make Their Kids Do

There is no shortage of Hollywood families who live their lives in very unconventional ways. Children with famous parents typically experience a very different upbringing compared to typical kids. The Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt entourage is a prime example of a family who marches to the beat of their own drum. They make their own rules up and pretty much do as they please when it comes to parenting.

Sadly this couple has decided to call it quits and are no longer the golden couple with a bevy of children from all across the globe. They have entered the all too common parenting agreement of so many Hollywood couples where their time with their children is split between two households. Rumor has it that one of the primary reasons for the Brangelina break-up was that the family rules didn't work for both parties. While Angie was the bohemian pal who let her kiddos get away with everything, Brad was the logical disciplinarian, forever having to play the bad cop.

Regardless of what really went down between these two that ultimately led to the demise of one of Tinsel Towns most beautiful couples, the rules that they had their kids follow while they were still one big happy family are about as unconventional as it gets.

15 Traditional Education Is A No

Formal education isn't something that the Jolie-Pitt clan has ever really clung to. In fact, these two make a homeschooling environment look like a top-notch private institution. The six Jolie-Pitt kids have been educated within the confines of their parental-approved educational opportunities for their entire lives. This varies from typical homeschooling where a standard curriculum is followed, thus ensuring that all children are exposed to certain learning concepts. Angelina and Brad have told their children to go ahead and learn whatever they want. Angelina has gone on record saying that she would rather her kids go to museums, read books that they prefer or play guitar during their daylight hours instead of studying social studies, science and mathematics. I wonder how this would affect the children when they start applying to colleges, if they decide to do so.

14 ...But Foreign Languages Are A Must

While studying fractions and the periodic table of elements is not a requirement for the Jolie Pitt children's education, being trained in a foreign language is. Each child must study a language that is not native to them. Of course, their liberal-leaning parents had to pair this rule with a bit of freedom and they allow each of the children to choose the language that appeals to them. Shiloh is focused on mastering Khmai, which is the Cambodian language, meanwhile, Pax has been brushing up on his Vietnamese. Maddox has a thing for both German and Russian and Vivienne is giving Arabic a whirl. Little Knox took his language learning requirement a bit out of the box and turned his attention towards sign language. Can you imagine what the family bickering must sound like in this home? Soon Thanksgiving dinner will sound like a good old United Nations meeting.

13 No Booze, Ever

There will be no popping Champagne with mom and pops once the kids are of legal drinking age. Angelina has banned alcohol from the Jolie-Pitt home for all of eternity. Part of the reason for this dry rule is because of Daddy Brad's rumored alcohol dependency issues. Inside sources claim that it was Brad'shard-partyingg ways that drove the famous couple to ultimately divorce. Angelina has been very public about how she cares for Brad, but her children come first. She literally puts up with nothing when the kids are involved and her world, in regards to their safety and well being, is very black and white.  Brad's drinking has had such an effect on Angelina that she has made it very clear to her kids that they will never be allowed to go near the bottle.

12 What Mom Says, Goes

What mommy says is law in this family. Angie has always made it crystal clear that she is the primary parent regarding all decisions affecting the children. Brad has truly never been seen as an equal parent to their six darling kiddos. How much stress could this imbalance of power have placed on an already complicated relationship? Our guess is a ton. Marriage is hard! Throw half a dozen children into that mix and it becomes nearly impossible. Making such a large family that happens to also be living their lives under a microscope work takes heaps of communication, respect and dedication. With Angie's "my way or the highway" mentality it's no wonder this couple's union crumbled. Perhaps this split will lend itself to some reflection on Angelina's part though. Her need to be the center of her kids' lives all of the time cannot be healthy for them, and after all, their well-being has always been her primary goal.

11 No Crying Allowed

While most parents see nothing wrong with showing a bit of vulnerability to their kids, Angelina has a completely different perspective on public displays of emotion. No adults can cry in front of her kids, especially not their pillar of a mother. So where did this strange rule come from? Angelina witnessed her mother's emotional pain frequently during her own childhood. Angie worried about her mom and doesn't want her own kids to ever worry about her. When it comes to her relationship with Brad, Angelina is a wall of a human being who refuses to let her kids know that there is any distress taking place. This has to be super confusing for her young children who clearly know that mom and dad are no longer together. It's a good thing that Brad and Angie are millionaires, because this rule will most likely be leading to hefty therapy bills in the kids' futures.

10 Humanitarian Work Comes First

Angelina's humanitarian causes have trumped her work in the entertainment business and have become her true calling in life. She has established herself as one of the top humanitarians on the planet and requires her children to follow in her footsteps. Asking young kids to save the universe is a tall order, if you ask me. Regardless of the kids' attitudes or comfort levels concerning humanitarian missions they are required to trek around the universe and aid in Angelina's activism activities as well as watch her rack up awards for her good-doings. It's fine to raise your children rooted in your belief system, but trying to influence them too heavily can sometimes backfire. Angie might want to let the kids stay home every now and then, maybe let them play with a few friends.

9 Mommy-Time Is A Must

Making sure that each one of your children receives undivided love and attention is not an outrageous family rule to enforce by any stretch of the imagination. It's actually quite healthy, especially in large families. Angelina, however, takes this concept to a whole other level. She forces her children to have mommy-bonding time and it isn't because the children want or crave it, it's because she craves it. Angie is adamant that her six kids and her make their world as small as possible. Shiloh is particularly close to Brad, but there is no family rule ensuring that the kids also have some father-bonding time worked in as well. There is even less time for the kids to spend with dad, now that him and mama have gone their separate ways.

8 Eating Local Cuisine Is Strongly Encouraged

Look here Angie, if you want to munch on beetles and spiders for your mid-day snack, you go on and do so. You're a bad ass, you played Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, so you carry on with your strange dietary conventions all you want. We won't stop you. Now, if you are going to push this malarkey on your young children, we are going to have to step in and say something. Angelina teaches her children not only how to prepare insects for consumption, but also why they should bother throwing them down the hatch. She explained to her young darlings that this was a source of nutrition that people have had to rely on during periods of war and suffering. As accurate as that might be, we are thinking that if famine strikes, the Jolie-Pitt kids won't be the first to go hungry.

7 They Only Answer To Nicknames

Having nicknames or abbreviated names isn't exactly an unorthodox rule by any stretch of the imagination, but enforcing a family rule that kids absolutely have to have a nickname is a bit bizarre. If you are going to be so into a nickname, why not just skip the formal name and write the nickname on the birth certificate? The answer as to why people can't do exactly that is basically to protect children from their parents calling them names that will end up scarring them for life. How any parent could be so selfish as to call their child something completely ridiculous is beyond us, but it happens. It happens so often actually that there are laws in place barring certain names from ever being used. Mad, Z and Shi- John probably got off easy considering that other parents have tried to name their kids Nutella, Robocop or Metallica.

6 The Number One Rule Is No Rules At All

Perhaps the strangest "rule" in this famous family is that there are really no rules at all! The Jolie-Pitt kids pretty much run a muck and do as they please. These kids have no structured bedtime. Nannies who have worked for the family in the past have reported that the kids run up and down the halls during all hours of the night, trying to hop into bed with their parents. It is not uncommon for the kids to be up at midnight eating sugar-loaded snacks and chugging pop! Brad and Angelina argued so much about parenting and family structure that many believe it was one of the straws that broke the camel's back. Angie is very laid-back and lax, while Brad has always been much more of a disciplinarian.

5 Family Over Friends

Most parents would agree that socialization is key to a child's development. Children need to learn how to function in a world outside of themselves and make connections with the people around them. In short, kids need friends. Angelina believes that her children are the best friends she ever had and doesn't think that the six kiddos need anyone outside of the family. This is all very reminiscent of how the late Michael Jackson raised his three children. We're not so sure that is a great model to be following, Angie. The Jolie-Pitt kids do not have friends that they often engage with. No sleepovers or play-dates are happening at the Jolie-Pitt household and they can't even hang out with similarly aged kids during school hours since they are homeschooled.

4 They Are Treated Like Little Adults

The Jolie-Pitt kids have never really been seen as children by their parents and even from a young age have been treated like miniature adults. One reason for this is Angie's own insecurities and strong desire to keep her six kids close to her and in the roles of friends as opposed to a parent and child relationship. The Jolie-Pitt children are given freedoms that most kids would never dream of exploring, they also travel the world and accompany Angelina in very adult-like situations, especially when it comes to humanitarian causes and working on set. What the Jolie-Pitt half-dozen don't get to do is typical kid stuff like have sleepovers, play-dates and go to public school. They also hold an assertive power over the adults in their lives like tutors and nannies. Their parents have pretty much put them on equal footing with the grown ups in their world.

3 Nannies Are A Go-To

The Jolie-Pitt family relies on an entire team of nannies to help them get through the day. At one point, there were as many nannies in the home as there were children. When Brad or Angie become frustrated with their brood (and that probably happens even more now that they have to parent by themselves), they simply summon the nanny who whisks the kids away. These parents have no control over their kids and have created an army of monsters. Even the monsters have started struggling to reign them in over the last few years. The caretakers will often stay up late into the night watching cartoons with the kids. Angie has even tried to turn the care of the children over to her brother (who is not a parent). Even with all of this in-house help, the children are becoming tiny tyrants who don't feel like they have to answer to anyone...anyone but mom.

2 All Religions Are Welcome

Angie and Brad have varying levels of faith and beliefs so it makes sense that they are raising their children to explore all religious options. Angie has been known to dabble in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam while Brad hovers in the Agnostic and Atheist camp after being raised as a Southern Baptist. Just like they allow their kids the freedom to study what they want, play an instrument of their choosing and learn languages based on their personal preferences, they encourage their kids to respect all people and all religious sects. As the kids grow up, it will be interesting to see who aligns with what religion and how on Earth they will manage all of those different cultural and religious holidays! One thing is for sure, there won't be a single month where some religious day is not being celebrated in this home.

1 Make Way For Weapons

Angelina is known for her beauty, her talent and her unusual interest in darker themes. As a child, she developed an interesting fascination with knives. Her mother started gifting daggers to Angie when she was only twelve years old, so it is no surprise that she started taking Maddox to specialty weapon shops before he turned ten years old. The boy now has quite a collection of samurais, daggers and knives that Angie swears all have blunt edges to protect himself. Considering that the kids run the house and life at the Jolie-Pitt compound sounds pretty chaotic and unpredictable, we think it is probably a good idea to steer clear of all sharp objects. Knife-collecting is not an unusual hobby for a person, but it is pretty out there for kids as young as seven to be partaking in.

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