15 Things The Kar-Jenner Nannies Spilled To The Media

Their names and faces are everywhere. The Kardashian-Jenner women, Kris, Caitlin, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie, simply are inescapable. Fans find themselves actively caught up in their lives as they binge-watch the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Everyone knows them. Most people love them. The joys of watching this dynamic family have only grown as each of the children have grown up and started their own families.

It has to be a whirlwind adventure of fashion, style, and the high-class life, right? Wrong! The life of a Kardashian-Jenner nanny is a quiet one to which we’re not very privy. The tidbits that we have gotten wind of, though—man, they are a doozy!

While the Kardashian-Jenner family is known for being incredible business moguls, the endeavor of children is something new to them. So, it’s no wonder that they would be employing nannies to make parenthood an easier endeavor for them. After all, raising children is hard for anyone. We can’t even begin to imagine what it must take to be a nanny to a Kardashian or a Jenner.

Their hands are full, and it’s fun to watch them figure out their popular lives with children now. It should really be called Keeping Up With The Kardashian Children!

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15 Bring The A-Game

Via: OK! Magazine

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but not if you are a Kardashian-Jenner nanny. In fact, the Kardashian-Jenner nannies are expected to be the example of perfection.

Why? It's because they are not just nannies. They are expected to exude the family image. The Kardashian-Jenner families are nearly everyone's guilty pleasure to follow, so it is not hard to believe that they would want their nannies to be on the same level they are.

We imagine these nannies are thoroughly vetted and trained in what it means to be a Kardashian-Jenner. According to OK!,

these nannies have to be reminiscent of the Kardashian-Jenners, from fashion to mannerisms, nothing is left out when they expect their nannies to be top-notch quality all of the time.

It has to take a special kind of person to be a high class, fashion act, and always ready for the camera nanny. Anything less would be an embarrassment to the family.

These nannies also have to act quickly when it comes to handling the children, as the Kardashians allegedly do not like to be around criers, according to OK! That means these nannies have to have super fast reflexes and decision-making skills.

14 "Madam" Kourtney

Via: Daily Mail

We all have our ways of addressing our bosses—some more formal with a last name while others are less formal. Kourtney Kardashian—however—takes this concept to an entirely new level. Her nannies do not address her as Ms. Kardashian, and God forbid if they were to call her Kourtney. No.

Instead, Kourtney expects—demands—that all of her nannies address her by the title of “Madam.” That is right. She gave herself the title of Madam and not even Madam Kourtney at that. One of the nannies reported to OK! that she once referred to the eldest Kardashian sister as “Kourtney,” which was met with a complete meltdown from the Madam. Apparently, the wrath of this sister is something that cannot be put into words; the nanny just said she never made that mistake again.

We cannot imagine calling our boss by that title. It sounds like something out of a steamy novel if we are being honest, especially since most madams run brothels and things of the like. We cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to work for Madam Kourtney—to address her by such a title if it really is a true thing.

13 The Royal V

Via: Pinterest

Ever watch the movie The Mighty Ducks? Remember that iconic scene at the very end where the team goes on the offense with that awesome V formation to win the game? We have a feeling that Kim Kardashian must have liked that movie—more specifically that scene. Kim’s nannies need to be on top of knowing that formation—and their place in that formation as well.

According to The Talko, instead of walking in a group when out in public, apparently,

Kim requires her nannies along with her assistants to flank her in such a manner. Her nannies have their place and they are due to stick to it or suffer the consequences.

After all, Kim has to be at the forefront of everyone’s attention and every single picture, which puts her at the point of the V. This may even prevent anyone from sneaking up behind her. She cannot have a nanny upstaging her, right? It does not end there. Apparently, Kim will tell all of her staff exactly where to stand if they stop or if they are going to be stationary for any amount of time, as per The Talko. The prevents Kim from being blocked.

12 Helicopter Boss Mom

Via: People

The job of a nanny is to relieve the stress from mom and give her a helping hand, right? Well, we hear that Kourtney Kardashian may need a refresher in what a nanny is supposed to do. From reports we’ve read, she hovers—a lot! Instead of fully training her nannies so they can be completely independent in the care of her children, she hovers. Apparently, she struggles with letting them do their job and instead hounds them day in and day out as they work. Kourtney tends to get in the way, as an insider reported to The Talko.

Instead of focusing on the big picture, Kourtney hones in on small details that the nanny may have missed.

We cannot imagine having a nanny and not utilizing their presence to the fullest. If she is going to follow her children’s nannies around to make sure they do the job right, maybe she should not have a nanny—or she could just get cameras. With her undermining the nannies in front of the children, it must be difficult for the nannies to get the children to take them seriously. We imagine it has got to be hard to do the job while the boss is always interfering.

11 Odd Ball Jobs

Via: Jezebel

We hire nannies to take care of our kids. Sometimes we get lucky, and they help out with other odds and ends tasks when they can. At the end of the day, they take care of the kids first. It is not that way with the Kardashian-Jenner families, though. Their nannies are given a long list of items to do on a daily basis outside of watching and caring for the children—and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Kylie Jenner supposedly has used her nanny to help with her Instagram feed. Those amazing color swatch pictures of make-up lined up? That’s not Kylie’s arm in the pictures. According to Teen Vouge, she used her nanny and housekeepers growing up to take those photos. Kylie says that the housekeepers and nannies are very patient when it comes to swatching, but it must be more difficult when the tasks are a little more challenging. The list of what these nannies do besides taking care of the kids just goes on and on, including caring for the pets, always being ready to travel, and even doing the shopping according to The Talko. At least their nannies are paid well, right?

10 Forget Those Normal Hours

Via: HawtCelebs

Mom and dad typically work nine to five, so nanny works something like eight to six. It is what we imagine as a typical schedule—the nanny works a few hours longer than mom and dad to compensate for travel time. Sometimes date nights might be included, but it is a normal job. Clearly, that is not true for the Kardashian-Jenner nannies. Apparently, there is no such thing as normal hours for their nannies.

In fact, they are on-call nannies.

That means they come whenever the Kardashian-Jenner family beckons them. Whether it is two in the afternoon or two in the morning, their nannies are expected to answer the call.

According to OK!, the nannies always have to be ready to travel, especially if the family decides to pick up in the middle of the night and catch a flight to France. There may even be an impromptu business meeting which the nannies would have to take the children for. It has to be exhausting to never have secured downtime hours. Not to mention it kills the social life! All they need now is a beacon in the sky, and these women would be the closest thing to superheroes.

9 The No-Problem Zone

Via: The Cut

Fame and fortune can make life a little crazy and nothing is truer for the Kardashian-Jenner family. The paparazzi love them! From causing accidents to stopping traffic, the paparazzi is determined to get that up-to-date scoop on this family. As a result, life gets crazy and fast. There is only enough room for so much drama in the Kardashian-Jenner life—and goodness knows these ladies know how to bring the drama! Therefore, it is up to the nannies to keep their cool no matter what the situation is. In fact, it is demanded of them.

The Kardashian-Jenner nannies are expected to remain calm in the face of all problems that may occur. The nannies must keep calm when the paparazzi are surrounding them and when everyone is running around crazy. This will help prevent any accidents from happening. If an accident does happen, the nanny will have to handle it calmly. We understand the need—adding more drama to the Kardashian-Jenner drama would be just too much. We give our props to them, though. It takes work to stay that level-headed! When surrounded by the craziness of Hollywood, paparazzi, and fans, this is certainly no easy task.

8 Anti-Photo Mode

Via: In Touch Weekly

We live in a digital age. We see our children do something cute; we take a picture. We happen to catch a gorgeous sunset; we take a picture of it. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter—we are sharing pictures of our lives all over the internet. However, the Kardashian-Jenner nannies are apparently not allowed to take those pictures according to The Talko.

Their everyday life with the Kardashian-Jenner children must remain of the utmost secret.

From what we hear, the Kardashian-Jenner nannies may not even be allowed to send pictures to the parents—even with the cell phones they are given. This is likely to protect the children in case there are any phone hacks, especially with technology getting more and more advanced and hackers advancing with it.

With those long hours, we imagine it has to get boring not being able to share what is going on in their lives with their friends and families. We are sure it probably is a way to protect the Kardashian-Jenner from the paparazzi as much as possible. It also could protect them from any potential dangers and will prevent any television show spoilers from hitting the tabloids.

7 Don’t Forget The Little Things

Via: Daily Mail

Take care of the children, help with the odds and ends and look their best doing so. That is the life of a Kardashian-Jenner nanny. Perfection is key to everything they do. We've heard some unfortunate rules are in place for these super nannies—one such being that they can't get anything wrong.

That's right. The Kardashian-Jenner nannies are expected to never miss a single thing during the days in and out of their lives with the children, according to OK!. This means no ballet classes get missed, no hair goes unbrushed, and no dog goes untrained. There are often lists of tasks to do every day, so let us hope the nannies do not misplace the list.

We cannot even imagine the pressure having to be perfect all the time. If one little detail is not taken care of, they are done and it is onto the next nanny. That only makes the pressure worse, does it not? Not even the Kardashian-Jenner family members are not perfect, so we do not get how they expect their nannies to be. Since they are not a standard family, it is not surprising that they have high expectations though, especially since they are put on a pedestal.

6 Hotel Service

Via: Celebs Now

The present-day nannies for the Kardashian-Jenner family have a high bar of expectations to hit, and that's because the Kardashian-Jenner girls learned from the best—their mother Kris Jenner. Back when Kris and Bruce were together, the girls got a front row seat to how their mother treated their nanny Pam Behan. According to Daily News, Behan started being a nanny for this family when she was only nineteen years old.

Apparently—in a recent spill-all—Behan shared that not only was she expected to take care of the kids, but also she was also expected to take care of the parents.

Missing something while shopping almost led to Behan quitting, according to her interview with Daily News.

This included at five in the morning when Behan was instructed to put Kris and Bruce’s gourmet coffee on a tray and leave it at the foot of their door, right after the two had gotten married. Talk about hotel service right at home! We wish we had someone who could do that for us! No wonder the Kardashian-Jenner women treat their nannies so strictly. Their standards were set at a young age and they were taught to treat the help as the help, not as other humans.

5 One Kid, One Nanny

Via: OK! Magazine

When we interview our nannies, we ask them how many kids they can handle--hoping our three or four kids will not be too overwhelming for them. We know kids are a handful, so we need to find ourselves a super nanny if we have a few kids. The Kardashian-Jenner combated this problem head-on from what we understand. Instead of having a family nanny—or even cycling through nannies on different schedules—the family simply decided to skip the issue by hiring one nanny per kid. According to OK! Kim may have been the sibling to start this trend when she had an individual nanny for both North and Saint. Her siblings followed suit and decided that was in the best interest of each child.

Talk about a hands-on experience for each child in the Kardashian-Jenner family! There was some doubt on the issue, but the birth of Chicago West came with the inclusion of another family nanny so we have no doubts now. The only upside we imagine is it makes it easier to manage— fewer kids to juggle means more attention. This means that the kids are able to get the help they need from the nannies without having to share.

4 Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind

Via: Pinterest

With the long hours, the Kardashian-Jenner nannies keep, we like to think we would be able to see more of them. After all, we enjoy being able to keep up with the family. With their own reality TV show—Keeping Up With The Kardashians—we are given the chance to have a bird's eye view of what's going on with the family. It is a wonder we never get to see the nannies on our TV screen. Of course, there is a simple explanation for this.

According to OK! the explanation is that the Kardashian-Jenner families keep it that way—the nannies are never allowed to be shown in their TV show. We really aren't privy to why, but the speculation is the mothers on the show don't want to be seen as bad mothers for having nannies. It is something we can definitely understand, but we hope they know nannies do not make them bad moms, even in the eyes of the press, as per OK!. If anything, it looks worse trying to hide the fact that they have nannies. It could help the Kardashian-Jenner clan seem more realistic, especially with all of the accomplishments they each have with all of their business on top of having children.

3 Plain Jane With Style

Via: Pinterest

The Kardashian-Jenner women are known for their fashion, style and make-up. The allure and beauty of these women are practically unrivaled nowadays. We like to think that due to this admiration, their confidence is through the roof. After all, with their looks, we would be confident like no other. Still, that is not the case with Kim Kardashian. As it turns out, she is easily intimidated by the looks of others in her life. In fact, we hear she expects her nannies to be on the plain or even ugly side. According to Radar Online,

Kim is afraid that Kanye will have an affair with the nanny if she is attractive, which is why this rule was created.

No one can outshine her—especially around her husband and kids. Her nanny needs to be average in appearance with impeccable attention to the way she dresses, as to not embarrass Kim. We cannot even imagine what it is like to be hired by Kim. It is a blatant statement of being called unattractive in the eyes of a Kardashian. Kim has even gone so far as to explain that nannies should appear “homely,” as reported by Radar Online.

2 A Well-Oiled Machine

Via: Pinterest

Kids, social media, fashion, cleaning, pets—there is a lot that goes into being a Kardashian-Jenner nanny. It practically requires a Mary Poppins personality to survive. It is a lot to maintain and the Kardashian-Jenner nannies are expected to do so with grace, poise and a love for small details. It is said that the Kardashian-Jenner nannies are supposed to know every detail about the lives of their employers so they can fit in flawlessly. This goes for how they dress, what they do for a living, and their full schedules, as per OK! Not one thing can be out of place even for just a moment.

Mr. Kim Kardashian—also known as Kanye West—demands that the family nannies work like a well-oiled machine, according to OK! There cannot be a single flaw in the system or it is out the door forever! Ever since the robbery, Kim and Kanye have become even stricter with their nannies. They even considered letting go of the nannies after the robbery for fear one of them was the mole. We commend the Kardashian-Jenner nannies for being able to function in such a dysfunctional work environment, especially if they last longer than a week.

1 Be Ready For The Heat

Via: Daily Mail

We all have the tendency to mess up from time to time. It is in our nature. While complete perfection is demanded of the Kardashian-Jenner nannies, they are bound to mess up. Sadly with the public eye always on the Kardashian-Jenner family, someone is bound to notice this mistake as well. More than once we have heard the Kardashian-Jenner parents called out for something that involves their children—clothing, behavior, and so on. There is nothing more stressful as a parent than to be called out for something being wrong or off about their kids.

The same is true for the Kardashian-Jenner parents, but they are not afraid to put us back in our place.

In fact, they are completely fine with throwing their nannies under the bus for their mistakes.

According to The Talko, some of the Kardashian-Jenner nannies have to take the blame for things that happen even while the children are under the care of their parents. The parents will blame the nannies in the media, even if it was not the nanny’s fault that the child did not match or that their hair was not brushed. There is no such thing as a private affair in the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family!

References: NY Daily News, OK, OK, The Talko, Teen Vogue, Radar Online

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