15 Rules The Kardashians Make Their Nannies Follow

I cannot be alone in wondering what it would like to work for the Kardashian family, right? Their lives are so glamorous and all of their friends are famous. But seeing how they treat each other, seeing the discourse and drama and never-ending girl fights—one must wonder how they treat the people that work for them.

Kim Kardashian West started out as an assistant for Paris Hilton back in the day when people used to know who Paris Hilton was. It would be reasonable to assume that maybe Kim would remember what it was like to work for a demanding diva; what it was like to devote your life entirely to someone else’s.

Or not.

Perhaps nannies are held to an even higher standard because to be fair, they are responsible for the next line of Kardashian’s. They are pushing soon-to-be moguls on the swings, and feeding applesauce to the offspring of Kanye. They are the children of basketball players, business entrepreneurs, and musicians.

So what rules most these poor nannies follow? What does a Kardashian woman demand of the person who is accountable for what, arguably, is their most prized possession? One may be surprised to see what makes the list…

15 They Will Tell You Where To Walk

Oh, so you’re a person who likes to meander down the sidewalk at your own pace, picking between people and sometimes leading the pack? Then being a nanny for the Kardashian family is probably not a good job for you.

Rumor has that Kim, especially, coordinates where anyone in her entourage walks when they are out and about. Her friends/nanny/assistants/paid actors must fan out behind her like geese flying in the “V” formation.

This might sound annoying but I think it would be awesome to be a part of a real entourage! You can flash peace signs to randos on the street and wear ridiculously big sunglasses that make your face look like baby dolls. You can wear Converse ironically and show off ripped jeans that you actually made yourself.

14 You Are Always On Call

There are bonuses for being a nanny for someone famous; you get to hang out in their plush house, take care of their (probably) good-looking children, and have an array of delicious food at your fingertips. But as much as people love to rag on the Kardashian’s, they do work really hard and that in turn means that as a nanny, so do you.

For even when the Kardashian women decide to take a little vacation, that does not let the nanny off of the hook. Nannies usually travel with the family they work for which means while you will get to go to some exotic locations you will also be responsible for little children. And always at the beck and call of their mothers whose expectations are as big as their hair.

13 You Must Care For Animals, Too

So you’ve signed on to be the nanny for a Kardashian and you think, “Well this is just swell. I’ll take care of some of the cutest kids on the earth and I will play with them, laugh with them, and have fun!”

And then someone hands you a dog. Or maybe two. And suddenly you realize that while a traditional nanny’s job may entail looking after children, a Kardashian nanny will also have to look after their pets, as well.

In some way, pets are easier than kids. But if you put them all together than pretty soon you have a circus of children and animals that eat everything in sight and defecate at their leisure.

Who is responsible for cleaning up all that poo poo, you ask? You.

12 Your Pay May Be Low

One would assume that if you work for someone who is loaded with money that your pay would be pretty high. But as we have seen in recent years, “trickle-down economics” isn’t everything it was cracked up to be.

The exact pay is not really spoken about, even from ex-employees of the Kardashian Empire. There are rumors that certain staff positions are paid very generously but no one can give even a basic figure.

And then there is that pesky allegation that one of their clothing lines was manufactured in a factory in China that was paying its workers less than ten cents per garment. This claim was published by Rader Online who reported that an organization that is called “China Labor Watch” discovered that the Kardashian clan had a connection.

11 You Cannot Wear Jewelry

Remember back in 2016 when Kim was vacationing in Paris? She was held hostage in her hotel room by armed men and robbed for all her valuables. Apparently this encounter, understandably, scarred Kim so she has tried employ tactics to protect it from happening again.

By making sure that no one who works at her mansion wears jewelry and that all of hers is held securely off the premises, Kim allegedly has tried to prevent any future robberies.

Not be that person but wouldn’t it be safe to assume that most people who work as nanny’s do not have a ton money of excess money to spending on jewelry anyways? Plus if you have ever met a child you know that they will rip, tug, and pull anything that glints from your body…

10 You Will Be Micromanaged

There is no one in today’s workforce who won’t attest that having a boss who micromanages your every move can be infuriating. It can make every day on the job a living nightmare. The Kardashian women are known to be detail-oriented and relentless when it comes to their business, and this clearly extends to their children, as well.

A nanny is supposed to mirror what a mother would do in her absence—and let’s be honest—with a Kardashian mom those are some big heels to fill.

One insider to the family revealed that Kourtney, in particular, was very on her child care staff. She said, “I could tell it was really hard for her to let them do their jobs.”

I never see that on her Instagram feed. I’m just sayin’.

9 You Must Dress For The Cameras

If you are anywhere near a Kardashian than you are going to end up on camera. And just like you have to dress appropriately if you work for a law firm or an accounting practice, so must you dress as the nannies of the Kardashian’s.

Truth be told, in the fashion industry, who you surround yourself with does reflect on you and your brand. As a nanny, you are constantly following the mother around, dashing behind her with her mini-entourage. It is only a matter of time before some creepy paparazzi jumps out of the bushes and catches you with your un-pedicured feet and the t-shirt that you purchased at Ross.

If you wanna be a nanny for the Kardashian’s, you better to impress or you won’t even make it through the door.

8 They May Ask Weird Things Of You

If you have ever had any job where you were a nanny, chef, or personal assistant than you know that these occupations are on the forefront of receiving strange requests from bosses. Some people require that their toast be hand-ground by nuns on the continent of Asia, while others want their bed sheets washed with rosemary that has been grown in Royal Garden.

Others, like Kylie Jenner, ask their staff to pose in their Instagram feed and to try out new cosmetic swatches on their skin. Reportedly Kylie’s housekeeper is the famous arm that laces throughout Kylie’s posts featuring the newest makeup that her company is pushing.

If that’s the weirdest thing that she demands, I’d be ok with it. You keep your clothes on and retain your dignity—not so bad!

7 You May Have To Take The Fall

Being on the lower rung of any ladder means that the proverbial crap flows downwards. This is true with just about any profession and extends to nannies, as well. The Kardashian’s have built their empire on their family and their reputations and they will do just about anything to protect them.

If you are the nanny and one of the Kardashian kids get photographed sticking a grape up his nose or choking on his organic cashew bar, you better believe that you are going to be taking the heat for that, whether or not you were there. Your job consists of everything related to children and you may have to take the fall for something that legit wasn’t your fault.

I wonder if that is worded into the contract somewhere…

6 You Have To Audition

Some might call it an interview but in the Kardashian clan, you have to audition. To be fair to this group of female entrepreneurs, they need to really trust anyone that comes through their front door and this is especially true if you are to be trusted with their precious children.

They do not look for their nannies on Craigslist, remember. There are large, expensive agencies that vet every single applicant before the Kardashian sisters even see a resume. There are background checks, DMV checks, references, interviews and tests—all just with the agency that places a nanny. It is a highly rigorous process.

If you make it far enough to audition for the sisters, you better have some serious A-game that includes smarts, personality, and a sense of high fashion.

5 You Cannot Have A Normal Schedule

The Kardashian’s are not only running an empire but part of their image requires that they go out on the town. Good for them, but bad for you because this means that as the nanny you are on call during all hours of the night. Nightclubs don’t operate from 8-5 and neither do celeb birthday parties or drinks with an up-and-coming designer.

Remember when you used to have a “normal” job where you worked a set number of hours per day or per week? This is not that. This is high pressure, on-the-go work which requires that your schedule always be adjustable. It is a requirement of the job and if you cannot commit to this then you will not last a week with the Kardashian’s sisters. You will be gone. Fast.

4 You Must Be Calm

The life of celebrities seems really elegant from those of us on the outside. We see the glitz and the glamor and we forget about the madness that tends to come along with it. Fame is an amazing thing but it can also cause a furry among hungry paparazzi whose only goal is to get a picture of your family.

Paparazzi chasing celebs have caused traffic accidents and frightened those involved. As the nanny, this crazy lifestyle becomes yours, as well, and you must be prepared to stay calm in the storm.

Imagine being in the entourage when something goes wrong—when a cameraman sneaks onto the property or some stranger tries to get into the kids’ school. The job of the nanny is to be the pillar of strength.

3 You Cannot Question The Madness

As a nanny for any one of the Kardashian sisters, be prepared to give up family dinners and set vacations. Get ready to on call, at any hour of any day. But one of the hardest things that you may have to learn to deal with is that you cannot question the madness.

Maybe you don’t approve that Kourtney often lets her kids sleep in bed with her. Maybe you don’t like the clothes that Kim lets little North wear. You better learn to keep those opinions to yourself because as the nanny your job is to protect the children are you watching. It is not to question the decisions of the mothers you work for. You have to smile at the eccentricities of the sisters and make do with what you are given.

2 The Kids Must Wear Certain Outfits

Seeing as how the Kardashian’s realm of business involves a ton of fashion, their children are their best un-paid models. They reflect their parents’ sense of style and what they wear is really important to their brand.

Moreover, photos are taken all of the time of the children. Kim posted a photo last summer of North wearing a dress that caused a huge uproar on Instagram. People complained that it looked like a corset and that it was an inappropriate thing for a child to wear.

Kim explained, “I would never put my daughter in a corset!{sic}It’s a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset! Just decoration”.

Can you imagine if you were the nanny that put that dress on her? Girl, you’d be fired.

1 No Pictures

In this digital age, it is really hard not to take pictures of your daily life--especially if you are working long hours, nights and weekends; it would be tough to refrain from documenting how you spend your hours.

But if you are a nanny for the Kardashian clan, this is a no-no. They are protective of their children’s images, and rightly so. Any photo of their kid could be sold to a magazine for a ton money, and they want to control what pictures hit the media and when. Snapping a pic of one of their kids, not matter how cute and precious, could result in a job loss for a nanny.

In all fairness, I would feel the same way if I were them. Mama’s want to make sure their children are protected


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