15 Things The New Kardashian-Jenner Mommies Spend Money On

Kim Kardashian has stated that she’s always had a dream to have three children. Mom-to-be Khloé has stated that she too would like a family. And, Kylie (who racked up more than 18 million views on Instagram revealing that she did indeed give birth on February 1st) has voiced her desire to have lots of children one day.

When it comes to babies and families it looks like 2018 might be the year that the Kardashian girls have all of their dreams come true. Kim now has a posse of three little tykes running around. And, two of her sisters are expecting. Although, popping out babies do not come cheap and that’s especially true for the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The paparazzi have kept on top of what the girls are spending for their newborns. And, just so you know, it’s insane to think that a kid’s shoes cost more than your paycheck when they’re not even out of diapers!

Yet, that’s the life of the ridiculously rich and famous. They have millions to splash on their newborns to give them the best and most ridiculous gifts. At least if their babies don’t break their gums on their solid gold pacifiers they’ll have a nest egg in case of a market crash; right? Read on to see all of the ridiculous things the Kardashians are spending their fortune on for babies.

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15 Kim -  $1 Million On Nannies

Rumor on the street is that all of those dates nights and days at the spa are costing Kim a pretty penny. She’s a working mum with a lavish lifestyle that always seems to exclude her kids. Seriously, how can a show film her all day and have her children peep in for all of two seconds? It’s because she’s spending your dream salary on nannies. Kim and Kanye have a wing in their house dedicated to the three nannies for their children. That doesn’t just include bedrooms for the nannies, but also a spa and kitchen for them as well.

To sweeten the deal, each is given a car, phones with Kim and Kanye’s number on speed dial, and a $260,000 salary.

Free room and board and an awesome salary kind of makes you want to be one of Kim’s nannies now, doesn’t it?

14 Khloé Drops $20k On Designer Flowers

How do you celebrate a birth in the family like a Kardashian? You have a gigantic rose arrangement sent that spells out the child’s nickname. For the birth of Chicago West, Aunt Khloé sent the newborn roses. The luxe roses were from a luxe floral arrangement company Venus Le Fleur. Now, to put Chicago’s floral arrangement in perspective, three dozen roses from this company will cost you about $500. Chicago’s larger than life arrangement looked to have about several hundred roses. So, multiply that $500 a couple of times. This isn’t the first time that Chicago has gotten roses that are the price of a college education. It’s rumored that Kim spent $20,000 on just roses for her baby shower. And, just because she could, she also had rose petals placed in ice cubes.

13 Kim - $120K Swarovski-Encrusted Rocking Horse

Photo by Donato Sardella for The Tot

The miniature and average Joe version of this rocking horse is $50 and fits in the palm of your hand. The Kim Kardashian version is life-sized and has 82,000 Swarovski crystals encrusted into it. It’s hand built, hand painted, and each crystal is placed in by hand, too. Just to be a little more on the practical side, the rocking horse also has a lockable compartment in its belly - because, of course, they need more storage space. To make it desirable, each horse is marked with a number so that guests will know that you have an original.

To get one for your little one, all you’ll need is $120,000.

It’s the gift to make the other babies jealous and as an investment to ensure that your child will always have money for school- in the form of crystals.

12 Kylie - Mini Fendi Handbags

We’re not sure which bag Kylie nabbed from Fendi for her little one. We do know that a kid’s backpack from the brand runs about $700. If you’re seeking to grab baby gear from the brand when you’re on a budget, you’re out of luck. A bow tie from the brand will cost you $100. Or, for your little girl, a bib will run around $150. When you realize the prices of these baby clothes you can understand how Kylie could spend $170,000 on baby clothes. Although considering that Kylie has a collection of handbags that is worth $2 million, she probably isn’t batting an eye at the price tag of a several hundred for a bag for her baby. Other brands such as Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana offer bags for girls too that also run around $700.

11 Kim - $40K Velvet Crib By Dolce Notte

The lifestyle of the rich and famous doesn’t include trips to Toys R’ Us. No, the Kardashians and their babies are too special to have average run-of-the-mill cribs for their newborns. They need cribs that are the price of a new car. Dolce Notte is a premier line of bedding for petite slumbers. The brand offers a velvet upholstered crib that runs around $5,000. Although, when you’re a Kardashian you don’t stop there. Rumor has it that Kim desired to create the ultimate designer baby room by adding on a storage ottoman, bassinette, bookcase, chest, velvet rocker, and chandelier from the brand to bring little Chicago’s baby room total to $40,000. And, that’s just the furniture. We haven’t even gotten to the toys, so keep reading to find out how many more millions Kim has to lavish on a kid who has yet to turn one.

10 Kylie - $70,000 On Baby Clothes

The secret is out of the bag! Kylie was pregnant that whole time, which means that all the rumors were probably true. One such rumor is that Kylie dropped $70,000 on baby clothes while she was pregnant. It’s less than Kim, but still a decent paycheck. We can’t wait to see what trends this new baby will set while still in diapers. After all, either go big or go home, right?

And, Kylie has big shoes to fill if she wants to compete with big sis’ Kim and her trio of super stylish children. Most of Kylie’s shopping was done online to allow her to remain anonymous. Although, she was spotted a few times shopping in Los Angeles. We wonder how many different pairs of Uggs she got for her daughter?

9 Kim - $120K Suommo Gold Dummy

It might sound like a joke, but we’re not kidding. This is one of the things that celebrities are buying for their children when they’re bored and looking for ways to spend their money to let everyone know that they’re rich. Gold pacifiers encrusted with diamonds are the way to go about doing this to show off how you can spend $120,000. It’s also a clear way to make sure your newborn becomes a target for thieves looking to steal $100,000 from babies.

No wonder Kim’s children need bodyguards.

Her children are sucking on thousands of dollars. The pacifier is pure gold, so we’re not sure how it’s supposed to work for babies to gnaw on. Although, buying gold and diamonds for parents to wrap around their baby’s neck isn’t exactly practical to begin with.

8 Kim - $170,000 Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Apparently, there is an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s most expensive teddy bear. It was the Steiff Louis Vuitton teddy bear selling for $2.1 million. Although, Kim isn’t that outlandish with her money. She’s more conservative these days and only purchased the $170,000 version. She’s not a billionaire after all so she can’t be too flamboyant with her funds. Sometimes she downsizes. This teddy bear is emblazoned with Louis Vuitton’s logo and wears a Supreme tee shirt. It’s supposedly one-of-a-kind and made from premium denim. We guess that Chicago West can only drool on the finest of materials. After all, she’s famous and rich and that’s just how rich babies’ roll- on premium fabrics. And, in case you were wondering, no it’s not a gigantic or life-sized stuffed animal.

7 Kylie - Hermes Blankets

Kylie was a teenager when she got her first Hermes Birkin bag. She was spotted out and about getting ice cream with a gigantic version on her arm. The mini versions of these bags go for $8,000. So, it’s no wonder that Kylie thinks nothing about dropping a thousand dollars to grab an item from her favorite brand. The baby blankets from Hermes are nothing compared to the dozen or so handbags that Kylie has in her collection of designer bags. The baby blankets run for $1,350. Considering that babies need several blankets, that's several thousand dollars that Kylie would have spent on blankets alone! We wonder how many of the $250 Hermes bibs she got from the brand as well. Did she also grab their $300 bath towels for her newborn to be lifted from the bath in style?

6 Kim - $100,000 Wardrobe

No, that’s not how much Kim spends on her wardrobe. This is the figure that Kim can drop on baby clothes. Considering that she can spend this much on a baby, we’re imagining that Kim’s perfectly curated and archived wardrobe must be close to $1 million given that she’s willing to spend $100 thousand on newborn onesies.

Although, really how many outfits does a baby need?

Maybe, Kim thinks ahead and also purchased clothes from 0-24 months? Before Chicago was even born, it’s reported that Kim splurged on a designer wardrobe for the little girl. The clothes were full of labels such as Dolce & Gabbana and limited editions. We’re hoping that Kim’s little one will still have a nice trust fund after this splurge.

5 Kim - $1.2 Million For Security

Kim is one of the most watch celebrities on the planet. After her Paris robbery, Kim has worked even harder to keep her private life private; well except for her revealing Instagram posts. After the robbery, Kim switched to a team of security guards to watch her and her family round the clock. The same rules extended to her surrogate, for whom Kim also hired a security team for her protection. Not only did the couple rent out a house for her, but they also installed a state-of-the-art camera system, and hired security staff such as a personal driver. All in all, there were six guards on duty to protect the young woman during her nine-month pregnancy. The house, security staff and their wages, and the camera system all amounted to about $1.5 million to keep their little one safe.

4 Kylie's Baby Crib For Stormie

Several months ago someone leaked a photo of a crib being delivered to Kylie’s house. The picture was taken from above and was a bold move to find out the answer to the question, ‘Is Kylie pregnant?’ We still weren’t convinced. The fuzzy photo showed what could be a crib being delivered to her house.

Although, it was delivered in pieces and we’re sure that the movers weren’t told whom the crib was being delivered to.

Or, if they did know Mama Kris probably had them under a strict contract of silence. However, Internet sleuths were quick to figure out that it was a $4,200 Vetro Lucite crib that was being delivered to Kylie’s house. Apparently, it’s the same crib that Beyoncé also purchased for her children Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi.

3 Kim - Baby Spa & Infant Yoga Studio

Apparently, Kim loves spas. Not only does she have a spa for her, but she also installed one in her nannies’ wing of the house. Then, to welcome Chicago West into the family, Kim has done the same exact thing. She’s created a nursery that includes a spa and infant yoga studio. It was probably inspired by the time that North copied her mommy by making her own spa to ‘chill out’. Kim uploaded the adorable photo of the 3-year old relaxing with towels by the toilet in her bathroom. It probably inspired Kim to make a spa for her children to enjoy so that they wouldn’t have to make a makeshift one by the toilet. After all, relaxation is worth knocking out a few walls and installing top of the line spa equipment. No word yet on which yoga teacher she hired for her children.

2 Kim - New Clothing Line For $10,000

In December 2017, Kim and Kanye gave their unborn daughter the gift of a lifetime- a new kids clothing line. Okay, so it was a gift for all three of their children including North and Saint.

There were 11 items in the clothing line with prices ranging from $30-$250.

One user took to Twitter about what she thought about the line. “The clothes Kim Kardashian has for kids are cute, but this woman should know that I’m not spending $250 on a jacket that my child is going to grow out of in a month," women by the name of Cassie wrote on the social media platform. She wasn’t the only mom who thought that the prices were outlandish. According to Google, staring your own clothing line will cost you about $10,000. So, we assume that Kim set the prices to ensure that they’d earn at least that amount.

1 Kylie - $10K A Neon Plastic Sign

Kylie Jenner earns about $50 million annually. It’s estimated that her cosmetics line earned $420 million within 2 years. So, it’s no surprise that the 20-year old proudly showed off a plastic sign spelling out ‘P-L-A-S-T-I-C' that cost $10,000. Why did it come with such a hefty price tag? The sign was a 48x13 art installation by Beau Dunn. While Kylie did show off the sign for her glam room, fans were quick to note that the sign was in an all pink room, which could hint that the new glam room wasn’t for Kylie, but for a baby girl. We hope that those fans placed their bets because as we all know now, Kylie welcomed her baby girl this on February 1st. And, Kylie later gave fans a peek inside her daughter’s nursery.

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