15Pain Outside Of Uterus Can Prevent Pregnancy

There is a condition referred to as endometriosis. In that particular condition, the body is actually growing endometrial tissue in parts other than the uterus. If you notice that you are having a lot of pain during your period in places that don't necessarily correspond with your period, you

may have endometriosis. Why does this even matter? If endometrial tissue attaches to some place like the stomach, it will still be signalled by hormones to shed when it's time for your period. Therefore, your stomach will be painfully trying to shed the tissue. The reason this is particularly important when it comes to what it says about pregnancy is that endometriosis can prohibit pregnancy from occurring. Depending on where the misplaced tissue decides to attach, it can block off areas that are necessary for the egg to be released. In this instance it's important to check this out with your doctor if you have pain that is stopping you from living your life.

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