15 Things These First Time Moms Want You To Know

It goes without saying that as long as there have been men and women, there have been women giving birth. As one can imagine, there is quite a bit of information about giving birth, and about babies in general. For anyone that does not believe that, all that has to be done is to Google the subject and view the seemingly endless number of results that pop up.

However, despite all the information that is out there, it is largely impossible for any woman to know all there is to know about having a baby. A new mom will very likely be surprised at some point when it comes to her baby. Often, the only thing a new mom can count on is being surprised.

There are a lot of things that new moms are bound to not know about. In fact, a lot of those things are kind of funny, and some of them might be down right hilarious. It is good for a new mom to keep her sense of humor about everything. It just makes the job of motherhood go a lot smoother and more pleasant. With that in mind, here are 15 hilarious things first-time moms want you to know.

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15 Breastfeed Right Away

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It goes without saying that breastfeeding can be a big part of motherhood. Every woman that is going to have a baby knows that they will have to breastfeed or bottle feed it. However, there is something new moms might not know: once their baby is born, they should breastfeed right away.

That means a mom should breastfeed their baby while they are both still in the hospital. A mom can request to have her baby stay in the room with her, and not in the hospital nursery, to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. A mom can also request that her baby not be fed by a bottle by anyone in the hospital. Even if the baby does not latch on to the mother right away, she should still try to breastfeed. Like many things with babies, it takes time to get good at it. 

14 Put Off Having Visitors Right Away

Once a woman has a baby, it is only natural her loved ones will want to visit. A mom might be tempted to let her friends and family visit right away. However, a mom should actually hold off on letting people visit the baby during the first week or two. It is important for the mom and dad to get some alone time with their new baby first.

When a baby is first born, it is the perfect time for its parents to bond with him or her. The parents of the baby should spend lots of time talking to their little one. A baby will recognize the voices of its parents from being inside the womb. The baby will find their parents' voices soothing as a result of that. In addition, outside people have a lot of germs that the baby’s system may not be able to deal with in those first few weeks.

13 Dress The Baby The Right Way

When it comes time to take the baby home from the hospital, a mom might be tempted to dress her/him up in an exceptionally cute outfit. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that. However, a mom needs to be sure to dress her baby the proper way. It is important moms remember that a baby cannot regulate its temperature until it is about 6 months old.

That means a mom should be very careful in how she dresses her baby. It is important that moms do not over bundle the baby. This could cause the baby to sweat and get a cold chill. A good rule for moms to follow is the baby should wear the same amount of clothes the mom is wearing with an extra light layer.

12 You Won't Be Able To Do Too Much On Mat Leave

THIS IS US -- "The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World " Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Once a woman has a baby she will likely go on maternity leave if not a week or two prior to the due date. When a woman is on maternity leave, she may plan to accomplish several projects. After all, she is not working out of the house so mom may think she is going to have lots of time to herself. Sadly, mom would likely be wrong for assuming this.

Even though newborns do tend to sleep a great deal, they can still be totally time-consuming. First of all, there is a great deal of feeding that a baby will need - about every 3-4 hours. Although babies sleep a lot, they won’t sleep through the night. A mom will likely suffer a great deal of sleep deprivation. That means a mom might have a hard time being able to take a shower and eat a full meal, let alone anything else.

11 You Will Still Hurt After Labor

Pretty much everyone knows that giving birth is painful. A woman might naturally assume that once she has given birth, the pain will end, which is a pretty valid assumption. Unfortunately for her, that is not true. There are still going to be a lot of aches and pains.

Even when a woman has a C-section, she is still going to experience pain after surgery. The incision is going to hurt for a while. If a woman has given birth naturally, she may have had an episiotomy that will cause pain. The truth is that a woman's body needs to heal after giving birth - any type of birth. Considering all that a woman's body goes through while giving birth, it makes sense that there is going to at least be some soreness. It is for that reason that simple things like getting out of bed or even a chair might be uncomfortable.

10 Going To The Bathroom Will Never Be The Same

One reason why people don’t tell new moms about this is because it is a fairly delicate subject. It might be the kind of thing no one really wants to talk about. But sadly, childbirth can change a woman's regular bathroom routine. As it turns out, much of the pushing involved in having a bowel movement is basically the same as when you are having a baby.

That means when a woman uses the toilet after giving birth, it is bound to feel different. This is especially true if a woman had any tearing while giving birth. A woman may feel like everything is going to rip when she is using the bathroom. However, she should not worry too much as this sensation is quite common.

9 Breastfeeding Might Not Be Easy

Breastfeeding can be a huge part of early motherhood with a newborn, for women who choose to and are able to breastfeed. It may even be a part of motherhood a woman is most looking forward to as it's a great bonding opportunity. The problem is that breastfeeding does not always go as expected. Watching an experienced mom breastfeed makes it look so simple, but sometimes it isn’t.

The truth is that some babies just do not take to it. A woman may need help from a lactating nurse in order to breastfeed her child. Even then, there is no guarantee that a baby will latch on. New moms may also have trouble with their milk supply or may not be able to breastfeed successfully for medical or personal reasons. Luckily, there is always the bottle! 

8 The Baby Might Not Sleep

People tend to realize that when it comes to a newborn, sleepless nights are part of the territory. Most new moms expect to be a little tired when it comes to taking care of their baby. However, things might actually be worse than a mom might have thought. The reason is, some babies just do not sleep at night, no matter what.

Don't panic! Many babies do sleep rather well. Nevertheless, new moms need to be aware that their baby might not sleep well at all. In general, a baby will sleep for 3 to 4 hours at a time and wake when hungry, but that isn’t always the case. If the mom is breastfeeding, she should check with the pediatrician to find out if the baby is getting enough milk from mom. Moms need to be prepared to potentially deal with a great amount of sleep deprivation they may have not been expecting.

7 You May Wake Up Covered In Sweat

We know that when a woman becomes pregnant, her body will go through a lot of changes. Likewise, her body will go through a lot while she is actually giving birth. A woman might assume that is largely where the changes to her body will end. Most women know that they carry extra fluids while pregnant. Swollen feet and ankles are part of being pregnant for most women.

When a woman is pregnant she puts on a lot of baby and water weight. Once the baby is gone, the body works to get rid of the excess fluid. One way for that to happen is by sweating a lot to get rid of excess fluid, and for some reason, the body seems to think that while mom is sleeping is a good time. This means it is not unusual for a new mom to wake up completely covered in sweat. We're sorry for all the extra laundry. 

6 Take Lots Of Pictures For Social Media

Some people think Facebook is so important that if something is not on Facebook then it did not really happen. When a woman gives birth, it is only natural that she would want to share the news with the world through social media. However, she might not be aware just how badly the world wants to know. Everyone on social media will want to see pictures of the new baby right away.

So if a new mom is wanting to share with her friends and family, she should feel free. Everyone will be thrilled to see those first few snapshots and witness the baby experiencing lots of new things. Chances are new parents will be snap-happy anyway, so having a place to put all those pictures is for the best. But new parents need to be careful that they don't let the pressure of social media convince them to share more than what they are comfortable with. Their baby - their choice.

5 You May Shed A Lot Of Hair


Once a woman has a baby, she is bound to expect to undergo some changes. Of course, some of those changes might be something that a woman never expected. For one thing, a woman will likely shed a lot of hair after giving birth. Yes, she will shed hair, not unlike a dog or cat. This is something that most OB/GYNs forget to tell their patients.

Hormones present during pregnancy tend to give mothers thick, luxurious hair because hair that would normally fall out, doesn’t. After the birth of the baby, the hormones go away and the hair starts to fall out. It can be very upsetting for most women, but it is normal. The biggest concern is a woman's shower drain getting clogged with all that excess hair. A new mom might want to stock up on something to remove clogs from drains just in case!

4 Try Not To Google Everything

It is only natural that a new mom would want to be the best mom she can be. It is for that reason she might be prone to seek an awful lot of advice. In fact, a new mom may be tempted to Google every little thing that may be going on with her and her baby. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that. But just because it is on the internet, it doesn't mean it is correct or right for the new mom and baby.

A woman should resist the urge to Google everything. It is easy to think all those online baby resources may know better than she does. In some instances, that may be true. However, a new mom needs to learn to trust her instincts when it comes to her baby. In the end, no one knows a baby better than its mom.

3 You Will Have To Deal With A Lot Of Diapers

No one is surprised that a baby needs their diaper changed. Obviously, a newborn cannot use the restroom. The only problem is that new moms might not be fully aware of just how often a baby will need to be changed. Another issue is that not every diaper change will be just urine like a new mom might prefer.

The unfortunate truth is that babies do smelly business a lot, probably more than a new mom might realize. In fact, most of the diapers parents will have to change will be fairly messy ones. And the first stinky diaper may cause alarm because might not look as solid as they were expecting. Parents need to expect to handle a great deal of messy diapers. No one said being a parent was an easy job, but someone has to do it.

2 Newborn Babies Are Just Messy


When babies are first born, it is not uncommon for everyone to treat them like the most adorable thing ever. There is nothing wrong about that, and no one can really blame anyone for doing that. The issue is that it might not be entirely true. When a baby is born it can be pretty far from cute. That is something that no one ever really talks about. It all depends on what happens when a baby is born.

A baby's head might be misshapen. They may also be bruised and covered in goo. Babies also tend to just be messy. Aside from the already mentioned diapers, babies tend to throw up a lot too. So parents just need to be prepared to deal with a lot of mess when it comes to their baby.

1 You Might Not Love Your Baby Right Away

Whenever a baby is born, it is often expected that a mom will instantly feel an unshakable bond with the baby. Likewise, a mom largely expects to fall magically in love with her baby once it is born. For some moms, that might actually happen. Nevertheless, a mom should not be surprised or feel like a horrible mother if she does not fall in love with her baby at first sight.

It is actually easy to understand why a mom might not fall madly in love with her baby right away. After all, a baby is a lot of work and can often be very tiring. It is important that a new mom knows she is not horrible if she does not fall in love with her baby right away. It will happen eventually. If she is feeling unnaturally down and unattached from her baby, she may be suffering from postpartum depression and should seek help. 

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